When it comes to personal watercraft you typically have three categories to choose from: sleek kayaks, versatile canoes or utilitarian rafts. The Kokopelli Twain is a two person inflatable that blends the line between canoes and rafts. Kokopelli describes the Twain as a canoe style packraft as it combines the streamlined shape of a canoe with a flat bottom raft construction. The Twain retails for $1,299 and has an optional $150 TiZip that adds an integrated gear storage area. Despite a two person 600lb capacity and 10 foot length, the Twain only weighs 13.6lb and packs down to the size of a sleeping bag. To achieve the featherweight without sacrificing durability, the Twain is constructed of a Kevlar blend reinforced floor and has a dual chambered design using 840d TPU. Whether you’re looking to hike to an isolated lake or take a friend and/or dogs out to the local lake the Twain offers some impressive specs.

The Kokopelli Twain combines a streamline canoe shape with a lightweight two person raft into a compact and portable package.

Retail Price$1,299 (+$150 for TiZip option)
Rating 8.8 / 10
Measured Weight (in lb) 13.6
Likes+ Compact size
+ Lightweight and easy to setup and breakdown
+ Fun way to explore with a spouse or friend
Dislikes– Premium price
– Does not include a storage bag or paddles
– Limited leg and storage space with two-person configuration
Where to Buy (US)Kokopelli


The Kokopelli Twain comes shipped in a compact cardboard box with bright graphics printed directly on it. Once you open up the box you’ll find:

  • Twain packraft
  • Inflation bag + tube
  • 2x compression strap set
  • 2x EVA backband
  • 2x inflatable seat
  • Removable fin
  • Emergency repair kit
  • Laminated instruction sheet

All the items are well packed into the box with the packraft itself folded into a plastic bag. Note, the Twain does not include a paddle so you’ll need to purchase those separately and account for their size when packing the packraft.


As with any inflatable kayak or raft, some assembly is required before you can get in the water. The included instruction sheet is not particularly useful as it references spray covers that don’t exist with the Twain. Instead it’s pretty easy to use some intuition or reference Kokopelli’s instruction videos for setting up the Twain. The first step is to air up the two chambers from the D7 valves on each end of the boat. Kokopelli recommends not exceeding 1 PSI for each chamber which is why you should be careful when using pumps. If space or weight is a limiting factor, you can use the included inflation bag which is a tedious process that can take 5-20 minutes depending on your speed. We’d highly recommend a low-pressure portable pump like the Kokopelli Feather pump to partially inflate each chamber and then use the provided inflation tube to top off the chambers as you can not exceed 1 psi pumping it this way.

Kokopelli Twain Packraft Inflatable Kayak / Canoe Review - Top View
The Twain blends the pontoon style of a raft with a more streamlined canoe shape.

Next you’ll want to inflate the seat bottoms using the attached nozzles using your mouth until they feel firm. Place the seat bottoms next to the buckles and slide the straps to the buckles to secure them in place. The next step is to attach the seat backs which each use two compression straps that attach to the large top mounted buckles and the two smaller rear buckles. Adjust the tension on the straps until the seat back is held in place and the proper position. Note, there is quite a bit of leeway in the seat positions so make sure to adjust them to maximize leg space for both paddlers. Finally, you want to slide the fin onto the bottom of the packraft and lock it into place with the provided tab.


Visually, the Kokopelli Twain combines design elements from canoes and rafts into a sleek packraft. The Twain has as a raft-like side pontoon sides with rectangular profile that’s more narrow in the front than the rear. To make the Twain more streamlined, the front and rear taper down to a triangular shape that mimics a canoe. Kokopelli offers the Twain in two colors: olive drab green and yellow which is shown in this review. The Kokopelli logos are printed on each side with a black floor and black seam tape along the side pontoons. We liked the high-visibility yellow finish as it keeps you visible on the water and makes it easier to clean.

Kokopelli Twain Packraft Inflatable Kayak / Canoe Review - Seat Closeup
The seats use a two piece design with a inflated seat bottom and a foam backrest that connects via straps.

There are a total of six d-rings incorporated into the Twan, four are used for the seat back mountings and an additional two on the stern that can be used to secure gear. While the Twain isn’t as sleek as the Kokopelli Moki-Lite the Twain has an impressive 600lb weight capacity and lets you bring a friend, spouse or pet along for the ride. The seats use a two piece design with an inflated bottom cushion and a separate EVA foam backrest. Despite the simple design it’s surprisingly comfortable once you adjust the backrest to have the proper tension. Note, with the Twain the floor is not rigid and instead feels more like a water mattress with a squishy feel when in the water.


Despite being a two person packraft, the Kokopelli Twain has an extremely portable and lightweight design. Packed up it’s not much larger than a sleeping bag and at only 13.6lbs for the packraft and primary accessories it’s a breeze to carry. Kokopelli doesn’t include a bag with the Twain but you can easily attach the raft to a backpack or use a larger duffel bag. Compared to the Kokopelli Moki-Lite which requires two people or a dolly to carry longer distances due to the heavier weight and larger size, the Twain is easy to carry on your own. Even with paddles and a compact electric pump the Twain is highly portable which allows you to travel with it or store it away in small closets.

Kokopelli Twain Packraft Inflatable Kayak / Canoe Review - Rear Closeup
The Twain has limited cargo space in the two person configuration which is why we’d recommend the upgrading to the TIZIP option for more storage space.

We used the Twain on local lakes and harbors in smoother water in both one and two person configurations and found the setup and breakdown to be simple and easy. While the Twain’s non-rigid floor and bulkier shape makes it less efficient on the water compared to kayaks, it’s a fun way to explore with. The Twain tracks well in the water and has a nimble feel that makes it easy to navigate around obstacles. While the seats are comfortable, the leg room is a bit limited in the two person setup with taller people which means longer trips may become uncomfortable. There is also limited cargo space with two paddlers which is why we’d recommend adding the $150 TiZip if you want to bring more gear.


Overall, we found the Kokopelli Twain to be a well constructed packraft with impressive portability. Folded up, the two-chamber Twain is the size of a large sleeping bag which means that even with paddles, seats, fin and a portable pump you can easily bring the Twain along for hikes or trips. The two-person 600lb configuration of the Twain also allows you to enjoy the water with a friend, spouse or pet without sacrificing portability. We found the two chamber design to be easy to set up and breakdown, especially if you use a compact portable pump. The main downsides of the Twain is that the premium build quality results in a premium price which doesn’t include paddles, pump or dedicated bag. The 10 foot length also means that it can be a bit cramped for two taller paddlers or if you have large bags or gear to carry. That said, if you’re looking for a portable two person packraft / kayak that you can easily carry to the water the Twain is one to consider.

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