Handlebar Jack broke into the cycling scene with their innovative and clever bicycle handlebar jacks. Although the jacks were great products, one of the issues with them was how to easily carry them on the bike. In this review, we’ll be looking at the Handlebar Jack Tool Pack which is specifically designed to carry the Original Handlebar Jack, the Saddle Jack or any other repair tools. Handlebar Jack offers the Tool Pack separately for $74.95 or as a bundle with other Handlebar Jack products like the Original Handlebar Jack or Saddle Cover. The Tool Pack is a rollup style saddlebag and features 3 zippered storage pouches as well as a mesh pocket. Constructed of water repellent nylon fabric the Tool Pack is designed for all weather riding and even features a reflective stripe for improved visibility.

The Handlebar Jack Tool Pack is a well designed rollup saddlebag that features four pockets and can easily store the Original Handlebar Jack and tools.

Retail Price$74.95
Rating8.9 / 10
Likes+ Multi-pocket design
+ Rollup design look sleek and modern
+ Reflective stripe for nighttime visibility
Dislikes– Premium price
– Black interior makes it harder to see items
– Taillight clip doesn’t support lights well
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The Handlebar Jack Tool Pack has a simple eco-friendly cardboard backing attached to it with specs printed onto it. There are no additional tools or parts included with the saddlebag.


There are three velcro straps that are used to attach the Handlebar Jack Tool Pack to the saddle rail and seatpost. It’s an effective and quick design that simply wraps around each of the saddle rails and compresses down to hold the saddle in place. To prevent the Tool Pack from swaying side to side, there is a third velcro strap that loops through a buckle to secure it in place. As with any velcro strap, dirt and grime can reduce the strength so we’d recommend occasional cleaning to optimize performance. Note, other brands such as KOM Cycling Tool Roll and Silca Mattone Grande offer BOA and Atop dial versions that replace the velcro straps. The dial designs are easier to tighten but can be a little more cumbersome to remove from the bike.

Handlebar Jack Tool Pack Bike Saddlebag Review - Side Profile
The fabric finish and reflective stripe give the Handlebar Jack Tool Pack a premium and attractive appearance.


The Handlebar Jack Tool Pack utilizes a compact and attractive tool roll fabric construction. Compared to traditional bulky hardshell saddlebags, the fabric construction of the Tool Pack allows it to have a sleeker textured appearance and the ability to expand or contract depending on the size of the contents. It’s only offered in a single black color which is broken up by a reflective stripe and the orange Handlebar Jack logo on the top. There is also a convenient strap on the rear that can be used to attach taillights or radars. To compress the pack together there are two plastic buckles which include elastic loops to hold any excess strap length.

Handlebar Jack Tool Pack Bike Saddlebag Review - Rear View
Thanks to it’s rollup design, the Tool Pack can expand or compress depending on much gear or tools you need to carry.

Opening the pack requires removing it from the bike and opening the two buckles. It’s a three-fold design with each side folding onto the center pocket . We’d describe it as a relatively large saddlebag as it features three zippered pouches and a single zippered pocket to hold repair tools or snacks. Not surprisingly, the zippered pouch perfectly fits the Original Handlebar Jacks which makes them easy to bring along for a ride. Each of the zippered pouches are well sized and are about 7” by 3”. The additional mesh pocket is slightly wider at 3.5” but can’t expand in thickness as much as the zippered pouches. Part of the pocket has a mesh finish which allows you to see inside it, making it convenient for first-aid or cards/cash. Note, the pockets all have black interiors which can make it difficult to see what is inside. We would have preferred a high-visibility color like the yellow found on the Topeak Burrito Pack.


Compared to traditional rigid saddlebags, the rollup style of the Handlebar Jack Tool Pack is sleeker and expandable. We found the velcro straps to be easy to attach and remove the saddle and seatpost. One of the big downsides of this rollup design is that nothing can be accessed from the outside, something traditional saddlebags like the EVOC Seat Bag Tour offer. That can be slightly frustrating if you just want to remove keys or a small item. Otherwise, we were impressed with the storage space the Tool Pack offered. The separate pouches also allow you to easily separate items and makes it easier to find items when you need them.

Handlebar Jack Tool Pack Bike Saddlebag Review - Compartments
The Tool Pack is perfectly sized for carrying the Handlebar Jack or other repair tools.


Overall, we found the Handlebar Jack Tool Pack is a well constructed rollup style saddlebag. With three zippered pouches and a fourth mesh pocket, the Tool Pack offers plenty of storage space. The zipper pouch is actually perfectly sized to fit the Original Handlebar Jack which means you can easily do roadside repairs. Although the Tool Pack is a bit pricey compared to competitor saddlebags, it does use US materials for its construction. We also appreciated the reflective stripe on the exterior which keeps you visible at night. The main improvements we think the Tool Pack could use is high visibility interior to make it easier to find items and a more rigid taillight clip. That said, if you’re in the market for a saddlebag or have the Original Handlebar Jacks then the Tool Pack is a great option.

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