Whether you have a carbon fiber superbike with the latest electronic shifting or a hundred dollar second hand bike, it’s important to keep your bike and drivetrain clean. A shiny frame keeps your bike looking good and protects the paint while a degreased drivetrain ensures quiet and smooth operation. There are a lot of bike specific cleaning products to choose from, but in this review, we’ll be looking at the Finish Line Super Bike Wash and the Finish Line Speed Bike Degreaser. Both products are designed to make cleaning faster and easier with spray on / wash off formulations.

The bike wash is eco-friendly and non-toxic and is strong enough for dirt and grime yet safe enough for use on the entire bike. Finish Line offers the wash in a variety of sizes from a concentrate to a 1 gallon jug design, while the 1L ready-to-use spray bottle is $12.99. The speed bike degreaser retails for $11.99 for an 18oz aerosol with what Finish Line refers to as a turbo sprayer. Utilizing a dry degreasing technology the degreaser doesn’t require any rinsing as there is no residue. 

Finish Line’s Super Bike Wash and Speed Degreaser have easy to use spray and aerosol designs that make quick work of cleaning a bike.

Retail Price$12.99 (1L Super Wash) / $11.99 (18oz Degreaser)
Likes+ Simplifies cleaning
+ Easy to use spray bottle and aerosol
+ Degreaser cuts through grease and grime
Dislikes– Aerosol runs out quickly
Where to Buy (US)Super Bike Wash / Speed Bike Degreaser


Despite the bubble gum pink color of the bike wash, it doesn’t have any strong artificial scent or odor. Thanks to the spray bottle, it is quick to foam which makes it easy to quickly cover the bike and allow it to breakdown dirt or grime. It’s also safe to use on the entire bike, so it’s something you can spray on the entire bike quickly and easily. We found it easy to use and surprisingly tough on dirt, even without having to use brushes or scrubbers. Unlike other cleaners such as Simple Green or car wash formulas, the Super Bike Wash leaves a glossy finish. After washing our bike, we were surprised to see that even the step and handle bars had a like-new sheen to them. Although you’ll still need to use a degreaser to get your drivetrain shiny, the Super Bike Wash does an impressive job on the frame and components.

Finish Line Super Bike Wash - Foam
The Super Bike Wash sprays on easily and foams up quickly to cut through dirt and grease.
Finish Line Super Bike Wash - Shiny Frame
Not only does the Super Bike Wash clean off dirt but it leaves a shiny almost polished appearance to the paint and bike components.


Unlike typical degreasers, the Speed Degreaser comes in an aerosol bottle to quickly clean drivetrain components without the need for any brushes. The turbo applicator is similar to the straw applicators found on other products like the WD-40 which makes it easy to get into tight spots and focus the output. What we really like about this product is that within a few seconds it makes your chain or cassette look brand new without getting your hands greasy or making a mess. The convenience does come at a price as the 18 fl oz aerosol doesn’t last nearly as long as an equivalent spray-on degreaser. That said, it’s a powerful degreaser that cuts through grease and grime with ease without requiring any prep work and doesn’t leave a residue that needs to be rinsed off.

Finish Line Speed Degreaser - Cassette
The Finish Line Speed Degreaser makes cassettes and chains look brand new without needing to use brushes or elbow grease.


Overall we found the Finish Line Super Bike Wash and Speed Degreaser to be easy to use and effective. The simple ready-to-use spray bottle of the bike wash makes it easy to clean dirt and grime off the entire bike. We found the spray on / wash off formulation made quick work of bike cleaning despite the eco-friendly formulation. The turbo spray applicator of the speed degreaser was particularly impressive as it is able to turn greasy chains and cassettes looking new with a quick spray. Compared to using brushes and normal spray-on degreasers that require elbow grease, the speed degreaser is a welcome change. Our main complaint is that the speed degreaser isn’t particularly economical as the 18oz can doesn’t last nearly as long as comparable fluid degreasers. That said, both the wash and degreasers are bike-specific cleaning products that make it easier and faster to keep your bike clean and shiny.

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