When it comes to cycling, having the right cycling kit is essential. Whether you’re on a cooldown ride or doing a century – protection from the elements as well as lightweight and breathable fabrics are the key to comfort. The Alé’ PRS Cycling collection (short for “Pro Racing System”) is designed for just that. The PR-S collection is one of Alé’s top collections and features high tech materials and race fit that has been developed in collaboration with professional racing teams. In this review, we’ll be specifically looking at three men’s items in the PR-S collection: PR-S Dot Short Sleeve Jersey, PR-S Master Bibshort Double Ergo Shammy and PR-S Delta Combi DWR Stretch Jacket. 

The Alé PR-S cycling kit combines sleek aesthetics with technical fabrics and a body-fitting race cut.

Master BibshortDot SS JerseyDelta Combi Jacket
RatingDesign:  A
Size: A–
Comfort: A
Design:  A
Size: A–
Comfort: A
Design:  B+
Size: A
Comfort: A
Retail Price$189.99$144.99$284.99
Likes– Body mapping design molds to your body.
– Ergonomic Chamois.
– Reflective details for additional visibility.
– Body mapping design molds to your body.
– Reflective details for additional visibility.
– Inner Vest provides additional warmth.
– Reflective details for additional visibility.
Dislikes– Premium price– Premium price
– No side pockets
– Premium price
– Inner vest is non-removable
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Each item comes folded inside individual plastic bags to protect them during shipping. Aside from the longer European clothing tags and the additional Alé information tags, unboxing is pretty anticlimactic.


Bibshorts are one of most critical parts of a cycling kit, as they are the main contact point between you and the bike. Personally we prefer bibshorts over standard shorts, as the one-piece design prevents any discomfort at the waist. The Master Bibshort is designed for warmer weather with lightweight and form fitting fabric construction. Alé recommended temperature range is 64-86o F although we found them comfortable even in colder weather by layering and using leg warmers. 

Ale PR-S Master Bib Short - Reflective elements
Reflective details on the jersey and bibshorts add nighttime visibility to the kit

Some of the features we particularly liked with the Master Bibshort were the details. Flatlock stitching is used in most places which minimizes bulk and reduces any discomfort at the seams. There are also reflective side elements with a subtle dot pattern to add some nighttime visibility despite the all-black design. The bibshorts also stay in place thanks to the grippy wide hems which we found also kept leg warmers securely in place. As a warmer weather item, the fabric is light and breathable with a mesh backing on the upper rear portion and wide comfortable suspenders.

The built-in shammy or chamois in cycling shorts ensures you remain comfortable even on all-day rides. With the Master Bibshorts, Alé has integrated their double ergo shammy. It features a multi-density foam design, with higher density on the main sections and a dimpled texture. The chamois is made with a quick drying fabric and also has a center relief channel molded in. Wide side wings and an extended front design ensure there are no seams or discomfort. We found the shammy to be very comfortable as it provided a good balance between padding and bulk. The contoured multi-panel design of the shammy stays in place even as you switch positions on the saddle.


From the moment we touched the jersey, we were impressed with how soft and lightweight it was. It’s clearly optimized for warm summer days to reduce bulk and maximize breathability. Graphically, the jersey has a vertical dot fade design that goes from the primary top color to black on the bottom. The jersey is available in bright colors such as yellow fluorescent as well as more subtle colors like the gray we chose for this review. In terms of fabric, the Dot SS Jersey is primarily polyester with an elastane blend which gives the jersey the ability to dry quickly and stretch. Alé describes the front material Microaero which was chosen for its lightweight and elasticity, while the back uses their Rap Dry Carbon fabric for its antibacterial and claimed anti-electrostatic charge characteristics. 

Ale PR-S Dot SS Jersey - Geometric fade design
The subtle geometric fade of the jersey and solid color bibshorts look good paired together

Marketing terms aside, we found the fabric to be quite soft and highly breathable. The front fabric is also UV 50+ which helped prevent sunburns particularly on long slow climbs that lack shade. We also appreciated the premium touches such as the zipper garage on the bottom of the full length front zipper and chin guard at the top that prevent the zipper from rubbing against your skin. The Dot SS also has an elastic collar with flatlock stitching on the inside seams which results in less fabric bulk and comfortable fit. Alé recommends a temperature range from 68-95oF although we were able to also comfortably wear the jersey in colder temperature by adding a base layer.

