Described as “cocktail sophisticated, outdoor durable,” the CamelBak Horizon Tumblers are one of CamelBak’s latest additions to the drinkware line. Available in sizes from 12oz to 30oz variations with retail prices from $20-$30, the Horizon Tumblers are stainless steel tumblers designed for traveling, commuting, or outdoor use. Constructed from double-walled vacuum-insulated stainless steel, the Tumblers keep hot fluids toasty or cold drinks chilly. The 12oz variation 6 and 4 hours for cold and hot liquids respectively while the larger 20oz version is an even more impressive 14 and 7 hours. The CamelBak Horizon Tumblers all come with a spill resistant tri-mode lid that is easy to use and keep clean.

The CamelBak Horizon Tumblers are well insulated stainless steel tumblers that feature a minimalist look that is perfect for the office yet rugged enough for outdoor use.

Retail Price$20 (12oz) / $22 (16oz) / $25 (20oz) / $30 (30z)
Measured Weight (in g)244 (12oz) / 324 (20oz)
Likes+ Easy to clean
+ Sleek powder coated matte finish
+ Silicone padding on bottom of bottle
Dislikes– Lid is only non-spill
– Only available in solid color schemes
– Not compatible with CamelBak Universal caps
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The Horizon Tumbler bottles come in plain plastic bags with informational tags attached directly attached to the body of the bottles. There is also an additional pamphlet inside each bottle that shows the full CamelBak drinkware collection from the wine bottles to the Tumblers reviewed here.


What makes Tumblers different from Mugs are they are tapered and have no stem or handle. Following that definition, the Horizon Tumblers have a simple tapered stainless steel design. Despite the competitive price, the Horizon Tumblers look premium with a textured powder coated finish and solid color schemes. In this review, we looked at two color variations, the green “Moss” and the blue “Larkspur” in 12oz and 20oz respectively. Both are vibrant with uniform finishes and minimal branding. The only CamelBak logos on the tumblers are near the base and on embossed on the caps. We also liked the simple non-slip silicone base which helps the tumblers from scratching surfaces or sliding.

CamelBak Horizon Tumbler - Non-Slip Base
Silicone pads on the bottom of the Tumblers ensure they don’t slide of slick surfaces.

Although the Horizon Tumblers don’t have the multi-functional design or Pak Cap of the CamelBak MultiBev, the finish and feel of the bottles are similar. Both have the vacuum insulated construction with great thermal insulation properties for warm or cold beverages. Unfortunately, the included tri-mode cap with the Horizon Tumblers isn’t part of CamelBak’s universal cap design which means it can’t be swapped between different bottles like the MultiBev. Note, this is not a spill proof design, as the tri-mode cap has a small hole to allow hot fluids to vent. The tri-mode cap offers three options: closed w/ vent open, half opened with vent blocked or fully opened with vent open. The design results in consistent flow through the nozzle and is easy to sip from.

CamelBak Horizon Tumbler - Triflow Lids
The tri-mode lids are easy to clean and use with multiple open and closed positions.


Overall, we found the CamelBak Horizon Tumbler to be well designed and easy to drink from. The simple tapered body with powder coated finish looks great around a campfire or at the office. Unlike plastic, glass or ceramic tumblers, the Horizon’s stainless steel construction can handle rough use while still offering excellent thermal insulation. With the included tri-mode cap, it’s also easy to control the fluid flow and allow hot beverages to vent through the small pass through hole. While we would have liked to see some graphs or more color schemes and lid compatibility with other CamelBak products, the wide range of sizes and affordable price points make it easy to find the right Tumbler for any purpose.

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