One of the biggest challenges to winter cycling isn’t just the cold weather, it’s the low visibility that comes with shorter daylight hours. This is one main reason why Isadore has collaborated with German lighting specialists OSRAM, to create an innovative line of active lighting apparel. In this review, we’ll be looking at one of their most popular items, the Signature Winter Softshell Jacket x OSRAM. With a retail price of $390, the jacket combines Isadore’s popular softshell jacket with two strips of OSRAM LED illumination. The jacket combines DWR fabric coating for wind and water resistance with a soft Merino wool backing. As with other Isadore products, the jacket has a sleek solid appearance, minimal branding, and form-fitting cut.

The Isadore Signature Winter Softshell x OSRAM combines a sleek and well crafted softshell cycling jacket with clever concealed LED stripes.

Retail Price$390
RatingDesign: A
Sizing: A
Warmth: A
Likes+ Minimalist design
+ OSRAM LEDs are seamlessly integrated and invisible during the day
+ Combination of Merino wool and vents allow jacket to be used in a wide temperature range
Dislikes– Two-pocket rear design is a bit unusual
Where to Buy (US)Isadore


With Isadore’s commitment to sustainability, it shouldn’t come as a surprise that the jacket comes in a compostable bag. Note, the jacket does not include a power bank {which is required to power the LEDs). Isadore does offer a 4000 mAh powerbank on their website for approximately $30.


What sets the Signature Winter Softshell Jacket apart from other active lighting cycling apparel is that the LEDs are seamlessly integrated. With the LEDs off, the jacket has a clean and modern appearance with a solid color scheme and the minimal branding Isadore is known for. The Laurel Wreath green version shown in this review is an attractive light green finish that is broken up by the black side panels. The LEDs are woven into the rear side seams for a completely concealed appearance which is an impressive feat as most other cycling apparel with LEDS either looks like construction safety gear or has obvious LED stripes during day.

Signature Winter Softshell Jacket x OSRAM Review - Illuminated LEDs
The integrated LED strips run along the rear seam and offer two illuminations modes – constant or a flashing pattern.

The jacket has a form-fitting shape with ThermoRoubaix Lycra side panels that allow the jacket to stretch around you. We found the medium size fit well on our 6’1” / 165lb rider and had enough stretch to add layers underneath for additional warmth. The full length front zipper is easy to operate with a zipper garage on top and a thick backing to block wind. Should the temperatures get too warm during your ride, Isadore has incorporated two clever zippered faux chest pockets which are actually vents for a quick cool down. To prevent the jacket from flapping in the wind, there is a buttoned tab towards the top that can be used to hold the sides in place while the zipper is open, similar to a motorcycle jacket.

Signature Winter Softshell Jacket x OSRAM Review - Front Zipper
The softshell jacket is both water and wind resistant with premium details such as two front vents and a top button connector.


Isadore has intentionally designed the LED strips to be primarily visible when leaned over on the bike. That means if you’re on the hoods or drops, the LED stripes add additional rear and side visibility while riding. To operate the LEDs you simply have to toggle the soft side button concealed under the Isadore logo. A USB-A cable is hidden in the large rear pocket and has to be connected to a power bank (not included with the jacket) to power the LEDs which seems to be the reason for the strange 2 pocket configuration as the combined large rightside pocket is wide enough to fit even large power banks.

Signature Winter Softshell Jacket x OSRAM Review - Battery Connector
To power the OSRAM LEDs you need to connect a powerbank to the USB cable located in the large rear pocket.

There are only two output modes – constant and flash. Runtimes depend on the battery capacity of the powerbank you use (we were able to get well over 10 hours with our 5000mAh power bank). One reason for the long runtimes is the fact that the LEDs themselves aren’t particularly bright. They are only visible in low light as a “be seen” light and are too dim in sunlight or bright settings. We were impressed with the LED integration and think commuter or road cyclists who ride early mornings or at night would benefit from the extra visibility they offer. While this is not a substitute for traditional bike lights, combined with the reflective elements on the jacket can improve rider’s visibility. The jacket can also we be machine washed but you’ll have to remember to close the waterproof rear zipper to protect the electronics.


According to Isadore, the jacket is rated for -5 to 10℃ (23-50℉) depending on how you layer up – note Isadore offers an even warmer Signature Deep Winter Softshell Jacket that extends the temperature range down to -15 to 5℃. We rode the jacket in temperatures as low as 35℉ mornings and as warm as 60℉ comfortably. It’s a versatile jacket that can be considered a three-season jacket instead of a winter-only item.The DWR treated exterior does an excellent job blocking out wind chill while the soft Merino wool interior helps maintain your core temperature. Thanks to the full front zipper and multiple vents you can also easily wear the jacket in varied weather conditions, such as a long ride that starts on a cold morning but ends in warmer temperatures.


Overall, we found the Isadore Signature Winter Softshell Jacket x OSRAM to be a comfortable and versatile softshell jacket. The concealed integration of the OSRAM LEDs allows the jacket to retain the premium and minimalist styling Isadore is known for while providing additional safety in low light situations. The hidden button and USB-A cable in the rear pocket are easy to use and have great side and rear visibility. Although the jacket is quite expensive, the jacket has the high-quality construction and premium materials to compensate. Depending on how you layer up, the jacket can easily be used as a three-season jacket to keep you riding on chilly morning or colder temperatures. If you’re looking for an attractive cycling jacket that keeps you warm and visible in low light situations the Isadore Signature Winter Softshell Jacket x OSRAM is one to consider.

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