With a smaller footprint and sleeker folding design, saddle tool rolls are a streamlined way to carry gear and tools on the bike and replace traditional rigid saddlebags. In this review, we’ll be looking at KOM Cycling’s new Saddle Tool Roll which is a part of their new ATOP dial accessory product line. Rather than using traditional velcro straps, KOM Cycling has developed multiple products that use ATOP dials instead. The medium sized Saddle Tool Roll specifically retails for $39.99 and has a three-pocket design to carry tubes, tools and food. With a streamlined profile and water resistant fabric construction the Saddle Tool Roll easily conforms to your gear.

The KOM Cycling Saddle Tool Roll has a sleek compact folding design combined with an ATOP dial closure system.

Retail Price$39.99
Measured Weight (in g)106
Likes+ Foldable design
+ ATOP dial makes it easy to attach and remove
+ Attractive water resistance diamond patterned exterior
Dislikes– No color options
– Inner pockets have no hooks or loops for small items
– Difficult to see inside all-black pockets
Where to Buy (US)KOM Cycling


The KOM Cycling Saddle Tool Roll set comes attached to a simple cardboard backing with glossy graphics. Specifications and a package list are printed directly on the cardboard backing.


While traditional saddle bags are rigid and bulky, the KOM Cycling Saddle Tool Roll has a flexible fabric construction which allows the saddle roll to fold nearly flat when empty or expand when packed full of gear so it tucks up against the saddle rails. KOM Cycling only offers the saddle roll in black with a sleek semi-glossy black diamond exterior pattern. Branding is limited to a KOM Cycling logo on the center of the saddle roll. Although the saddle roll has less capacity than larger bike-packing bags like the EVOC Saddle Tour Bag, the three pocket design still has plenty of room for supplies.

KOM Cycling Saddle Tool Roll - ATOP Dial
The exterior of the saddle bag has a water proof coating and attractive diamond texture.

Instead of a traditional velcro strap which can often be annoying to route through saddle rails, the KOM Cycling Saddle Tool Roll uses an ATOP dial and lace system. The ATOP dial is attached to the bag on one side with a durable lace connected to a plastic hook that attaches to a plastic hook on the other side of the bag. Attaching the saddle roll to the bike only requires pulling the lace and hook through both saddle rails and clicking it into place on the receiver. It’s a simple yet effective design that’s shared with the KOM Cycling Frame Strap and makes installation quick and easy. The ATOP dial itself is very similar to the BOA dial and can be tightened by rotating the knob clockwise to increase tension in small increments. The main difference is the loosening mechanism – the ATOP dial does a full tension release when rotated counter-clockwise instead of pulling up as with the BOA dials.

KOM Cycling Saddle Tool Roll - Attachment
Rather than a traditional velcro strap, the KOM Cycling Saddle roll uses a simple ATOP dial that slides above the saddle rails.


Once you open the saddle roll there are three equal sized pockets for storing gear or food. Unlike the Topeak Burrito Pack which has a high contrast yellow inner liner, the KOM Cycling Saddle Tool Roll is all black. The lack of contrast makes it more difficult to find smaller items inside the pockets as they can get lost. We also prefer the dual elastic hoop design of the Topeak over KOM Cycling’s use of a single velcro strap to compress the saddle roll together. The single strap design can be difficult to place especially when the saddle bag is full. Also, as with any saddle rolls, the KOM Cycling Saddle Tool Roll needs to be removed from the bike to access any items. That makes it less convenient to use than standard saddle bags such as the EVOC Saddle Bag Tour for quick access.

KOM Cycling Saddle Tool Roll - Pockets
The saddle tool roll has three generous interior pockets that can hold tubes, tools and snacks.


Overall we found the KOM Cycling Saddle Tool Roll to be well designed and sleek. The flexible fabric construction offers a more streamlined storage solution that easily expands as your storage needs increase. What sets the bag apart is the ATOP dial closure system in place of the typical velcro straps. We found the dial system also made it faster and easier to attach the bag to our saddle. If you’re looking for a sleeker way to carry tools and gear and like ATOP dial systems, the KOM Cycling Saddle Tool Roll is a great option.

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