Properly fitting insoles can be the difference between comfortable shoes and painful shoes while cycling. Designed in collaboration with Cobra9, the Bont Cycling Vaypor insoles are a high quality upgrade for Bont Cycling shoes. Bont offers two variations of the insoles, the $99.95 Vaypor versions we have here with multiple arch height options and a more simple single $39.95 Riot option. These insoles are nearly identical to Cobra9’s SemiPro insoles but have been slightly altered to improve ventilation and fit in Bont Cycling shoes. What separates these insoles from standard disposable insoles is the carbon fiber core and dual density EVA foam construction. This unique design not only improves power transfer and fit, but also retains a thin profile that can be easily installed on nearly any cycling shoe. To ensure a perfect fit, the insoles are offered in three arch-height options: low, medium and high.

The Bont Cycling Vaypor x Cobra9 insoles combine a carbon fiber core with arch-specific shaping for optimal fit and comfort.

Retail Price$99.95
Rating8.5 / 10
Measured Weight (in g) 24 (EUR 44 / 45)
Likes+ Carbon fiber core
+ Customized shape for each size and arch profile
+ Improves both comfort and performance on the bike
Dislikes– Premium price
– Product name is confusing as the insoles work on nearly any shoe
Where to Buy (US)Bont Cycling


The Bont Cycling Vaypor x Cobra9 insoles come in small plastic bags with Bont branding printed onto it. Inside the bag you’ll find:

  • Bont Cycling Vaypor x Cobra9 insoles
  • Foam Metatarsal domes

The metatarsal dome attachments are optional and have adhesive backing behind them that can be used to attach them to the insoles.


Despite being called the Vaypor insole, these insoles are designed to work across the Bont Cycling or nearly any cycling shoe and not just the Bont Cycling Vaypor shoes. These Bont insoles are modified versions of the Cobra9 SemiPro insoles and offer next level support and comfort. Unlike the budget insoles you find at department stores that are meant to be replaced every few months, the Vaypor insoles have a carbon fiber core that’s designed to last as long or longer than the cycling shoes you install them in. These insoles are closer to the quality and fit you’d find in custom orthotics from a doctor and that’s reflected in the premium price.

Bont Cycling Vapor x Cobra9 Cycling Insoles Review - Arch Comparison
Each insole has a unique shaping that is specifically designed for the arch height and shoe size.

Bont offers three color coordinated variations of the insole to accommodate different arch heights. All the insoles have a contoured shape and multi-density foam to achieve a low stack height while still offering support. Unlike the standard Bont insoles, these have a straight edge shaping to allow them to easily fit Bont shoes and may look slightly narrower. The specific shaping per size and arch provides a custom-like fit and ensures your arches are well supported.  While this approach creates a more customized fit, it does mean you need to purchase the proper arch support. This creates a better fit but lacks the adjustability of insoles such as those found in the Shimano’s S-PHYRE RC9 which have velcroed arch foam pieces that can be swapped out.

Bont Cycling Vapor x Cobra9 Cycling Insoles Review - Comparison With Standard INsole
Putting the low-arch insoles (left) side-by-side with the standard Bont insoles (right) you can see the different shaping and stiffness.


Bont Cycling encourages all cyclists to use the insoles without the provided metatarsal dome for the first few weeks and only adding them afterward if more support is required. For us, the medium arch height insoles felt comfortable and form-fitting without the metatarsal domes from our first ride with our Bont Vaypor S shoes. Compared to the fairly flat stock insoles, the medium arch provided more stability and contact. It’s a noticeable difference as the Vaypor x Cobra9 insole’s carbon rear provides even more stiffness. The insoles have a low stack height that is nearly identical to the stock insoles which means the shoe fit is unchanged aside from the different shaping. As someone with more pronounced arches, the additional contouring of the insoles helped create a more stable feel and comfort for short or long rides.

Bont Cycling Vapor x Cobra9 Cycling Insoles Review - Side Profile
The insoles have a dual density foam construction and carbon fiber core in the heel or a custom feel.


Overall, we found the Bont Cycling Vaypor x Cobra9 insoles to be well designed and comfortable. With the multiple arch height options and customized shaping, the insoles are a big upgrade from stock foam insoles. Unlike most budget replacement insoles, the Vaypor x Cobra9 insoles have a highly durable carbon fiber core and dual density foam that is designed for long-term use. We found the insoles provided a more stable and direct feel as the contoured insoles match your foot’s shape. The extra performance certainly doesn’t come cheap as the insoles cost nearly as much as the entry-level Bont Motion cycling shoes. That said, if you’re looking for more comfort out of your insoles and have low to high arches than the Bont Vaypor x Cobra9 are a high-quality option.

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