Finding the perfect gift for your favorite cyclist is hard. So we came up with a whole bunch of gift ideas in the $30-$250 range so you can get on with your shopping. Whether it’s for a hard-core cyclist, a practical commuter, or a weekend warrior, our list of 20 gifts under $250 has something for every type of cyclist in your life.

Under $100


Handlebar Jack Portable Bike Repair Stand Review - Bike Repair

1. Handlebar Jack repair stand | $29.95

When you find yourself on the side of the road with a flat tire or a dropped chain, this Handlebar Jack helps you prop your bike so its easy to work on.

Great for: E-bike riders or urban bike riders


2. Lizard Skins Handlebar grips | $33.99

Dress up your bar with these fun and snazzy Lizard Skin handlebar grips designed to reduce numbness and slipping.

Great for: Budget friendly urban / commuter bike upgrade


Lizard Skins Handlebar Bike Grips Oury Charger Machine Strata Review - Comparison

3. Magnasonic Ultrasonic cleaner | $39.99

Take the icky-ness out of cleaning chains with this portable and compact ultrasonic cleaner.

Great for: Cleaning bike chains, sunglasses and small parts


4. Knog Blinder V Traffic Tail light | $49.95

Want some cool and eye-catching illumination patterns on your tail? then this light is for you.

Great for: Cyclists that ride at night and want eye-catching patterns


Knog Blinder V Traffic LED Bike Taillight Review - COB LED Face

Selle Italia Model X Green Superflow Bicycle Saddle Review - Rear Quarter View

5. Selle Italia Model X Green Saddle | $55.99

Way (way) more affordable than its Tesla namesake, this sustainably made saddle is very comfortable on short as well as long rides.

Great for: Eco-conscious riders looking for a more comfortable ride


6. Lazer CityZen Kineticore helmet | $59.99

This is a sleek urban helmet for an even sleeker price!

Great for: Commuters or urban cyclists who want a safe and attractive helmet


Lazer CityZen KinetiCore Urban Helmet Review - Front Angle

Pro Bike Tool Upright Floor Stand Review - Side View

7. Pro Bike Tool Upright Bike Floor Stand | $59.99

If you want to store or show-off your bike vertically but don’t want to put holes in your wall, this upright floor stand is your answer.

Great for: People with too many bikes or limited amount of space


8. Moonsport Helix 450 Tail light | $69.90

If you’re looking for an absurdly bright tail light, this one’s for you. We love it so much that we ride with it all the time!

Great for: Cyclists who share the road with cars


Moon Sport Helix Sense 300 / 450 Smart Taillight Review - Illuminated Photo
Magicshine RN 1500 Bike Headlight Review - Lens Closeup

9. Magicshine RN 1500 | $89.99

Dress up your bike for the holidays with the attractive red anodized finish while packing a punch with the 1500 lumen output that’s hard to beat at this price point.

Great for: Road cyclists or commuters who want a bright yet stylish light


10. Beeline Velo 2 Cycling computer | $97

If you’re looking for a fun and simple bike computer with minimalist design, this one’s for you.

Great for: Cyclists that want to explore or want a fun way to navigate


Beeline Velo 2 GPS Bike Computer Review - Navigation Views

SKS Compit Stem Smartphone Mount Review - Side

11. SKS Phone mount with built-in Power bank | $99.99

Don’t want to spend big bucks on a bike computer when you can download an app and use your phone, this mount has a built-in power bank that ensures your phone doesn’t die halfway through your ride.

Great for:  Commuters or urban riders who use their phone for navigation


12. Dovetail Freshley Overalls | $119

If your looking for a great pair of overalls that are not only well made but also look great and not look like you shopped in the Men’s department or borrowed one from your male relative, this one is a must have in your closet.

Great for: Work, Ride, Play


Redshift Sports Arclight Flat Pedals Review - Side View

13. Redshift Sports Arclight Pedals | $139.99

A unique way to stay illuminated in low-visibility conditions that takes advantage of biomotion. Pro Tip: Pair this with the Unit 1 helmet for holiday lights on wheels!

Great for: Commuters or urban cyclists who want to be visible at night or low visibility conditions


14. Magicshine x Magene Radar | $139.99

Want an affordable bike rear radar that undercuts the Garmin Varia price without sacrificing accuracy? Then this one needs to go in your cart.

Great for: Cyclists looking for more safety on crowded roads


Magicshine Seemee 508 Bike Rear Radar Taillight Review - Side Profile
Velocio Utility Bib Short Review - Full Kit Shot

15. Velocio Zipperless Cycling Jersey | $159

This jersey has the advantage of a cycling jersey (pockets in the back) with the ease of pulling on a T-shirt.

Great for: Warm weather cycling, Long distance riding


16. Outbound Lighting Detour Headlight | $179

This is one of the few US made bike lights with an optimized beam and sharp cutoff.

Great for: Cyclists who want to light up the road without blinding others


Outbound Lighting Detour Road Gravel Bike Headlight Review - Lens
Smith Bobcat Cycling Sunglasses Review - Front View

17. Smith Bobcat Sunglasses | $209+

These attractive shield-style sunglasses are designed and optimized for smaller faces.

Great for: People with smaller faces that want full-coverage sunglasses


18. Unit 1 Faro LED Helmet | $209.90+

Light up your noggin this winter for some fun holiday cheer!

Great for: Urban riders, commuters, fans of new gadgets


Bell XR Spherical Cycling Helmet Review - Rear Profile

19. Bell XR Spherical helmet | $225+

The Spherical safety design (“helmet-in-helmet” construction to put it in plain terms) allows the entire inner shell of the helmet to rotate around the outer shell and offers the same rotational impact protection as MIPS helmets without blocking any vents or adding material to the interior of the helmet.

Great for: Cyclists looking for a do-it-all helmet


20. Smith Ignite helmet | $250

The Cinder Haze color on this cycling helmet is just spectacular (and perfect for Fall!) and the aerodynamics gets a thumbs up as well.

Great for: Cyclists who like to ride fast


Smith Ignite Aerodynamic Road Cycling Helmet Review - Side View

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