The CatEye ViZ lineup of taillights combine transparent lens designs and high visibility LEDs to ensure you’re visible during the day or night. In this review, we’ll be looking at the CatEye ViZ150 taillight which is the smallest and most affordable variation in the lineup. The ViZ150 retails for an affordable $29.95 and it features a bright 150 lumen output. As with other CatEye products, the ViZ150 uses their OptiCube lens which optimizes the visibility of the three LEDs in the taillight. The ViZ150 also has a compact and fully transparent lens which helps the taillight achieve an impressive 300 degree visibility. CatEye programs the ViZ150 with four output modes with runtime that range from 5-70 hours and a micro USB port to recharge it.

The CatEye ViZ150 is a compact and bright three LED taillight with a fully transparent body that provides excellent side visibility.

Retail Price$29.95
Rating8.5 / 10
Measured Weight (in g) 27 (taillight), 22 (mount)
Likes+ Compact form factor
+ Transparent lens provides great side visibility
+ Eye catching Daytime HyperFlash mode
Dislikes– Micro USB port
– Lacks a multi-level battery status indicator
– Does not include a body clip
Where to Buy (US)CatEye


The CatEye ViZ 150 taillight comes in a compact white cardboard box with a large window cutout into it to let you interact with the taillight. Red accents on the cutout help make the taillight really stand out. Inside the box you’ll find:

  • ViZ150 taillight
  • Very short micro USB charging cable
  • Seatpost mount with rubber backing
  • Rubber ladder strap
  • Instruction manual
  • Warranty card

Aside from the very short micro USB charging cable, the packaging is well done and should look great on any display shelf.


To mount the light, CatEye uses a clever Snap System which consists of a square base and their SP-15 bracket. This lets you mount the light vertically or horizontally to accommodate different bike geometries or rider preferences. The SP-15 bracket has also been updated to handle aero or round seat posts by using a dual groove design. It’s a simple mount design that uses a rubber ladder strap to secure it against the bike. You can easily remove the Viz150 from the base if you plan to park the bike outside or want to recharge the light. Note, CatEye does not include a body clip mount which would have been useful for mounting the taillight to a saddlebag or clothing.


The Cateye ViZ taillights all use a three LED design with the LEDs placed in a row. For optimal side visibility, the entire body of the light is transparent which allows the entire taillight to illuminate when powered on. This lets you see inside the taillight at the circuit board and internal battery. Additionally, the transparent design gives the ViZ150 an impressive 300 degree visibility and ensures people see you from any angle. The light is also quite compact and is only slightly larger than a AAA battery. Branding is limited to CatEye printed on one side and ViZ150 on the other.  The main body is red while the front of the lens is a transparent white which gives the light an interesting appearance.

CatEye ViZ150 Bike Rear LED Taillight Review - Mount
The ViZ150 uses a simple two piece mount design with a rubber backing and a strap to secure it to round or aero seatposts.

The taillight uses a simple one button interface with the power button located at the top of the light. A long hold turns the light on and off while a single press cycles through four available output modes. The taillight has built-in mode memory which ensures it always turns back onto the mode the light was shut off in. There is also a low-power indicator which illuminates when the battery is low. Charging the light uses a micro USB port located under a rubber cover on the bottom of the light. We hope future versions of the light will incorporate a more modern USB-C port. The LED indicator also flashes while the light is being charged and shuts off when the battery is full.

CatEye ViZ150 Bike Rear LED Taillight Review - Lens Closeup
The taillight uses a three LED lens with a high visibility center LED and two smaller ones for additional illumination.


CatEye has integrated four output modes into the taillight arranged in a one-level menu. There is a single constant mode and three flash options to choose from. The constant mode is 20 lumen with a five hour runtime. For flash options you can use the standard flash mode that has the highest 70 hour runtime and puts out 15 lumen. There is also a Group Ride mode which alternates between the center and outer LEDs at 50 lumen with 11 hour runtime. One of the most interesting modes is the Daytime HyperFlash which puts out the full 150 lumen output and 15 hour runtime. In this mode, the taillight quickly alternates between the LEDs at a high speed to help you be seen on the road. It’s a very bright mode and, as the name is implies, designed for daytime visibility.

CatEye ViZ150 Bike Rear LED Taillight Review - Side Profile
With a fully transparent body, the ViZ150 is visible from nearly any angle.

We primarily rode with the Daytime HyperFlash as it offers long runtimes and daytime visibility. For night time riding the mode is a bit too erratic so the Group Ride or Flash modes are better alternatives. The CatEye ViZ150 is a fairly simple taillight though, there is no brake or ambient light sensor unlike more recent Magicshine Seemee taillights so there is no smart mode or brake detection. Otherwise, we found the taillight to be sleek and bright as the entire body becomes illuminated when the LEDs are on. The effect is most obvious at night where the entire body of the taillight illuminates which provides excellent side visibility.


Overall, we found the CatEye ViZ150 to be a well designed and simple taillight. While it may lack a brake sensor, ambient light sensor or app customization the ViZ150 has a clever design and bright output. The Daytime HyperFlash mode provides an eye-catching illumination pattern that alternates the three LEDs and ensures you’re visible during the day. CatEye has also used a simple mounting design with their Snap System that allows the taillight to be mounted horizontally or vertically. The main downsides of this taillight is the dated micro USB charging port and the fact that CatEye does not include a body clip for mounting the taillight on saddlebags or clothing. That said, if you’re in the market for a bright and budget friendly taillight the CatEye ViZ150 is a good option.

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