Having proper air inflation on your bike, car or other sports equipment tires is essential to keep them working properly and efficiently. With manual hand or floor pumps, it can be easy to put off checking air pressure as it can be time consuming to use. That’s why the CYCPLUS A8 inflator is a convenient gadget to own. The A8 features one of CYCPLUS’s largest 2600 mAh rechargeable battery with USB Type-C charging port. Retail price for the A8 inflator is $49.99 which is competitive against other electric and handpumps. An aluminium body and venting on the body help keep the A8 inflator cool while features such as an integrated LED light and mode selector make the CYCPLUS A8 inflator add additional functionality.

With an upgraded rechargeable battery pack the CYCPLUS A8 is a premium and portable electric inflator.

Retail Price$49.99
Measured Weight (in g)490
Likes+ LED Display
+ Large battery capacity extends use time
+ Aluminium construction and USB Type-C charging
Dislikes– Large size
– Bike mode is limited to 65 PSI
– Can not be used as a powerbank
Where to Buy (US)Amazon


The CYCPLUS A8 inflator comes in a simple cardboard box with high contrast black on white graphics. Specifications and a package list are printed directly on the back of the box. Inside the box you’ll find:

  • CYCPLUS A8 Inflator
  • Fabric storage bag
  • Rubber nozzle
  • Accessory bag (presta valve / ball inflators)
  • Instruction manual

The included fabric storage bag is convenient for keeping the A8 inflator and the accessories together in one place and dust free.


Despite the higher capacity battery, the CYCPLUS A8 is still relatively compact. The inflator has a rectangular profile with rounded corners and venting on the top and bottom. Compared to the plastic body of the CYCPLUS A2, the silver aluminium body gives the A8 a more premium appearance and feel. Surprisingly there is no branding or CYCPLUS logos on the A8 body or on the display screen we received although CYCPLUS’s official photos show a logo. Also, there currently aren’t any additional colors offered aside from the silver / black combination. To recharge the A8, there is a USB Type-C charging port on the bottom which means you can share cables with newer devices that use USB-C. One thing to note is a lack of rubber gasket for weather proofing which means the A8 is not water or dust resistant.

Cycplus A8 Inflator Review - On Car
The higher capacity battery means the inflator can be used on multiple car and bike tires.

One of the biggest improvements of the CYCPLUS A8 over the other models such as the CYCPLUS A2 is the high contrast LED display. The square display is located at the top of the front with the five button round menu directly beneath it. It has a 3 row display with icons on the top row to indicate the mode, a large 3 digit display in the center, and battery status / units displayed on the bottom. While the display is simple, the high contrast backlit design is easy to read even in low light conditions. We also found the icons to be easy to understand and well sized. To use the inflator, there are several attachments that screw on to the top hose. The main attachment that covers Presta / Schrader valves is a long flexible rubber hose that threads onto nozzles. For other applications such as basketballs or yoga balls, you’ll need to keep the bag of attachments handy to swap on.


In addition to the larger battery capacity, the CYCPLUS A8 also has a simplified five button interface. The buttons are arranged in a circle with a rubberized power button in the center and embossed labels:

  • Power button (center button) – Hold to turn the device on / off; press while on to start inflation.
  • Light button (right button) – Hold to turn on LED light when device is off; press to turn light on/off with device on.
  • Inflation value buttons (top/bottom buttons) – Press to increase or decrease inflation pressure; hold to quickly increase or decrease values.
  • Mode selection button (left button) – Press to cycle through the five available modes and hold to change the display units between BAR / PSI.

Compared to the CYCPLUS A2 which required remembering multiple button combinations, the five button A8 doesn’t require an instruction manual. Some of the functionality isn’t particularly obvious like the unit change selection or starting the inflation. Otherwise we found the inflator easy to use as each button is well labeled and has more obvious actions. Those familiar with other CYCPLUS inflators will also note that there is no powerbank functionality with the A8 which is a feature we found useful in the A2 model and would have helped justify the higher price of the inflator.

Cycplus A8 Inflator Review - Display
One of the best features of the A8 is the upgraded display which is larger and has higher contrast than previous models.

There are also five different modes that can be selected from the left mode button: car, motorcycle, bicycle, ball, and custom. Each mode has a specific minimum, maximum, and default pressure values. We found that the bike mode specifically was designed for lower pressure mountain bikes than typical road bikes as it is limited to 65 psi. Hence we mostly used the custom mode which allows pressures from 0-150 psi. In the custom mode, the inflator has mode memory and will recall the last set pressure value which is a convenient feature. Except for custom mode which has no icon, each of the other modes has an easy to understand icon that matches the application.


As cyclists we don’t think the CYCPLUS A8 is a replacement for traditional floor pumps such as the Topeak JoeBlow. Instead the A8 is a convenient electric inflator to have around to top off tires or check pressure. With the multiple adaptors, the A8 is perfect for having around the house for topping off car tires, wheelbarrow tires, or even yoga balls. The compact design and large display are easy to carry around the house or leave in the car. We found the higher battery capacity meant the A8 spent less time connected to a charger and more time being used. That said, the A8 is still quite loud and can be startling if you accidentally turn it on. The improved vents and aluminium body do help dissipate heat well while the longer rubber nozzle makes it easier to reach nozzles.

Cycplus A8 Inflator Review - Vent
We’re happy to see the USB Type-C charging port and larger vents which help keep the A8 cooler.


Overall we found the CYCPLUS A8 to be a convenient and compact electric inflator. The larger 2600 mAh allows the inflator to be used on more tires without recharging. We also appreciate the USB Type-C charging port and the larger LED display. The high contrast display is easy  to read with simple icons and large letters, particularly compared to the CYCPLUS A2 LCD inflator. Although the CYCPLUS A8 is too large to carry while cycling it’s a convenient way to top car tires, bike tires and other inflatable balls. The user interface is also easy to use with a five button display and helpful custom modes. Aside from the lack of powerbank functionality and the loud noise the inflator makes, the CYCPLUS A8 is an affordable and portable inflator.

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