Not only is a clean bike more visually attractive but it can also mean a faster bike. That’s why it is important to regularly clean your drivetrain but also remove dirt and debris from your frame. The Finish Line Mechanic’s Brush Set combines all the tools you need into a convenient combination. With an affordable $17.99 retail price, the set includes five brushes to clean frames, drivetrain or get into hard to reach areas. Finish Line even includes a 22cm storage chain to easily store the brushes together when not cleaning the bike. Paired with Finish Line’s bike cleaners and degreasers the brush set can make cleaning less of a chore.

The five brush Finish Line Mechanic’s Brush Set is a budget friendly and easy way to keep bike frames and drivetrains clean.

Retail Price$17.99
Likes+ Affordable price
+ Simplifies bike and drivetrain cleaning
+ Easy to store when not being used
Dislikes– Basic plastic handles
– Provided storage chain link is fairly short
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The Finish Line Mechanic’s Brush Set comes simply attached to a cardboard backing using the 22cm storage chain. On the back of cardboard you’ll find descriptions of the purpose of each brush in multiple languages.


Aside from the spiral brush which has a metal wire handle, the brushes have black textured plastic handles. Although it doesn’t look or feel very premium they are all sturdy and the black design helps hide grease marks. The largest brush in the set is the “No Scratch Brush” which has dense non-scratch bristles that safely removes grime and dirt from frames, saddles or handlebars. The long handle and wide bristles make quick work of cleaning even in tighter parts of the frame. For wheels, Finish Line includes a “Wheel Brush” which is a O-style brush with hard bristles that can get between knobby thread or spokes. Unlike wide automotive tire brushes, the smaller design of the brush makes it easy to get in tight spots.

Finish Line Mechanic's Brush Set Review - Closeup
The tool handles have a textured black plastic finish that is easy to grip and hides grease.

There is an additional “Precision Spiral Brush” which is very similar to a bottle cleaner with hard bristles arranged in a spiral pattern. Although you won’t be using this brush as often it’s perfect for tight areas such as derailleurs or brake and shift levers. For other detail work the “Classic Parts Cleaning Brush” provides the same hard bristles with a paint-brush style design. Unlike the automotive equivalent detail brush which use soft bristles for hard to reach areas, the Finish Line version has thicker bristles and is great for hard to reach areas of hubs, cassettes or bottom brackets. Finally, no cleaning set is complete without a “Mechanic’s Tooth Brush” which literally looks like an enlarged tooth brush. It’s an essential tool that can clean cassettes and get between chain links to lift up grease or stubborn grime.

Finish Line Mechanic's Brush Set Review - Frame Cleaning
The large non-scratch brush is particularly useful for cleaning frames and removing dirt or mud from hard to reach areas.


Overall we found the Finish Line Mechanic’s Brush Set to be an affordable and well designed bike cleaning brush set. With a budget friendly price and five brushes in the set, it’s easy to clean bike frames and drivetrain. All of the brushes are well designed with simple textured handles and grease hiding black finish. While we would have liked to see more premium materials used for the handles, for the price point the brush set is highly competitive against similar offerings from Park Tool and Pedros. We particularly liked the soft frame brush with its non-scratching bristles and wide head which makes quick work of mud or gunk on frames. If you’re looking for a faster way to keep your bike clean the Finish Line Mechanic’s Brush Set is a budget friendly option.

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