Even though cycling is generally environmentally friendly many cycling accessories are not as they use non-sustainable materials or packaging. Bollé is seeking to change that with their new Bollé Eco React MIPS helmet that utilizes renewable materials in the EPS foam and lining of the helmet. Retail price on the MIPS equipped helmet is $180 and it is only offered in the matte black finish currently. Visually the most obvious feature is the 20% cork EPS foam and cork fabric that sharply contrasts with the black helmet. Other details such as the removable cork bill and natural fibers such as cotton webbing and bamboo fiber in the lining help reduce the environmental impact of the helmet. The ECO React MIPS helmet also features 13 air vents to keep your head cool during commuting or recreational rides.

The Bollé Eco React MIPS combines an eco-friendly construction and ventilation into a stylish commuting helmet.

Rating 8.9/10
Retail Price$180.00
Measured weight (in g)342 (size M)
Likes+ Removable bill
+ Environmentally friendly construction reduces impact
+ Well ventilated for a commuter helmet
Dislikes– Premium price
– Only available in matte black finish currently
Where to Buy (US)Bolle


The Bollé Eco React MIPS Lite comes in a black helmet box with minimal branding and premium appearance. A cutout in the side of the box allows you to interact and see the helmet. Inside you’ll find:

  • Eco React MIPS helmet
  • Extra brow pad without bill
  • Info pamphlet

Consistent with the sustainable theme, the spare pad comes in a paper envelope with instructions on how to install it printed directly on the exterior.


Visually the integration of the cork material into the bill and EPS foam is the most obvious clue that the Bollé Eco React MIPS isn’t a standard commuter helmet. The 20% cork EPS gives the otherwise black foam a unique black/brown speckled look. Bollé has also used cork for the removable bill which helps hold its form and also look stylish. Compared to fabric bills on the Lazer Urbanize or Coros SafeSound, the cork material looks and feels more premium. The flat style bill helps block the sun and is attached using velcro to the front padding (Bollé includes a separate front pad for swapping). Speaking of padding, the Eco React MIPS has soft and plush padding that are strategically placed on the front, sides and rear cradle to eliminate any pressure points using velcro attachments.

Bolle Eco React MIPS Helmet - Rear
Bollé has incorporated multiple air vents to funnel air through and out of the helmet.

Although Bollé lists the helmet as dark green matte the main shell visually is a matte black with the Bollé branding on the sides of the helmet in a reflective green. The edge of the cork bill also has a reflective lining which keeps you visible even when riding in low light conditions. While most commuter style helmets have limited venting, Bollé has incorporated 13 air vents into the Eco React MIPS. Large vertical air vents in the front of the helmet help pull air into the helmet and out the rear air vents. Even compared to more performance commuting helmets such as the Thousand Chapter helmet, the Eco React MIPS has significantly more airflow through the helmet making it a great option for warm weather or longer rides.

Bolle Eco React MIPS Helmet - Detail
Not only is the Eco React helmet environmentally friendly, but the cork bits and reflective Bollé logo add some visual flare to the helmet.


Bollé describes the Eco React MIPS’s head cradle system as Click-To-Fit. It’s similar to other helmets with a wrap-around cradle and rear dial to adjust the fit. Our medium sized helmet fits similar to other brands with enough adjustment to even accommodate beanies under the helmet. The mixed cotton/polyester fabric side straps are also soft and have the side clasps that can be quickly adjusted. We were most impressed with the ventilation of the helmet which is more similar to road cycling helmets such as the Bollé Furo or Lazer Cameleon than commuting helmets. That means the Eco React MIPS can easily be used for both commuting and road cycling as you can stay cool and comfortable.

Bolle Eco React MIPS Helmet - Inside
The Eco React features comfortable plush soft padding and a removable cork fabric bill.


Overall, we found the Bollé Eco React MIPS helmet to have a unique visual style and reduced environmental impact. By utilizing sustainable materials such as cork, recycled plastics and natural fibers the Eco React MIPS is a step in the right direction toward environmentally friendly cycling products. We found the mixed cork EPS and bill also give the Eco React MIPS helmet a unique appearance and nice contrast against the otherwise matte black helmet. The additional features do come at a price as the Eco React MIPS has a premium retail price. Compared to other helmets the Eco React MIPS also lacks an integrated taillight or cold weather kits we’ve seen with other brands. That said, for commuters or cyclists looking for an eco-friendly cycling helmet with great ventilation the Eco React MIPS is a strong contender.

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