As someone who gave up on protein supplements after trying the awful tasting Muscle Milk, Whey isolate and similar offerings, we were honestly surprised with the offerings from Drink Wholesome. Drink Wholesome is a new post-workout recovery drink company based out in New Hampshire with their products made locally in adjacent Massachusetts. As the company name implies, Drink Wholesome’s goal is to develop healthy protein powders with real ingredients. Unlike typical protein powders that seem to have more ingredients than letters in the english alphabet, Drink Wholesome protein powders have less than 10 real ingredients, none of which include artificial sweeteners or fillers.

Drink mixes are available in 1lbs+ bags with each serving of powder, about half a cup, containing an impressive 20g of protein. Drink Wholesome also currently offers 2 free samples (plus the cost of shipping) that are about ¼ serving each that allow you to try the flavors before committing. In terms of flavors, Drink Wholesome offers enough varieties (Mocha, PB (Peanut Butter) Coconut, PB Chocolate (vegan) as well as Vanilla) to make most people happy. For each flavor the ingredients are clearly printed on a resealable bag.

Drink Wholesome protein powders are made of natural ingredients while tasting delicious.

Retail Price$26.60 – $38 (depending on the flavor)
Likes+ Real ingredients
+ Smooth texture and clean taste
+ One Vegan option
Dislikes– Limited Vegan options
Where to Buy (US) Drink Wholesome


For this review, we tried the PB Coconut and the vegan PB Chocolate samples. As the name implies, peanuts are the common ingredient in both. The ingredients for the PB Coconut are: egg whites, oats, peanuts, coconut, maple sugar, sea salt and monk fruit. With the PB Chocolate flavor, the egg whites and oats are replaced with chickpeas and cocoa. Interestly, coconut is an ingredient in all the flavors. All their powders are also sweetened with monk fruit or maple sugar (and sometimes both) which is not overly sweet. If you haven’t tried monk fruit sweetener, to us it was akin to plant based sweetener like stevia.

Drink Wholesome Protein powder - ingredients
Ingredients and Usage


Taste-wise, both PB Coconut and PB Chocolate were more peanuty with a hint of coconut with the former and hardly any chocolate taste in the latter. They can be made by mixing with milk/dairy-free milk/yogurt or even water in a blender or a shaker bottle. Add ice to make it an iced drink or blend it with some fruit to make it a smoothie. We mixed ours with regular 2% milk once with a spoon and once pulsing in a blender. The hand mixed version didn’t mix very well and had little clumps of powder while the blender version mixed perfectly. In both cases, the texture was light and airy with just enough sweetness. The texture was also smooth without the typical chalky taste or aftertaste you find with other protein powders.

Drink Wholesome Protein powder - texture
Hand mixed vs. Blended texture


Overall, we found the Drink Wholesome protein mix to be healthy and flavorful. Unlike other protein mixes with pages of ingredients, the Drink Wholesome mixes each have only a handful of real ingredients. We are also impressed that Drink Wholesome is able to produce the products locally in Massachusetts and committed to sustainability. The PB Coconut and PB Chocolate flavors we tried were surprisingly great tasting. If you’re looking for a post-workout drink, we encourage you to try out Drink Wholesome.

Disclaimer:  The product for this review was provided by Drink Wholesome. The views expressed on this website are solely those of the authors and are here to help people make an informed choice before a purchase. The authors or the blog itself does not get any monetary compensation from the product manufacturer or third-party websites/vendor links that are posted here.

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