Developed specifically for cycling, the new Julbo Edge sunglasses offer an aggressive oversized lens design with a number of performance features. Julbo offers the sunglasses in a variety of variations from $184.95 with a Spectron lens, $259.95 with a REACTIV photochromic lens and a $289.95 option that includes both lenses. The Julbo Edge are full frame sunglasses with a Base 5 curvature and a thin minimalist frame design. Grip Tech temples and nose pad provide soft and flexible contact points that can be easily adjusted for a perfect fit. One of the main features of the Edge is the new MagneFix magnetic lens attachment system which combines magnets with small hooks to make lens changes quick and easy.

The Julbo Edge sunglasses combine a sporty oversized design with REACTIV photochromic lenses and a slick magnetic lens attachment system.

Retail Price$184.95 – $289.95
RatingDesign: A
Optics: A
Comfort: A
Value: A-
Measured weight (in g)23
Likes+ Aggressive styling
+ Clever magnetic and hook lens attachment system
+ REACTIV lenses adjust the environment
Dislikes– Premium price
– Oversized styling can be polarizing off the bike
Where to Buy (US)Julbo


The Julbo Edge sunglasses are shipped in a generic cardboard mailing box with the sunglasses and hard case inside it. Inside the box you’ll find:

  • Large hard case
  • Edge sunglasses
  • Fabric carrying bag
  • Lens pamphlet

The hard case is quite large as it has an integrated slot for spare lenses built directly into it to allow you to keep everything in one place. With our single lens version there was a cardboard cutout in the lens slot instead of an actual spare lens.


The Julbo Edge sunglasses have an oversized design with sharp lines to create an aggressive profile. Julbo currently offers the sunglasses in six variations with standard Spectron lenses or REACTIV photochromic lenses. The frames all have a matte finish that include black, blue and the cool mint color we have here. Despite being a full frame design, the Edge has a sleek appearance with a lightweight and thin frame. Design wise the sunglasses have a similar silhouette to the Oakley Sutro with sharp lines and a curved base. Gaps at the edges of the frame and lens allow for venting to prevent the sunglasses from fogging up. The lens fully covers the frame, a design that’s similar to the POC Devour, which gives the sunglasses a frameless appearance.

Julbo Edge Oversized Cycling Sunglasses Review - Front Profile
The Edge sunglasses feature a sporty curved profile with a lens over frame for frameless look.

With the higher priced variations of the Edge, Julbo even includes a spare clear Spectron 0 lens which can be used in low light conditions. Replacement lenses can be purchased separately but at $160 for the REACTIV lenses it’s important to pick the right one when you purchase. For this review we have the REACTIV 1-3 Light Amplifier lens which is a photochromic lens that can adjust the amount of light around it. Julbo’s REACTIV lenses are one of the best on the market and offer an impressive 17-75% VLT range which covers Cat. 1 to Cat. 3 filtering ranges. That the lenses adjust from nearly clear to a dark tint to handle low-visibility conditions or full sun automatically.

The Edge sunglasses feature Julbo’s exclusive MagneFix magnetic technology to attach the lens to the frame. It’s an interesting design that combines magnetics with a hook design on the bridge of the frame. The combination of magnets and hooks means the lens is held securely in place and requires a very specific motion to remove. You need to push up on the bridge slightly and then pull the lens away from the frame. The hooks are hidden behind a contoured bridge that is attached to the lens which gives the sunglasses an integrated look. One of the main giveaways is the black strip down the center which is only visible when the lens is transparent. The magnetic system is easier to use than the Smith Shift Mag temple toggles and feels secure than the Shimano S-PHYRE sunglasses recessed magnets.

Julbo Edge Oversized Cycling Sunglasses Review - Field of View
The flexible temple arms and nose pads mean the Edge sunglasses are comfortable even when worn all day.

Julbo has utilized their Grip Tech non-slip rubber material on the temples which are soft and flexible to prevent any pressure points. The straight temple arms are also thin with an auto-locking hinge that snaps open or closed for easy one-handed use. For an optimal fit, the sunglasses also have a so-called 3D nose pad which are two flexible rubber pieces. These are malleable rubber which allow you to adjust the positions easily to contour around different nose shapes. The 3D Nose design means you don’t need any additional nose pads, which can be easy to lose, or additional complexity with ratchet-style adjustable nose pads.


With its oversized lens and aggressive styling the Julbo Edge sunglasses are hard to ignore on the road. Whether you’re a fan of the styling or not, there is no doubt the sunglasses attract attention and have an excellent field of view. We used the sunglasses on long road and gravel rides and found them to be comfortable and clear. The photochromic REACTIV lens quickly and seamlessly adjusts to weather conditions which means you can in foggy weather and end in sunny weather using the same sunglasses. Even with their large size, the sunglasses fit comfortably under our Smith Trace and Bell XR Spherical helmet without any rubbing. The adjustable temples and nose pads provide a comfortable fit without any pressure points even after extended use.

Julbo Edge Oversized Cycling Sunglasses Review - Magnetic Lens
Julbo has incorporated a magnetic lens attachment system combined with plastic hooks to hold the lens securely in place.


Overall, we found the Julbo Edge sunglasses to be attractive and well designed sunglasses. The lens-over-frame design combined with the oversized styling give the Edge sunglasses and unique appearance. We appreciated the wide field of view the sunglasses offer and the excellent clarity of the lenses. The REACTIV photochromic lenses are one of the best on the market and have a wide range of adjustment to handle low-visibility to full sun conditions without missing a beat. In fact, the lenses are so great you may never have to even use the magnetic lens attachment system to slide the lens off the frame and swap them out. The main downside of the Edge sunglasses is the expensive replacement lens and sunglasses price and the fact that the styling may be polarizing. That said, if you’re looking for bold and large sunglasses for cycling the Julbo Edge are a great option.

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