Running in cold weather can be a challenge as finding the right gear that combines breathability, warmth and lightweight isn’t easy. Luckily in this review we’ll be looking at GORE’s R5 GTX Insulated Jacket which is optimizing for running in colder temperatures. The GTX Insulated jacket was developed for athletes searching for a superlight jacket for cold days. In terms of construction, the R5 GTX Insulated Jacket features a variety of GORE’s top materials such as the GORE-TEX INFINIUM Fabrics and POLARTEC ALPHA Insulation. This allows the R5 GTX Insulated Jacket to be water resistant, windproof yet highly breathable and lightweight. Retail price on the jacket is $270 which is on the premium spectrum of running jackets. The jacket features some unique features such as the close-fitting hood, highly reflective details and a semi-transparent outer nylon layer that makes the R5 GTX standout in a crowded marketplace.

The GORE R5 GTX Insulated running jacket combines lightweight insulation and windproof materials with an attractive and highly visible semi-transparent nylon exterior.

Retail Price$270
RatingDesign: A
Comfort: A
Warmth: A
Weight (g)238
Likes+ Unique transparent nylon exterior
+ Lightweight insulation provides warmth
+ Close fitting hood and pockets for storage
Dislikes– Premium price
– Limited color selection availability
Where to Buy (US)GORE


GORE packs the R5 GTX Insulated Jacket in a simple plastic bag. It’s a lightweight jacket so it folds nearly flat and ships in thin packaging.


As a part of the mid-level R5 lineup, the GTX Insulated jacket is designed for advanced runners and features technical fabrics and a slim fit. GORE offers the jacket in three color variations: gray / red, the white / neon we have here as well as a new black color scheme. A transparent nylon gives it a unique visual design while reflective details ensure you’ll be seen on the road or trails. The transparent exterior has a grid pattern that gives the R5 GTX a unique texture while still providing water resistance and wind protection. There is a full length front zipper with a protective cover that helps keep the wind out. An additional two pockets on the front provide additional storage and a convenient place to warm up your hands.

GORE R5 GTX Insulated Running Jacket Review - Insulation
The R5 GTX uses a lightweight POLARTEC ALPHA insulation which provides impressive warmth without any bulk.

With the white and neon color scheme, it’s hard to miss the R5 GTX even on low visibility days. The zippers, inside of the hoodie and a rear panel are all finished in the eye-catching neon color. Thanks to the transparent exterior the neon color of the hoodie is also visible for an interesting visual sheer effect. The inside of the R5 GTX is lined with the Polartec Alpha insulation which has a soft finish and is surprisingly lightweight. To the touch it feels like a thin down jacket but has the equivalent warmth to much larger jackets. Although the jacket isn’t water resistant, details such as taped seams and tight stitching help keep the elements out.

GORE R5 GTX Insulated Running Jacket Review - Rear
It’s hard to miss the R5 GTX jacket with it’s bright reflective nylon details and form fitting hood.


Being a part of the R5 lineup, the R5 GTX Insulated Jacket has a slim tailored fit. It’s not skin tight like GORE’s cycling jerseys as it is designed to allow for base layers underneath but still has an attractive contoured fit. We found the medium size fit well on our 6’ 1” 165lb reviewer comfortably with enough space for thicker base layers. The hoodie also has a close fit and helps keep your head and ears protected from wind chill. There are additional elastic pulls on the hem to keep the jacket in place while running.

GORE R5 GTX Insulated Running Jacket Review - Transparent Exterior
What gives the R5 GTX such a unique appearance is the transparent nylon exterior which has an exposed grid structure.


Overall, we found the GORE R5 GTX Insulated Jacket to be a versatile and warm running jacket. The combination of the GORE-TEX Infinium and Polartec Alpha insulation mean the R5 GTX is surprisingly warm for the lightweight and thin construction. Pairing the R5 GTX with a simple t-shirt on cool days or a thicker base layer on colder days is more than enough to stay comfortable on a run. We found the form-fitting hoodie and tailored overall fit of the R5 GTX jacket ideal for running as it doesn’t limit your range of motion or add any bulk. Although the R5 GTX has a premium price, it’s lightweight and warmth make it ideal for running in colder weather.

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