As the saying goes “when the going gets tough, the tough gets going.” Applied to cycling, that means you’ll need to still ride even as the temperature or rain starts to drop. Thankfully, the Alé Klimatik collection is designed for warmth and comfort even in winter or wet weather conditions. In this review, we’ll be looking at three men’s items in the Klimatik collection: K-Idro WR Short Sleeve Jersey, K-Idro WR Klima 8H Shammy Bibshorts, and the Guscio Iridescent Reflective Jacket. The K-Idro short sleeve jersey and K-Idro bibshorts offer a double-sided fabric construction for insulation from cold weather while the Iridescent Reflective Jacket offer eye-catching visuals along with a windproof and water repellent design.

The Alé Klimatik cycling kit offers a sleek fit combined with comfort and protection when riding in poor weather conditions.

Although Alé is best known for their fluorescent cycling kits which brought a welcome injection of color to cycling kits, the Klimatik collection is mostly composed of solid colors along with Iridescent finishes. To compliment the solid color jerseys and jackets, Alé has incorporated contrasting inner liners and bright branding to add some visual details. The Klimatik collection also features reflective elements on the pockets and sides of the jerseys, jackets, and bib shorts for additional nighttime safety and visibility. We’re also excited to review the Guscio Iridescent jacket which is a lightweight and breathable jacket with color shifting exterior.

K-Idro WR BibshortK-Idro WR SS JerseyGuscio Iridescent Jacket
RatingDesign:  A
Size: A–
Warmth: A
Design:  A
Size: A–
Comfort: A
Design:  B+
Size: A
Warmth: B
Retail Price$149.99$179.99$254.99
Likes– Insulated double later design
– Ergonomic Chamois
– Small credit card pocket on rear of suspenders
– Insulated double later design
– Reflective details for additional visibility
– Color shifting finish
– Windproof but still breathable
Dislikes– Limited color selection– Longer tail makes fit slightly off– Premium price
– Not water waterproof
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Alé packs each item neatly folded inside an individual plastic bag to protect it during shipping. Aside from the longer European clothing tags and the additional Alé fabric tags, unboxing is pretty anticlimactic. 


 Although it may make more sense to wear bib tights in colder weather, bibshorts combined with legwarmers provide a lot more flexibility.  That’s one reason we often found ourselves reaching for the K-Idro WR Bibshorts on cooler days as they provide a great balance between performance and weather protection. Thanks to the insulated inner liner that provides additional protection from cold weather and wind, Alé’s recommends a colder temperature range of 42-59o F. We were able to wear it comfortably at slightly higher temperatures as well thanks to the breathability of the fabric but compared to summer bibshorts, these are a bit thicker.

Design wise, the bibshorts are only offered in black or a dark blue. The teal inner fabric gives the bib shorts a iridescent green appearance on the outside. There are also teal accents on the hem and straps. There is also minimal branding with iridescent Alé logos on the legs and small rubber fluorescent yellow Alé logo on the side. There are a couple of easter eggs in the bibshorts with Alé lettering silicone grippers on the hem and the straps that help keep the bibshorts in place. Although there aren’t any side pockets, there is a credit card sized pocket on the back of the bibshorts where the suspenders connect. The high placement means you won’t be able to access it without taking off your jersey and jacket, but it’s a secure way to carry small keys or valuables.

Ale Klimatik - K-Idro WR Bibshorts
The K-Idro WR Bibshorts are form fitting with reflective logos with the green inner layer showing through the exterior

For comfort on the saddle, the bibshorts also feature Alé’s 8H shammy or chamois. The chamois are covered in a bright green moisture wicking fabric with an interesting dimpled texture. Visually they are quite similar to the PR-S Master Bibshorts even though those bibshorts have the Double Ergo shammy. There is a multi-density foam design with thicker foam at the contact points and a large center pressure channel. We found the design to be very comfortable even for all-day rides. They provide a lot of comfort without a bulky design which means the bibshorts fit snugly and stay in place. It’s also worth noting that the suspenders themselves are wide elastic instead of fabric strips making them lay flat and keep you comfortable without chafing at the shoulder/neck.


As with the bibshorts, it may be odd to associate cold weather riding with a short sleeve jersey. However with the K-Idro WR Short Sleeve Jersey, Alé has incorporated a double layer construction with a soft inner layer for warmth and wind-proof / water repellent exterior. The jersey uses a mix of polyamide for the exterior, polyester on the interior, and elastane for stretch. It’s available in a few solid color schemes including fluorescent, blue, black, orange and the plum color you see in this review. Visually the jersey is sleek and modern with black accents along the front zipper and a black rear panel. As with other Kilmatik apparel, the inner liner is a bright teal that provides a nice contrast.

