Knog is best known for their attractive and creative be-seen style cycling lights whether it’s the fun Frog lights or the Blinder Road series. The new Blinder range are high-output headlights designed for road or mountain biking and offer advanced technology at competitive price points. We have the $79.95 Blinder 900 here but there is also a $59.95 Blinder 600 and an even brighter $99.95 Blinder 1300 version available. As the product names imply, the Blinder 900 achieves 900 lumen of output from four LEDs. The Blinder 900 uses the latest 21700 3.7V lithium ion battery with USB-C charging and a 2.5-120 hr runtime range. Knog has incorporated six different output modes including constant and flash options for daytime riding. One of the coolest features of the headlight is the flexible rail style mount that can be attached to either side of the light for versatile mounting.

The Knog Blinder 900 combines the sleek design Knog is known for with a powerful 900 lumen output to light up the road.

Retail Price$79.95
Rating8.9 / 10
Measured Weight (in g) 1147 (headlight), 20 (handlebar mount), 12 (GoPro adapter)
Likes+ Dual-sided mounting
+ Easy to use interface with illuminated battery status
+ Premium build quality and design
Dislikes– Large form factor
– Doesn’t utilize the PWR modular battery system
Where to Buy (US)Knog


The Knog Blinder 900 headlight comes in a simple cardboard helmet box with Knog branding and specs printed onto it. Inside the box you’ll find:

  • Blinder 900 headlight
  • Go-Pro rail mount
  • Rubber handlebar mount

Unlike the Knog Blinder Road 400 which has a QR code augmented reality visualization of the light, the Blinder 900 just has a simple graphic of the light printed on it. Note, Knog  does not include a USB-C charging cable with the light.


One of the best features of the Blinder 900 lights is the clever dual-sided rail style mounting design. This means you can clip on the handlebar or GoPro adapter to the bottom or top of the headlight which allows the light to be used on handlebars or on the bottom of out-front mounts. The advantage of this design is that the power button always stays on top rather than being hidden on the bottom as it would be with standard headlights mounted upside down. Knog includes two mounts, a handlebar mount with a durable rubber strap and a GoPro adapter. Both mounts use a clip-on rail style attachment that allows them to be moved forward or backwards to accommodate different handlebar setups. To attach the light to the mounts you need to ensure the locking tab is open and push the light onto the rail. Our only issue with the design is that removing the light from the mounts takes a fair amount of force.

Knog Blinder 900 Road Cycling MTB Headlight Review - Side Profile
One of the exciting features of the Blinder is the dual-sided rail mount that allows it to be mounted under out-front mounts.


The Knog Blinder headlights combine a single piece industrial-grade CNC aluminum housing with a four LED lens design. Design wise these have an elongated shape with a square cross sectional shape that looks sleek and modern. The Blinder 900 is IP67 rated with an internal 21700 battery that can be charged via the USB-C charging port on the bottom of the light. The body has a black anodization that looks good and is robust enough for daily use or accidental drops. Premium details such as CNC’d heat sinks on the front of the light and a circular cutout on the side help dissipate heat and make it easier to hold the light. Unlike some Magicshine or Fenix headlights, the battery is fully sealed into the body which simplifies the body of the light.

The Blinder uses a four LED lens that features two wide beams and two narrow beams in a two row configuration. All the LEDs are illuminated in unison to help create a uniform beam shape that’s designed for road or mountain biking. Knog has incorporated useful details like side cutouts to improve side visibility which is important when riding in urban areas or crossing intersections. Unlike StVZO or more advanced beam-cutoff lights like the Outbound Lighting Detour or Trek Commuter Pro RT the Blinder 900 has a cone shaped beam which means you should tilt it downward to minimize glare for oncoming traffic.

Knog Blinder 900 Road Cycling MTB Headlight Review - LED Lens
Knog has utilized a four LED design with two spot LEDs on top and two flood LEDs on the bottom.

In terms of user interface, there is a single raised power button with a sleek illuminated light ring around it to indicate battery status or charging status. A single press with the light off activates the four-level battery status (i.e. green, yellow, red or flashing red) which lets you check the battery before you start riding and a similar feature to the Magicshine RN lights. Holding the button turns the light on, a single press cycles through modes and double press will alternate between the three constant modes and the three flash modes. We’re happy to see the flash modes separated from the constant modes as it allows you to change the intensity without accidentally triggering flash modes.


Knog has incorporated six output modes into the Blinder 900 with three constant options and three flash options. The constant mode options are: low (200 lumen / 8 hr runtime), medium (450 lumen / 4 hr) and high (900 lumen / 2 hr). For the flash modes there is an interesting Steady Pulse (450 lumen / 8 hr) which is what we’d call a nighttime flash as it alternates between a medium output and a slightly higher output. There is also a standard Strobe (200 lumen / 16 hr) and Eco Flash (130 lumen / 120 hr) which alternate between on/off to attract more attention. The Strobe or Eco Flash are good choices for daytime riding as they keep you visible even when the sun is out.

Knog Blinder 900 Road Cycling MTB Headlight Review - Beam Pattern
With its four small LEDs, the Blinder 900 creates a wide and uniform beam that lights up the road.

In terms of optics, the Blinder 900 has a very uniform and wide beam. The combination of the four small LEDs eliminate any traditional hot spots and light up almost the entire road. Even in the medium output mode there is enough light for fast road cycling or mountain biking while the high mode is excellent for dark areas or narrow trails. With the cone-shaped spread of the Blinder 900’s LEDs you do need to tilt the light downward to reduce glare for oncoming riders or traffic though. It would be great to see Knog utilize a beam cutoff like the Trek Commuter Pro RT or Outbound Lighting Detour in future versions. Otherwise, the Blinder 900 has great beam optics and is bright enough to ensure people see you and you see the road.


Overall, we found the Knog Blinder 900 is a bright and well constructed headlight. With its 900 lumen output and four LED design, the headlight has more than enough power to light up roads at night and ensure you’re visible during the day. Knog has incorporated their premium design elements such as the dual-sided rail mount and illuminated power button. The headlight’s dual level menu also ensures you never have to cycle through flash to change the output intensity. We’re happy to see Knog expand from compact be-seen style lights to high output to-see versions. The main negatives of the Blinder 900 is the long form factor and that Knog didn’t utilize their PWR modular battery system for more versatility. That said, if you’re a fan of Knog lights but need something brighter for road or mountain biking then the Blinder 900 is a great option.

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