If you’re a commuter or go on long rides, having a large capacity saddle bag is essential. Saddlebags allow you to carry extra tools, tubes, and even backup food to ensure you can handle roadside repairs and remain self supported. In this review we’ll be looking at the EVOC Seat Bag Tour Saddlebag. It’s offered in two sizes: a medium size with 0.7L capacity and a large size with 1L capacity. The Seat Bag Tour sits in the middle of EVOC’s saddlebag range, it’s bulkier than the more race ready and simply named Seat Bag but not as expansive as the rollup style Seat Bag BOA. Retailing for only $32 / $35 (medium/large) the Seat Bag Tour is competitively priced and is offered in Carbon Gray as well as Loam (what we’re reviewing today) colors. The saddle bag is also highly water repellent and features a secure three velcro design.

The EVOC Seat Bag Tour is a lightweight but large saddlebag ideal for long rides or commuters.

Retail Price$32(Medium) / $35 (Large – Shown here)
Measured Weight (in g)100
Likes+ Reflective elements
+ Two internal mesh pockets for organization
+ Plenty of storage
Dislikes– No key carabiner
Where to Buy (US) EVOC Sports


The Seat Bag Tour comes attached to a simple cardboard backing with black/white graphics and EVOC branding. Undoing the velcro straps is enough to unbox the saddle bag.


As the Tour part of the product name implies, the Seat Bag Tour is a larger saddlebag. The fabric construction means it is soft to the touch and can stretch as needed while still maintaining the overall form. It’s also fairly light despite the size, tipping our scales at 100g for the Loam color variation. Visually, we found the Loam (soil/clay mixture) color looks even better in person than photos as it has a subtle yellow/white texture to it. Even the charcoal variation has an attractive texture to it that makes it stand out from the traditional black saddlebag. The material is also highly water repellent and even has a water repellent zipper with a protective covering to keep the contents dry.

Evoc Seat Bag Tour Saddle bag - profile
The saddlebag has a traditional rounded profile with three velro straps to secure it to the saddle and seatpost


The large 1L capacity we have has more than enough space for enough spare parts and food for long self supported rides. To keep things more organized, EVOC has also incorporated two meshed pockets. There is one on the main door that is easy to access, and a second one on the right inner wall. While this design isn’t as organized as the Topeak Burrito Pack’s separate compartments, the larger opening makes it easy to stack items inside it and can be accessed quicker. We were a bit disappointed with the lack of a carabiner inside the bag which is a great way to securely store keys.

Evoc Seat Bag Tour Saddle bag - inside
The large 1L variation has more than enough room for tools, tubes, and even backup food for long rides.


The Seat Bag Tour uses a traditional three velcro strap design to secure the saddlebag to the seat rails and the seat post. Although it’s not as fancy as the BOA saddlebag variation, the three attachments keep the saddle bag securely in place and are easy to install/remove. Installing the saddlebag is as simple as looping the top straps around the saddle rails and securing the seatpost strap to prevent side-to-side movement. One interesting design detail is that EVOC has reinforced the top front of the saddlebag with Hypalon (a rubber material) which is a location that can wear through due to friction over time.


Overall, we found the EVOC Seat Bag Tour to be a well designed and large saddlebag. Particularly in the 1L large variation, the saddlebag has more than enough capacity for multiple road cycling tubes and gear for anything from commuting or longer self-supported rides. We were impressed with the attention to detail like reflective elements, tail light hook, and internal pockets to keep everything organized. Although it lacks an internal key carabiner, a feature we particularly like for keeping house keys from falling out, it feels well designed and easy to use. The water repellent design and sleek Loam exterior color also make the Seat Bag Tour to standout from other saddle bags on the market. If you’re a weight weenie or road racer EVOC’s smaller bags are a better option, but if you are looking for a larger saddlebag with plenty of storage the Seat Bag Tour is hard to beat.

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