As their brand name implies, Ergon is focused on ergonomic saddle and bicycle accessories. In this review we’ll specifically be looking at the SR saddles which have been developed for everything from road, cyclocross to gravel riding. There are a variety of variations available including both women’s and men’s specific saddles. Additionally the saddles are offered at three price points: $99.95 SR comp variation (nylon base and TiNox rails), $129.95 SR Pro ( carbon fiber shell) and the $189.95 top-of-the-line SR Pro Carbon (carbon rails and shell) we are reviewing today. The Ergon SR Pro Carbon Saddle is not only competitively priced as a carbon saddle, but it features design details to optimize comfort by integrating OrthoCell pads and a deep pressure relief channel. What’s unique about the saddle is that a Topeak QuickClick adapter is also included making it easy to install compatible accessories. 

The Ergon SR Pro Carbon offers a lightweight carbon construction and ergonomic design details for all-day comfort on the road.

Retail Price$189.95 – Note Comp/Pro versions are $99.95 / $129.95
Measured Weight (in g)192 (M/L Width)
Likes+ Competitively priced
+ Multiple saddle width options available
+ Ergonomic design features
Dislikes– Only available in black
– Lacks a short nose variation
Where to Buy (US) Ergon


The saddle comes mounted on a simple cardboard backing with information about the saddle. On the bottom of the cardboard is the Topeak QuickClick adapter in a separate smallbox. Although we didn’t have any compatible accessories to try out the QuickClick feature, the simple one bolt attachment and slide-in design is a sleek way to attach compatible lights or saddlebags.


Visually the Ergon SR saddles are pretty simple regardless of which variation you choose. All of them are only available in a black finish (Ergon lists it as ‘stealth’) with minimal branding. You’ll find the logo printed in a gray color on the side and near the rear top of the saddle as well as on the right rear. The model name is printed inside the relief channel in white which is a great way to quickly identify the saddle. Aside from the some angled ridges along the top of the microfiber cover the saddle is unadorned. While we would have liked to see some color variations it’s a sleek saddle particularly with the oval carbon fiber rails.

The Ergon SR Pro features a nearly flat top profile with a deep pressure channel
The saddle features a nearly flat top profile with a deep pressure channel

In terms of shape, the SR saddles have a flat top design with comfortable but minimal padding. The men’s versions have a deep center relief channel to reduce pressure when in more aggressive positions. An interesting design feature is a little center scoop at the rear of the relief channel that looks similar to a sports car’s air intake. While the cutout design isn’t as aggressive as the Velo Angel TT we found it worked well. The saddle also has a flat-top profile that is reminiscent of the Selle Italia Flite Boost and allows for easy adjustment on the bike. It is a bit odd to see a 272mm long saddle as well, with the market trend being toward short-nosed saddles.

The carbon shell and carbon rails of the Ergon SR Pro keep the weight of the saddle down
With the SR Pro, the saddle has carbon rails and a carbon shell that helps keep the weight down


The wide 153mm SR Pro Carbon we rode felt comfortable and supportive. The thin padding is a good balance between the paper-thin designs of ultralight carbon saddles and thick commuter style saddles. It feels soft to the touch and quickly rebounds when you remove pressure from it. Ergon claims their OrthoCell pad inserts offer better rebound and are lighter than traditional gel which the measured 190g weight seems to confirm. However, we’d like to reiterate that when it comes to saddles we always recommend you try the saddle yourself if you have the opportunity to test the fit as there are a lot of factors involved. What may be comfortable for one may not work for others.


Overall, we found the Ergon SR Pro Carbon saddle is a competitively priced and comfortable carbon fiber saddle. While the stealth black design and minimal branding means the saddle isn’t as visually distinctive as other saddles on the market, the saddle feels and looks premium. Even with the larger 272x153mm dimensions of the wide saddle variation we chose, the carbon rails and carbon fiber base result in a light 190g weight. Ergonomic design details such as the OrthoCell pad inlays, deep pressure relief channel, and flat top profile mean the SR saddle should be comfortable for most riders. We particularly appreciated the wider design and supportive padding on long rides which prevented any pressure points or discomfort. It’s easy to recommend the SR saddles as Ergon also offers them in both men’s and women’s specific designs and multiple price points making it easy to find an SR saddle that matches your budget and riding style.

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