We liked the plum color as it also has a very subtle texture and color shifting appearance particularly in the sun. Additional premium details of the jersey include a zipper garage and chin guard along the full length front zipper. There is also a wide protective flap behind the zipper to block wind from making it through. Even though Alé also also offers a full length version of the jersey, we found that layering the short sleeve jersey with baselayers allowed more versatility. Although Alé’s recommended temperature range of 50-59o F isn’t particularly cold, with proper layering it can easily be extended to colder weather. The jersey is also thicker and heavier than summer jerseys, especially the PR-S Dots Jersey, but still has a body contouring fit with great stretch.

Ale Klimatik - K-Idro WR Jersey
With an insulated design, three large pockets and reflective details the K-Idro WR jersey is well suited for cold weather riding.

Regardless of the jersey color, the back panel is black with a thicker water repellent fabric on the rear pockets and the extended rear portion. This design is particularly helpful when riding on wet roads to prevent backspray from the tires. While the extended rear design helps protect your rear-end from the water and grime, we found that it made the jersey fit a bit odd as it would bunch a bit at the seams. That said, the jersey is still quite comfortable and has a club-fit that is less form fitting than the PR-S jerseys to accommodate thicker base layers. The three rear pockets are also easy to use and have reflective detailing to ensure you remain visible even on early morning or nighttime rides.


Perhaps one of the most polarizing parts of the Klimatik collection is the Guscio Iridescent reflective jacket. As you can see in the video and photos, it has an iridescent finish that changes colors depending on how the light hits it. It’s similar to the finish on the popular Shimano S-PHYRE shoes and, at least in our opinion, looks great. In terms of material, it’s a fairly lightweight and thin shell that’s designed to be water repellent and wind proof. There are no pockets with the jacket which reduces bulk. Although the jacket can be rolled up for storage,  the thicker fabric makes it hard to fit into normal sized pockets. If you’re looking for something more packable, Alé does offer a vest variation of this jacket.

Ale Klimatik - Iridescent Reflective Jacket
The color shifting design of the Iridescent Reflective Jacket looks even better in person although it is only water repellent and windproof.

Although it’s a bit odd that the jacket isn’t more insulated or waterproof as a part of the extreme weather Klimatik collection, it’s great for layering. Alé claims the recommended temperature range is 50-64o F which we found to be consistent. It lacks insulation, but the breathable but windproof design protects against the elements well and keeps your core warm. The full length front zipper is waterproof and also features a protective flap behind it to prevent wind from getting through. With the color shifting design and reflective properties, the jacket is also perfect for nighttime riding. We found that even during the day, wearing the Guscio Iridescent Reflective Jacket attracted a lot of attention and comments from other cyclists and drivers on the road.


Even though the Klimatik collection is designed for colder weather, they still have an aggressive club style fit that contours your body. As with other European cycling clothing brands, the sizing runs small per our US vanity size standards so we highly recommend checking the sizing chart and sizing up before ordering. For reference, the items worn in this review are all size Large and the test rider is a 160lb / 6’ 1” male (typically wearing a size Medium in US clothing). Compared to the Medium sized PEARL iZUMi AmFib and GORE C7 jerseys, the large sized Klimatik have similar lengths (i.e. sleeve and torso) but are much slimmer. In comparison to the PR-S collection, the Klimatik is still body-contouring but slightly larger across the board to accommodate additional layers.


Overall, we found the Alé Klimatik collection to be well designed with great protection from colder weather. The dual layer design of the K-Idro bibshorts and jersey provide additional insulation to help stay warm without adding excessive bulk to them. We were able to comfortably wear the bibshorts and short sleeve jersey in lower temperatures than the recommended range from Alé by layering with baselayers and legwarmers. Both items had great breathability which meant they are also comfortable in slightly warmer temperatures or high-effort short climbs. Our favorite item of the collection is definitely the Guscio Iridescent Reflective Jacket with its eye catching color shifting design. Although the jacket is only water-repellent, the windproof and lightweight design makes it ideal for layering up. All in all, the Alé Klimatik collection provides high quality, eye-catching designs and protection from the elements.

Disclaimer: The product for this review was provided by Alé. The views expressed on this website are solely those of the authors and are here to help people make an informed choice before a purchase. The authors or the blog itself does not get any monetary compensation from the product manufacturer or third-party websites/vendor links that are posted here.

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