With the number of bicycle accessories on the market from cycling computers, lights, to action cameras, it’s easy to end up with a cluttered handlebar. To reduce the clutter, one bicycle accessory that has become increasingly popular are out-in-front mounts which move your bike computer or lights off your handlebars and ahead of your stem. This frees up space so you have additional hand positions and gives your bike a cleaner appearance. Many of these mounts are dual sided to allow for a GoPro mount on the underside to accommodate a light or camera and a computer mount on the top. This means you often have to still mount an additional light on your handlebars if you want additional visibility. Fabric’s Lumaray V2 is their latest version of a clever be-seen light that sandwiches between a Garmin mount and Garmin or Wahoo computers. This innovative design lets you mount two items on a single mount for increased functionality. 

The Fabric Lumaray V2 is a clever 60 lumen front light that sandwiches between a Garmin mount and Garmin or Wahoo computers for visibility without bulk.

As the name implies, the Lumaray V2 is the second version of the light and boasts an increased 60 lumen output. The thin “puck” design houses a female Garmin adapter on the underside and either a Garmin or Wahoo mount on the topside. A sleek wrap-around front mounted COB LED ensures the light is visible for up to an impressive 270° as well. With multiple output modes and upto 7 hours of run-time, the Lumaray V2 is a lightweight ‘be seen’ light to ensure you remain visible. 

CategoryBicycle Head Light
Rating 8.6/10
Retail Price $36
Measured Weight (in g) 44
Likes+ Sleek mounting design
+ Wrap-around LED design
+ Daytime visibility without bulk
Dislikes– No mode memory
– Additional adapter for Wahoo Bolt/Roam
– Lacks clear battery status checker
Where to Buy (US)Fabric


Fabric packages the Lumaray V2 in a simple cardboard box with bright graphics. The light is prominently displayed through a plastic window allowing you to inspect the light on the shelf. Consistent with Fabric products, the graphics are modern minimal.

In the box you’ll find:

  • Lumaray V2 light with a removable Garmin adapter installed
  • Wahoo adapter
  • Micro USB charging cable
  • User manual

Note, the provided Wahoo adapter is not compatible with Wahoo Bolt or Roam computers. Due to their designs, you’ll need to buy the adapter from Wahoo directly and attach that to the Garmin mount.


What makes the Lumaray V2 unique is the clever mounting design that allows the light to be mounted between a computer and a Garmin mount. The bottom of the light has a female Garmin adapter that allows it to be attached to standard out-in-front style mounts. On top of the light is another female Garmin adapter (or it can be swapped with the Wahoo mount) that allows a computer to be mounted. Perhaps in response to complaints about the upper mounts failing and causing computers to go flying, Fabric is very specific about what model computers can be attached. Per the supplied user manual the listed compatibility is: Garmin Edge: 20, 25, 130, 520, 530, 810, 820 and 830.

Fabric Lumaray V2 - Garmin adapter on bottom
Simple Garmin adapter on the bottom

The Lumaray V2 also supports the Wahoo Elemnt series: Elemnt and Elemnt Mini. As mentioned earlier, a different Wahoo adapter (not included) is needed for the Bolt/Roam. It is still recommended to use a tether leash as backup though. Using a smaller Garmin computer, we found the mounts felt secure even over potholes or rough roads. In fact, with the Garmin computer and Magicshine TTA out-in-front mount we used, both the Lumaray V2 and computer would come off the mount together when attempting to remove the computer.

Fabric Lumaray V2 - Swap-able Garmin adapter on the top
Two simple screws hold the Garmin adapter on the top that can swapped out for the included Wahoo adapter


The Lumaray V2 has a “puck” style design with beveled edges that has an overall thickness similar to standard computers. It has a  non-symmetric design with the rear being heavily rounded and the front more rectangular to extend forward. Although it’s still large enough to be noticable from a rider’s perspective, most computers will hide the Lumaray V2 from sight. Using a COB design, the LEDs wrap around the front of the light providing an impressive 270° visibility. WIth a uniform glow, this means the Lumaray V2 provides excellent frontal and side visibility to improve both day or nighttime visibility. 

Fabric Lumaray V2 - mount

A rubber button on the left side serves as the single-button interface. With a rubber texture and good tactile feel, the button is easy to modulate even with gloves on. To power the light on or off, the button has to be held for 3 seconds which we found felt like a longer duration than typical lights. There are four output modes that can be cycled through using a single press (two steady modes, and two flash modes). One feature that we were surprised to see missing was mode memory. This means that the light always turns on in the same flash mode, regardless of which mode the light was turned off on. This becomes an inconvenience, as you’ll always need to cycle back to your favorite mode everytime you turn it on.

As with many USB rechargeable lights, there is only a low battery warning instead of a battery status checker (something we really appreciate in the Fenix BC21R and BC05R lights). The power button glows red once the battery has 15% or less charge remaining. Although this is helpful, we found that due to the placement of the light it was easy to miss the battery status warning unless we explicitly looked for it. Recharging the Lumaray V2 is also easy with the right-hand sided USB port underneath a rubber gasket. The light has a IPX5 waterproof rating which means wet weather riding shouldn’t be an issue.


One big selling point of the Lumaray V2 over the original version, is that the output has been doubled to 60 lumens. That may not sound like much, considering for only slightly more you could purchase the Planet Bike Blaze 400 SLX with 400 lumens. However, as a be-seen light, the 60 lumens ensures others will see you even when riding in the daytime. Fabric programs the Lumaray V2 with four modes: high steady (2 hours), low steady (7.5 hours), disrupt (7 hours) and flash (7 hours). The individual lumen output per mode is not specified, but we assume the high steady mode is the full 60 lumens and that the flash modes use something close but with lower frequency to achieve the higher run-times. Speaking of run-times, even on the flash modes at 7 hours, you’ll likely need to charge the Lumaray V2 frequently if your rides are longer.

On the road, we found the disrupt flash mode (an irregular flashing) was quite effective as a daytime visibility light to improve both side and front visibility. The Lumaray V2 isn’t as bright as more expensive daytime lights such as the Bontrager Flare RT or Light and Motion Vya Pro but thanks to the clever mounting design, doesn’t add any clutter to your handlebars. We preferred the steady output mode to the flashing modes for dark night time riding, as the wrap-around LED design meant that our handlebars would also be illuminated which was annoying in flashing modes. Combining the Lumaray V2 with other secondary lights such as the Planet Bike Bottle Blinky or Orb Bottle light in conjunction with standard headlights/taillights ensures you standout on the road.


Overall, we found that the Fabric Lumaray V2 is an excellent be-seen light solution with a clever mounting design. With the updated 60 lumen output, the Lumaray V2 ensures you remain visible regardless of which output mode you use. Although there are plenty of compact daytime lights on the market, the clever design of the Lumaray V2 means there is also no additional clutter on your handlebar as it sandwiches between your Garmin or Wahoo computer and Garmin mount. If you own a compatible computer, the Lumaray V2 is a great secondary light to add to your bike.

Disclaimer: The product for this review was provided by Fabric. The views expressed on this website are solely those of the authors and are here to help people make an informed choice before a purchase. The authors or the blog itself does not get any monetary compensation from the product manufacturer or third-party websites/vendor links that are posted here.

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