Hydration is important whether you’re at the office or just running errands, so you should consider carrying a reusable bottle. In particular, vacuum insulated steel bottles have become quite popular thanks to their durable construction and impressive insulation properties. In this review we’ll be looking at the CamelBak MultiBev which is part of CamelBak’s extended drinkware lineup. The MultiBev is available in both 17oz and 22oz variations with retail prices of $48 and $50 respectively. What makes the CamelBak MultiBev stand out from the crowd is the multifunctional design. CamelBak has integrated a removable travel cup that simply twists off the bottom (16oz for the 22oz bottle). Also underneath the carrying handle of the Pak Cap there is a small storage area that can be used to store a rollup rubber cover for the travel cap.

The CamelBak MultiBev is the swiss army knife of steel bottles with it’s clever multi-functional design.

Retail Price$48 (17oz) / $50 (22oz)
Measured Weight (in g)636 (22oz)
Likes+ Multi-function design
+ Sleek powder coated matte finish
+ Silicone padding on bottom of bottle
Dislikes– Premium price
– Only available in solid color schemes
– Carrying cap can’t be put on travel cup
Where to Buy (US) CamelBak


The MultiBev comes securely packaged in a cardboard box with inner pieces to prevent the bottle from sliding around. A large center cutout gives a great view of the bottle, and bright graphics on the box show off the features. 


Visually the MultiBev looks sleek and premium with a smooth profile that slightly narrows toward the base. A black rubber ring divides the travel cup portion from the main bottle. CamelBak offers a few interesting color variations from the subtle white we reviewed, to pink and green color schemes. There aren’t any graphic options as you would get with the CamelBak Podium cycling bottle only the solid color variations though. One thing we found surprising is how little branding there is on the MultiBev, there is a small CamelBak logo embossed on the top lid and another logo printed near the bottom of the bottle.

CamelBak MultiBev - PakGo Cap
The cap has a convenient storage area that can be used for the rollup lid or snacks

The MultiBev also has a unique lid design with the multi-piece Pak Cap. There is a carrying handle on the top of the bottle that is comfortable to hold or can be attached to a backpack using a carabiner. Removing it reveals the lid for the main portion bottle with a small storage area. This little hidden compartment is perfect for snacks, small essentials or to store the Roll and Fold rubber cap that fits on the travel cup. Twisting off this cap reveals the main 22oz portion of the bottle and the polished stainless steel interior. The Pak Cap is also part of CamelBak’s universal cap design, which means you can swap it onto the Chute Mag, Eddy+, Carry Cap, or Hot Cap vessels or those universal caps onto the MultiBev.


Aside from the integrated storage area in the Pak Cap, the MultiBev’s main features is the removable travel cup. Visually the bottle looks like a single piece, but gripping below the black divider ring lets you twist the travel cup off. For the 22oz bottle, the travel cup is an impressive 16oz with an insulated design that is good for 4 / 12 hours for hot and cold beverages respectively. The travel cup portion includes the silicone rubber base on the bottom of the MultiBev and can be used with the included Roll and Fold Lid. The travel cup is perfect when traveling, hiking, sharing a drink or at the office if you want to drink water and keep a hot beverage in the main portion of the MultiBev.

CamelBak MultiBev - Detachable travel cup
The MultiBev’s main party trick is the twist off travel cup shown on the left


Overall, we found the CamelBak MultiBev to be a clever and well designed insulated steel bottle. The Pak Cap makes the MultiBev easy to carry and even provides a little storage area for snacks or smaller items. Thanks to CamelBak’s universal cap design you can also swap out the Pak Cap with other universal caps that CamelBak offers. We particularly liked the premium powder coated finish with minimal branding that makes the MultiBev look at home in the office or on the trails. Furthermore, the removable travel cup is so well integrated if you didn’t know it was there you would assume the MultiBev is just a standard stainless steel bottle. Not only is the travel cup perfect when traveling (i.e. pack light!) but it’s also great for hiking/camping or around the office to drink water/coffee with the same bottle. 

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