Bont Cycling cycling shoes usually elicit a strong reaction with many people swearing by them and others hating them. This love-it-or-hate-it reaction is usually because of the wide anatomical shape which gives the shoes a unique appearance and fit. The new Bont Vaypor 2023 shoes are the latest addition to the Bont Cycling lineup and offer a streamlined design, more adjustability and refined shape to accommodate a wider range of feet. The shoes retail for $449.00 and feature a stiff unidirectional carbon sole with the latest dual BOA Li2 Fit System. Bont has also incorporated their upgraded Cobra9 insoles which feature a carbon core and dual density EVA foam.

The Bont Cycling Vaypor 2023 are lightweight and responsive carbon cycling shoes with a new streamlined design.

Retail Price$449
RatingDesign:   A
Comfort:  A
Value:  A
Measured Weight (in g) 432 (EUR 44 Wide)
Likes+ Lightweight design
+ Stiff and responsive carbon fiber sole
+ Shoes are easy to put on and take off with wide tongue
Dislikes– Premium price
– Standard colors are limited to monotone options
Where to Buy (US)Bont Cycling


The Bont Cycling Vaypor 2023 shoes come in a standard cardboard shoe box which doubles as the mailing box. Inside the box you’ll find:

  • Vaypor 2023 shoes
  • Branded fabric bag
  • Instruction manual

The included fabric bag is a great way to store the shoes or travel with them as they keep the shoes clean and protected.


The new Bont Vaypor 2023 combines the signature features of Bont Cycling shoes into a more universally appealing shape. While the shoes are still quite wide and have the iconic wrap-around bath-tub style carbon sole, the design and shape is more in-line with other shoes on the market. Not only are these shoes quite a bit lighter than the flagship Vaypor S models, but they offer a simplified closure system and improved fit. Bont currently only offers the shoes in a white or black color option with color-matched BOA dials. We have the black versions here which have a sleek all-black look. Branding is limited to a Bont logo debossed into the side of the heels of the shoe, a BC on the heel and Bont Cycling printed on the sole. While we would have preferred brighter colors or reflective options, it’s an attractive design that can pair well with any bike or cycling kit.

Bont Vaypor 2023 Carbon Road Cycling Shoes Review - Carbon Sole
The Vaypor shoes have a unidirectional carbon fiber sole with Bont’s signature bathtub style that extends around the heels.

The most obvious visual change is that the Vaypor 2023 shoes have a simple three row cable routing system and standard center tongue instead of a wrap-around design. Each dial is a BOA Li2 which is BOA’s top option and features micro tightening and micro loosening for fine tuning the fit on the fly. These dials are also sleeker and slimmer than the previous iterations and can be found on most high-end cycling shoes these days. The top dial controls the ankle with a plastic hook on the top while the bottom dial has two rows to adjust the toe box. One of the big advantages of this traditional lacing pattern and separate tongue is that these shoes are easy to put and take off. You can simply loosen the dials and lift the tongue up to slide your feet in or out of the shoes.

The shoes share the synthetic Durolite upper material which is lightweight and highly durable. Bont has perforated the sides on front to allow air to flow through the shoes. We also appreciate the details like the padded tongue edge and heel which prevent any pressure points. These shoes also have Bont’s signature bathtub style construction with the carbon fiber sole wrapping up the heel for additional stiffness. The unidirectional carbon sole has an attractive exposed carbon fiber weave that covers the entire sole and edges of the shoes. These have a wide anatomical design that ensure you don’t lose any watts while sprinting or climbing. To protect the carbon fiber sole there is a simple rubber toe bumper and replaceable heel bumper.

Bont Vaypor 2023 Carbon Road Cycling Shoes Review - Side View
The Vaypor shoes have a simplified design with three row lacing pattern, a traditional heel and two BOA Li2 dials.

The other notable feature of the Vaypor 2023 shoes are the slotted 3-bolt cleat attachment points which give you more adjustability when positioning your cleats. This gives you fore and aft adjustment when positioning your cleats for a wider range of mounting locations. While there is no LOOK Keo memory eyelet the shoes have easy to read radial markings to help lineup to help align the cleats. Inside the shoes you’ll find the upgraded Cobra9 insoles which feature a carbon core and dual density EVA foam. The insoles have a stiff carbon fiber heel and a highly flexible front toe region. If you need more arch support, Bont offers various Cobra9 Vaypor insoles with different arch support levels.


As long-time riders and fans of the Bont Vaypor S shoes we were excited to see how the Vaypor 2023 would compare. Even without heat molding, the EUR 44 wide shoes were a perfect fit from the first ride. The anatomical fit and generously sized toe box, particularly with the wide version, eliminate any pressure points while keeping your feet securely in place. With the simplified design, the shoes are also significantly easier than the Vaypor S and other wrap-around style shoes which can’t open up as wide. The perforated design works well to funnel air through the shoes even during long rides or when riding in warmer weather. As with other Bont shoes, we quickly forget we were even wearing the shoes as they conform around your feet.

Bont Vaypor 2023 Carbon Road Cycling Shoes Review - Front Profile
With the all black color, the Bont Vaypors have a sleek and modern design with perforations throughout the uppers.


Overall, we found the Bont Cycling Vaypor 2023 offer excellent performance on the road with a streamlined design. With the more traditional lacing pattern and center tongue design, the Vaypor 2023 shoes offer a significant weight advantage of the Vaypor S shoes. Although the shoes may look more traditional, the anatomical shaping and unidirectional carbon fiber sole offer the same performance as other Bont shoes. The shoes feature impressive support and stiffness for high-effort sprints while still being comfortable for long rides. As far as downsides, the shoes are quite expensive and are limited to white or black color options currently. That said, if you’re looking for high performance anatomical cycling shoes the Bont Vaypor 2023 are an excellent option.

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  1. I see you also reviewed the Lake CX242…. I’m looking at wide, currently have Vaypor S double wide.
    Which of the Vaypor 2023 and CX242 did you feel had the widest mide/forefoot and most rounded/square toebox?

    I ask becasue the CX241 wasn’t as wide IRL as it looked on paper, plus the toebox was tapered.

    Also between the two, do they feel like comparable performance shoes? When I tried the CX241 they didn’t feel like performance shoes, the heel was soft/loose…. but don’t the CX242 have a mouldable heelcup like the CX403 now so you should be able to get the heel really locked-in… but the Vaypor S are out and out performance shoes in comparison to the CX241.

    Previously Bont Wide and Lake Wide were two commonly compared shoes, I expect that to continue so your feedback will be really useful.

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