Whether you’re hiking, traveling, or just running errands around town, it’s important to stay hydrated. Using reusable water bottles to stay hydrated is both environmentally friendly and reduces waste. Traditional steel water bottles are durable and offer insulated options, but can be heavy and difficult to pack. This has led to a rise in flexible water bottles with higher capacity yet are lightweight and packable. In this review, we’ll be looking at the new HydraPak Flux 1L flexible water bottle. The HydraPak Flux 1L offers an impressive 1L (32 fl oz) capacity with a rollup design. HydraPak has also incorporated a non-spill membrane into the twist-lock nozzle that is also compatible with 42mm water filters and the dual laminate construction offers rigidity not typically found in flexible water bottles.

The HydraPak Flux 1L is a flexible bottle that provides 1L (32 fl oz) that can easily roll into a pocket when not being used. 

CategoryWater Bottle
Retail Price$20
Measured weight (in g)78
Likes+ Lightweight
+ Spill-proof and lockable nozzle
+ Roll up design is easy to pack
Dislikes– Nozzle lacks protective cover
– Difficult to handle when close to empty
– Limited colors
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HydraPak uses a simple tag for the Flux 1L that provides an overview of the specs and features of the bottle. Removing the tag is as simple as unscrewing the cap. Even brand new, the Flux 1L doesn’t have a plastic smell or strong odor.


While flexible water bottles offer a number of advantages when space is a priority, they are usually difficult to drink from and lack much structure. That’s why we were impressed with the Flux 1L as it visually looks more like a rigid bottle and can even stand upright when empty. The dual layer construction feels robust and with the textured design is easy to hold and grip. There is a transparent window on the side of the bottle with labeled capacity measurements that lets you check the water level. For the gray Mammoth color variation we reviewed, we found it difficult to see through the window without direct light behind the bottle. The bottom of the bottle also has a reinforced ring that gives the bottle enough structure to stand upright with or without water. There is a rubber ring beneath the nozzle that lets you hold the bottle with a few fingers or can be attached to a backpack with a carabiner.

HydraPak Flux 1L Flexible Bottle - up close
The dual layer construction of the bottle provides it excellent rigidity.

We found it was also easy to drink from the Flux 1L as the threaded portion of the lid is rigid. Additionally, the nozzle uses both a spill-proof membrane which is a small plastic membrane with slits in it that only allows water through with pressure. This is a feature typically found in performance bottles and helps avoid accidental spills. The bottle also has a more traditional twist-lock design that allows for the bottle to be fully locked or opened with a quick twist. Surprisingly, HydraPak doesn’t include any type of cover for the nozzle to protect it from dirt or grime which is particularly important when hiking or traveling

HydraPak Flux 1L Flexible Bottle - folded
When folded, the bottle is easy to pack for hiking or travelling.


Overall, we found the HydraPak Flux 1L to be a lightweight and well designed flexible water bottle. Despite the large 1L capacity (32 fl oz), the bottle can easily be rolled up and packed away when not being used. Unlike other flexible water bottles, the Flux 1L’s dual-layer film laminate construction makes it feel close to a standard bottle when full. We did find it a bit awkward to hold when it was closer to empty, but it still performs better than other flexible bottles we’ve used. The twist cap design works well to avoid spills while the stretchy handle is easy to use and keep the bottle rolled together. We would have preferred a protected cap design though, as the bottle nozzle is easy to get dirty on the trail or when traveling. Otherwise, the low cost and clever design makes the Flux 1L a great substitute for traditional hard bottles.

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