When it comes to cycling shoes, Bont Cycling is well known for their anatomical and heat moldable carbon fiber shoes. However, they haven’t been known for affordability which is why we’re excited to be reviewing the new Bont Cycling Motion shoes. These are Bont’s most accessible cycling shoes to date and don’t sacrifice quality or fit to achieve the lower price point. Despite being just about $100, the Motion shoes have a stiff fiberglass anatomical sole design and integrated construction. The microfiber uppers are perforated for ventilation and utilizes a three velcro closure system. Bont Cycling also offers an optional 3 to 2 bolt adapter that allows the Motion shoes to be used for road or mountain biking.

The Bont Cycling Motion shoes have a budget price but don’t sacrifice performance with a stiff sole and anatomical design.

RatingDesign:   A
Comfort:  A
Value:  A
Measured Weight (in g)604 (EUR 44)
Retail Price$99.95
Likes+ Affordable price
+ Anatomic and stiff sole design
+ Replaceable heel and toe pads
Dislikes– Limited colors
– No micro adjustments with Velcro closure design
– Only available in standard width
Where to Buy (US)Bont Cycling


Bont Cycling packs the shoes in a simple cardboard shoe box with Bont Cycling logos printed on it. Inside the box you’ll find:

  • Motion Shoes
  • Cleat hardware bolts
  • Bont Cycling branded storage bag

We were impressed to see a storage bag included with the Motion shoes, as most companies typically only include them with higher priced shoes.


The Motion shoes share Bont Cycling’s unique anatomical design with an integrated sole construction. Where other budget cycling shoes use modular designs with an upper that attaches to a sole (e.g. the FLR F-35 shoes), the Motion shoes share Bont Cycling’s integrated chassis design. The distinctive anatomical shape has a wide profile that extends from the heel to the toe. Although it’s not an attractive look, the functional approach rewards you with a roomy toe box that has a custom fit right out of the box. Bont Cycling has also utilized a fiberglass construction instead of nylon for it’s higher stiffness and impressive 4.8mm stack height. Additionally, the soles even feature replaceable heel and toe bumpers which helps extend the useful life of the shoes and is a feature rarely seen at this price point.

Bont Cycling Motion Shoes - Front
To achieve the sub $100 price point, the Motion shoes use a simple three velcro closure system.

The microfiber uppers are smooth to touch and have perforations for ventilation. Two large micro meshes on top of the toe box and four small meshed holes in the toe bumper also help funnel more air through the shoe. On the white version of the shoes, the heel surround and front vent are finished in contrasting black with the Bont Cycling logo in black along the top strap. There is also a second logo that is ghosted on the heel with a glossy overlay. Bont Cycling also offers an all-black version which has a gray Bont Cycling logo on the top velcro strap for a more stealthy look. Although we wished Bont Cycling offered more color options such as iridescent colors like the Shimano S-PHYRE RC9 shoes, both the black and white color options look good in person.


To achieve the sub hundred dollar price point, Bont Cycling has utilized a three velcro closure system. Although it isn’t as convenient as dial systems such as the dual BOA dials on the Bont Cycling Vaypor S shoes, the three straps are well placed which make it easy to dial in the tension. Each strap features a metal loop and textured ends that are easy to grip and adjust. The center strap is also attached to the shoe’s tongue using a fabric loop which helps keep the tongue in place. We found that the simple design worked well on the road and maintained tension even on sprints or out-of-the-saddle efforts. One downside of the velcro design, as with any velcro strap, is that you do need to clean them more often to avoid debris or dirt from getting embedded.

Bont Cycling Motion Shoes - Sole
While the Motion shoes lack heat moldable soles, they still feature an anatomical design and replaceable pads.


Budget shoes usually mean finding the right balance between performance and cost. That’s why we were surprised with how stiff and comfortable the Bont Cycling Motion shoes are on the bike. They feel like the much more expensive Bont Cycling Vaypor S shoes with a comfortable fit right out of the box and stiff sole. Even though they aren’t heat moldable, the wide anatomical design fit well and didn’t have any pressure points. The stiff construction also means you don’t feel the cleat attachment point as with other nylon shoes. The Motion shoes were great to ride on flats, climbing, or even the trainer. The shoes also have good ventilation and flexibility which means they remain comfortable even if you take the long route home.

Bont Cycling Motion Shoes - Rear
The minimalist design looks great whether you choose the white shoes shown here or the all back design.


Overall, we found the Bont Cycling Motion cycling shoes to be affordable yet surprisingly stiff. Even though they lack Bont Cycling’s signature heat moldable carbon fiber soles, the fiberglass construction is stiff and has an anatomical shape. The integrated bathtub style construction means the Motion shoes provide direct power transfer and a comfortable fit. Unlike other budget nylon shoes which can flex and put pressure points at the cleat attachment point, the fiberglass soles have the stiffness usually only found in carbon fiber shoes. The most obvious indication that the Motion shoes are budget priced is the three velcro closure design. It’s not nearly as convenient as dial systems but works well and makes it easy to tune the tension. If you’re looking for some budget friendly shoes that don’t compromise on performance, the Bont Cycling Motion shoes are a great option.

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