The Dot SS Jersey also has an aggressive race fit with Alé’s body mapping design. Even though this means the jersey fits tightly around you we found it to be comfortable as it doesn’t restrict your motion even as you switch positions on the bike. Thanks to silicon grippers on the hem and cuffs the jersey stays securely in place. The jersey also offers good storage space with three equal sized rear pockets as well as a fourth zippered pocket for valuables. Although we would have liked to see a side pocket, a convenient way to store snacks on the go, the pockets are deep and easily accessible. The center rear pocket also has a reflective dot pattern for night time visibility.


Every cyclist should own at least one long sleeve jacket. Depending on the construction, jackets can offer protection from the cold, rain or even wet weather conditions. With the Delta Combi, Alé offers an impressive combination of windproof and water repellent exterior thanks to the DWR fabric. The fabric has an interesting feel to it, it’s a rubber-like feeling on the exterior with a soft inner liner. Although it’s not waterproof, the Delta Combi is a great choice for riding on colder days or a light drizzle. With the thicker fabric and inner insulation layer, Alé recommends a temperature range between 35-50o F which we found to be accurate. We found the jacket is still comfortable in higher temperatures such as mid 60s by simply opening the front zipper and allowing airflow through.

Ale PR-S Delta Combi Jacket - Rear pockets
The Ale PR-S Delta Combi Jacket has an integrated vest and DWR treated exterior for protection from wind and water

Visually the jacket has a geometric granulated color fade that goes from the primary top color to black at the bottom. Unlike the dot jersey, rounded rectangle graphics help the colors fade into each other and provide subtle styling. Alé currently offers it in two colors, the gray that is reviewed here and a very bright Bordeaux color scheme. For both schemes, Alé uses a bright contrasting inner liner (orange for the gray scheme and fluorescent for Bordeaux) around the collar and on the inner vest to really make the jacket stand out. There are also three large pockets on the back of the jacket with a small zippered pocket for valuables. As with many of Alé’s items there are also reflective elements incorporated. With the jacket the center rear pocket has a dotted reflective pattern for extra visibility.

One of the main features of the jacket is the “combination” design. Inside the jacket is a vest with a separate internal full length zipper. The vest is made of the same warmer polyester liner material in the contrasting orange color. While the vest has a separate main zipper, it is sewn onto the inside of the jacket so it is not fully removable. Compared to other multi-function clothing such as the Gore Pro Zip-Off Jersey that means it’s not quite as versatile but still a useful feature. On colder days we left both front zippers full closed, while on warmer days or slow climbs leaving the inner vest unzipped helped regulate our body temperature.


As the name implies, the PR-S collection has a race fit designed to contour around your body that prevents bunching and improves aerodynamics. For reference the items worn in this review are all size large and the test rider is a 160lb / 6’ 1” male. The aggressive race cut means that despite the large size, the PR-S collection fit tight against our tester. Compared to the medium sized PEARL iZUMi AmFib and GORE C7 jerseys we’ve reviewed before, the large sized PR-S have similar lengths (i.e. sleeve and torso) but actually have a slimmer fit. As Alé is a European brand they use the more true-to-fit European sizes. That means you should carefully review the sizing charts and will likely need to size up from your US clothing size.


Overall, we found the Alé PR-S collection to be comfortable and highly breathable. All the items we tested felt well made and had the premium features that matched the price point. On warmer days, the Dots Short Sleeve jersey provided great breathability and lightweight to tackle steep climbs. The Master Bibshort had a body contouring fit that didn’t limit our movement on or off the saddle, while silicon grippers on the hem and straps kept everything in place. We also found the double ergo shammy to be very comfortable without being too bulky even on multi-hour bike rides. Finally, the Delta Combi DWR jacket provided excellent insulation and protection from the wind and rain with a DWR treatment. While we would have preferred the integrated vest to be fully removable, it provided an excellent second layer of insulation. Even though the PR-S collection has a premium price, we felt it was justified due to the quality and features. If you’re looking to invest in a versatile, body contouring and well made cycling kit  we’d highly recommend taking a look at Alé’s PR-S collection.

Disclaimer: The product for this review was provided by Alé. The views expressed on this website are solely those of the authors and are here to help people make an informed choice before a purchase. The authors or the blog itself does not get any monetary compensation from the product manufacturer or third-party websites/vendor links that are posted here.

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