Developed for everything from bike-packing to gravel/mountain riding, the EVOC Seat Pack BOA Saddlebag offers a compact and versatile way to carry gear. EVOC has applied the strong background in backpacks and protective gear to develop a roll-up style seat pack with an integrated BOA dial seatpost retention system. Available in three sizes varying from 1-3L the Seat Pack BOA has a minimalist design with durable Ripstop construction. EVOC also offers two color variations, the Carbon Grey version we have in our review and a yellow-ish Loam finish. Both color choices have a textured finish and semi-rigid construction that holds its form well. The premium design and features don’t come cheap though, as the retail prices vary from $110 to $150 depending on the size however it’s worth noting they are made in Europe unlike lower cost alternatives.

The EVOC Seat Pack BOA offers a minimalist waterproof rollup design with an integrated BOA seatpost attachment system.

Retail Price$110 (Small), $130 (Medium – Shown here), $150 (Large )
Measured Weight (in g)200
Likes+ BOA dial
+ Durable and waterproof construction
+ Compatible with dropper and aero seatposts
Dislikes– Premium price
– No key carabiner
– Velcro top straps to attach to seat rails
Where to Buy (US) EVOC Sports


The Seat Pack BOA comes attached to a simple cardboard backing with black/white graphics and EVOC branding on it. Undoing the velcro straps is enough to unbox the seat bag.


The Seat Pack BOA offers a minimalist approach to carrying additional gear on the bike. Using a simple rollup waterproof design, the Seat Pack offers variable capacity allowing it to be used around town or on an epic adventure. With the medium sized 2L variation we tried, the Seat Pack has similar dimensions to the EVOC Seat Bag Tour or other traditional saddlebags. Visually the Seat Pack BOA’s water repellent Ripstop material has an interesting texture and visual design. The Carbon Grey finish has white and gray streaks through it that give it an interesting look.

EVOC Seat Pack BOA - design
The roll-up design gives the bag an adjustable capacity while the BOA seatpost dial makes it easy to install.


To access the inside of the Seat Pack BOA the plastic buckle on top of the bag has to be held down while the strap is pulled toward the buckle to release it. Once the strap is detached, the bag unrolls and two velcro strips holding the opening of the bag shut for extra weather resistance. After you’ve opened those up, the Seat Pack BOA opens up to an impressive large size. The Seat Pack BOA is large enough to carry extra gear and tools but don’t expect to fit larger items such as shoes even with the large 3L variation. The medium version we tried was easily able to pack various tools, spare food, and even compact vests/jackets for longer rides or adventures.


One of the main features of the Seat Pack BOA is the incorporation of a BOA dial into the seat post mounting system. The L6 BOA dial is not a dual direction dial. Micro adjustments tighten it while pulling up on the dial is a full release to loosen it. Is it helpful? Yes, it does make installing/removing the saddle bag easier than a velcro or buckle design but it definitely adds to the price of the bag. EVOC also utilizes a soft TPU plastic rear protector which means the bag is compatible with dropper and even aero posts thanks to a triangle wedge design. Two velcro straps are used to attach the bag to the seat rails. This is a bit unusual, as most larger Seat Packs utilize more secure buckles but with even the largest variation of the Seat Pack BOA being only 3L it works well enough.

EVOC Seat Pack BOA buckle
A simple buckle is used to hold the bag closed.


Overall, we found the EVOC Seat Pack BOA has a versatile rollup design with a strong and unique BOA attachment system. The medium sized 2L capacity variation we tried is compact enough in the fully rolled configuration to not look out of place even on road bikes while still well suited for gravel or bike-packing. We appreciated the well made water proof construction and the TPU seatpost protector that accommodates dropper posts or even aero seatposts. The premium features and design mean the EVOC Seat Pack BOA is more expensive than equivalent offerings from companies such as Topeak. Also, the interior of the bag doesn’t offer any compartments which means accessing items can be a bit of a chore. Nevertheless, if you’re looking for a waterproof and expandable seat bag that isn’t too bulky, the Seat Pack BOA is a premium choice.

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