Generally we’d recommend being wary of ‘cycling specific’ product variations as they are usually rebranded products with a price markup. One exception to this are cycling socks which combine the form-fitting and moisture wicking properties of athletic socks with thinner and seamless designs. In this review, we’ll specifically be looking at Feetures Elite Cycling Socks collection. Although Feetures is best known for their running socks, with the new cycling collection they’ve incorporated their popular Elite line of socks and moisture wicking iWick fiber construction. The collection is currently offered in two cushion options – ultra light and light cushion as well as three different lengths – no show tab, quarter, and mini crew. Competitively priced from $15.99 for the no show tab socks to $17.99 for the longer variations, the Elite are an appealing option.

The Feetures Elite cycling sock collection offers form-fitting and moisture wicking fabrics that makes it easy to forget you’re even wearing them.

Retail Price$15.99 – $17.99
Likes + Seamless Toe design
+ Multiple length options
+ Unconditional lifetime guarantee
Dislikes– Relatively limited color options
Where to Buy (US)Feetures


The Elite socks arrives attached to simple cardboard backing with information on the style and sizing. We specifically looked at three variations:

  • Elite Ultra Light Cushion No Show Tab
  • Elite Light Cushion Quarter
  • Elite Light Cushion Mini Crew


One of the unique challenges to cycling is that the primary contact point between a cyclist and the bicycle are the pedals. An anatomically designed and stiff cycling shoe is essential to maximizing performance and comfort on the bike. That’s why traditional loose cotton socks simply don’t hold up for cycling. Feetures has incorporated the same qualities that make the Elite socks popular among runners with this cycling collection namely a form-fitting design that eliminates bunching and the moisture wicking iWick fabric which results in a lightweight and nearly seamless design regardless of the sock length.

Feetures Elite Cycling Socks - variations
Feetures offers multiples sock heights from no-show tab to mini crew.

For someone who typically rides with EUR 44 shoes, we got the large size variation and found them to be snug yet comfortable. They aren’t as tight as compression socks, but with their zone-specific compression design, the heels and ankles stay securely in place. Even when used with stiff cycling shoes, the socks don’t bunch and have held up well to the heavy use and washing cycles. Feetures does offer a variety of graphic options from nearly solid black/white to multi-colored options. Although we would have liked to see some more fun graphic variations, the geometric designs work well with modern cycling kits.


To put the Elite socks to the test, we put them through some miles on short cooldown rides as well as multi-hour hill climbs. We found that the form fitting design and thin padding of the Elite socks meant they felt like a second skin over our feet. The seamless toe design eliminates the typical bunching and discomfort that normal socks have while the moisture wicking fabric kept us comfortable even on slow long climbs. Even though these may be marketed as a cycling collection, don’t let that stop you from wearing these socks on runs or even around town. The same features that make them comfortable on the bike translate to normal or other athletic uses.

Feetures Elite Cycling Socks
The mini crew version works great for cooler weather riding.


Overall, we found the Feetures Elite cycling socks to be extremely comfortable and form fitting. The seamless toe design and thin custom-like fit mean we quickly forgot about the socks when cycling and instead focused on the road. We particularly liked the light cushion mini crew which offers enough length to cover our ankles and provide padding against cycling shoe edges. The socks utilize Feetures’ proprietary iWick fibers which we found offered great breathability and comfort despite the thinner cushioning. Even though the Elite socks aren’t particularly cheap, compared to other cycling socks brands Feetures’ pricing is quite competitive. The Elite socks may also be the last socks you need to buy, as Feetures backs all their products with an unconditional lifetime guarantee. While the socks might not offer weight savings or the allure of carbon fiber accessories, the comfortable design means you may actually ride faster.

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