Bollé’s Eco React helmet lineup is their commuter lineup of helmets that combines safety with sustainability. As the name implies, the Halo React MIPS helmet is the new flagship helmet in the lineup. Retailing for $260, the Halo React utilizes recycled fabric, water based printing, as well as cork materials to reduce its environmental impact. To keep you safe on the road, the helmet incorporates a MIPS liner as well as front and rear LEDs for extra visibility. The LEDs are USB rechargeable with the front LEDs built directly into the shell. Other premium features include a Fidlock magnetic buckle and a removable fabric brim for protection from the sun.

The Bollé Eco React helmet is a premium environmentally friendly helmet with integrated front and rear LEDs.

Rating 9.1/10
Retail Price$260.00
Measured weight (in g)368 (size M)
Likes+ Eco-friendly construction
+ Front LEDs are integrated into helmet
+ Well ventilated for longer rides
Dislikes– Premium price
– Limited color selection currently
– Small power button for lights lacks tactile feel
Where to Buy (US)Bollé


The Halo React MIPS comes in a Bollé branded standard helmet box. Inside the box you’ll find:

  • Halo React helmet
  • Micro USB charging cable
  • Brimless front fabric pad

Note, the helmet does not include a fabric storage bag which is common for helmets at this price point. Also, the additional fabric pad can be used to swap out the brim if you prefer to ride without it.


While most commuter or urban helmets look more like skateboard helmets with minimal vents (e.g. Bern Hudson and Thousand Chapter), the Bollé Halo React MIPS is visually closer to a road cycling helmet. Five large front vents funnel air into the helmet while seven rear vents allow air to exit the helmet. Bollé currently only offers the helmet in two color variations – the titanium version shown in this review as well as white option. The titanium version has a semi-gloss finish and gray color with a subtle texture that mimics the texture of titanium metal. Except for the black around the edge of the helmet the Halo React MIPS looks quite similar to the Eco React MIPS.

Bolle Halo React MIPS Commuter Helmet Review - Side Profile
The Halo React has the classic extended urban helmet design with large front and rear vents.

What really separates the Halo React from the other helmets in the lineup are the integrated LEDs. The taillight fills the rear upper vent and has COB LED design that gives it a smooth illumination pattern. While the taillight looks like an addon, the front LEDs are directly integrated into the helmet shell and are invisible when off. This clever design allows the Halo React to look like a standard helmet during the day and an illuminated one at night. Seven individual LED emitters are placed on each side of the front two vents. Bollé doesn’t publish the lumen output or runtime of the light setup but they look similar to 20-50 lumen lights so its not a replacement for traditional light setup and should only be used to complement them for additional visibility during low-light situations.

Bolle Halo React MIPS Commuter Helmet Review - Front Closeup
The integrated 14 LEDs along the front vents are nearly invisible when off for a sleek front profile.

The front and rear LEDs are controlled with the single rear button in the center of the taillight. It’s a slightly raised rubber button that’s quite small which makes it difficult to operate with gloves. The lights have three modes: constant front/rear, flashing rear + constant front, and flashing front/rear. Below the button is the micro USB charging port which sits under a rubber grommet for weather protection. The Halo React also features a wrap-around 360o Fit Retention System with an easy to use dial for micro adjustments to tighten or loosen the helmet. The MIPS liner is also well integrated into the helmet and cut out around the vents to allow for internal airflow.


We found the Bollé Halo React MIPS to be comfortable and well ventilated for short or long rides. The plush padding and adjustable head retention system is easy to adjust and fits well. We appreciated the plush inner padding and the wide chin strap. Although we are still on the fence about Fidlock magnetic buckles, it is great for urban riding as you can put the straps on or off with a single hand. Aside from the small LED power button, the Halo React MIPS is a great helmet upgrade that has the extended rear profile commuter helmets are known for with the integrated front/rear LED setup.

Bolle Halo React MIPS Commuter Helmet Review - Inside
The Halo React has plush removable padding and a well integrated MIPS liner that is cut around the vents.


Overall, we found the Bollé Halo React MIPS to be a well designed and comfortable helmet. The Halo React MIPS can easily be used for commuting, urban riding or even longer distance weekend rides thanks to the large front and rear vents. Eco-friendly materials and details like EPS foam with cork make the helmet visually unique and more sustainable than other helmets on the market. Aside from the premium price point and small power button, the Halo React MIPS helmet is a great looking and comfortable helmet. We are particularly impressed with the integrated front LEDs which are invisible when off for a sleeker front profile. If you’re looking for an urban helmet with premium integrated lights and features the Halo React MIPS is a solid option.

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