It’s that time of the year again when all of us are scrambling to find something nice for everyone in our lives and maybe ourselves too. We’ve been hard at work these last few weeks combing through this year’s lineup for best gifts for cyclists under $250. So here we go!

Under $100


Wild Rye Gnarnia Cold Weather Women Cycling Gloves Review - Play Wild Print

1. Wild Rye Gnarnia gloves | $59

These Women’s gloves not only fit well, they also come in fun prints and you can use your touchscreen phone without losing your digits!

Great for: Female cyclists who ride outdoors during the cold months.


2. CatEye Quick cycling computer | $59.99

With a round profile and small footprint, this simple cycling computer tracks speed, time and distance.

Great for: Cyclists looking for a stylish and simple cycling computer.


CatEye Quick Cycling Computer Review - Side View

Magicshine Seemee 300 Smart Bike Taillight LED Review - LED Elements

3. Magicshine Seemee 300 taillight | $59.99

With a blinding 300 lumen output, the Seemee 300 also features a brake sensor and ambient light sensor.

Great for: Cyclists who ride at night and share the road with other vehicles.


4. Topeak  BB Hide ‘n Tool | $69.95

We are suckers for bike tools, and stealthier the better!. This one has a multi-tool and chain breaker and is designed to be hidden in your bottom bracket!

Great for: Riders looking to shed some weight from their jersey pockets or looking to make some room in their saddle bags.


Topeak Stealth BB Hide 'n Tool Chain Breaker Multi Tool Review - GRX Installation

MOTO Urban Flat Bike Pedal Bike Commute Review - Grip Tape Closeup

5. MOTO Reflex pedals | $74

These low profile, oversized flat pedals are not only a step up from the stock pedals and as a bonus, they’re fully serviceable!

Great for: Commuters or urban riders as these are great for any footwear style.


6. Knog Blinder 900 headlight | $79.95

This 900 lumen headlight has a flexible rail style mount that can be attached to either side of the light for versatile mounting.

Great for: Mountain biker or road cyclists looking for a powerful all-in-one headlight.


Knog Blinder 900 Road Cycling MTB Headlight Review - LED Lens

Lazer Tonic KinetiCore Cycling Helmet Review - Side View

7. Lazer Tonic KinetiCore helmet| $79.99

Coming in at less than $100, with a four star Virginia Tech rating, this helmet has great ventilation and has a slot for mounting Lazer’s universal rear LED.

Great for: Cyclists looking for a lightweight and well ventilated helmet that won’t empty their wallet


8. Magicshine EVO 1700 headlight | $89.99

No, this is not a scale model of your 90’s TV. This 1700 lumen headlight has great optics and tucks away nicely under the handle bar.

Great for: Cyclists looking for a high powered light with a sharp beam cutoff that won’t blind oncoming traffic.


Magicshine EVO 1700 LED Bike Headlight Beam Cutoff Review - Aspherical Lens
Thousand Heritage 2.0 Urban Cycling Helmet Review - Side Profile

9. Thousand Heritage 2.0 helmet | $99

Clocking in at just below $100, the Heritage 2.0 combines Thousand’s unique retro styling with better ventilation and fits both round and oval head shapes.

Great for: Those looking for a fun urban cycling helmet that you’d want to wear and be seen in.


10. North St. Commuter Micro Pannier | $100

This compact 14 liter pannier comes with a shoulder strap if you’re prone to separation anxiety.

Great for: Commuting, mail runs, or grocery shopping.


North St. Bags Commuter Micro Pannier 14L Cycling Bag Review - Exterior

Magicshine Seemee DV Bike Camera Rear Taillight Review - Rear Profile

11. Magicshine Seemee DV bike camera | $119.99

If you’re looking for an affordable dash cam for your bicycle that also has an integrated taillight, this one’s for you.

Great for:   Cyclists looking for more safety and piece of mind


12. Smith XC sunglasses | $179

For those of you who didn’t get the memo, retro is in! The hinge top lens design makes foggy lens yesterday’s news.

Great for: Turf, Surf or Slopes.


Smith XC Flip Up Retro Shield Sunglasses Review - Flipped
Oakley ARO5 Race Aero Cycling Helmet MIPS Review - Iridium Badge

13. Oakley ARO5 helmet | $205

If you have a sweaty head, this helmet has a whopping 19 vents to help with that. And if you already have the Encoder Strike sunglasses, might as well get these to go with it.

Great for: Cyclists looking for a high-performance road cycling helmet with some style.


14. Bryton Rider 750 SE computer | $249.95

With an updated profile and color touchscreen, this bike computer has on-device rerouting and features climb challenges and group rides.

Great for: Tracking ride performance, navigation, and sharing your rides.


Bryton Rider 750 SE GPS Cycling Computer Review - Climb Challenge
Velocio Alpha Winter Cycling Kit Review - Merino Air Jacket Inside

15. Velocio Alpha Merino Jacket | $250

If you’re looking for a winter cycling jacket this one’s a winner. We tested it in mid-30F temps and it kept us toasty. Comes with back pockets as a bonus.

Great for:  Cold weather cycling.


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