KOO has designed the Alibi collection of sunglasses to combine the sleekness of smaller cycling sunglasses with modern performance and aesthetics. As a result, the KOO Alibi sunglasses have a semi-frameless design with an oversized ventilated lens that still looks compact for any type of cycling discipline. The sunglasses retail for $190 with standard Zeiss lenses and $235 for the photochromic variation which can adjust to the environment. KOO has utilized a semi-frameless design which eliminates the frame at the bottom edge of the lens with beveled edges for a sporty look. The frame is constructed of Grilamid for lightweight and strength along with rounded temple arms to hold them securely in place.

The KOO Alibi cycling sunglasses combine a sem-framless design with a compact profile for any type of riding discipline.

Retail Price$190 / $235 (photochromic)
Rating 9.0 / 10
Measured Weight (in g) 24
Likes+ Semi-frameless design offers a wide field of view
+ Photochromic lens quickly adjusts to environment
+ Simple yet sleek styling that looks good on or off the bike
Dislikes– Hard case is not included with sunglasses
Where to Buy (US)KOO


The KOO Alibi sunglasses come in a simple white and blue box with a 007-esque ”for your eyes” phrase printed onto it. Inside the box you’ll find:

  • Alibi sunglasses
  • White fabric carrying bag
  • Replacement one-piece nose pad
  • Instruction manual
  • Frame safety pamphlet

Surprisingly, KOO does not include a zippered hard case with the sunglasses which is a common feature for premium sunglasses.


The KOO Alibi sunglasses are attractive oversized cycling sunglasses with restrained styling and modern optics. Visually, the lenses have beveled edges and an oversized lens that surprisingly doesn’t look oversized. The combination of the thin frame and angled lens edges help the Alibi hide its size and give them a classic look. KOO offers the sunglasses in eight lens and matte frame color options from subtle black and gold mirror lenses to bright options like the white and fuchsia photochromic variation we have in this review. Branding is limited to KOO on the front of the lens and on the temple arms. This is a semi frameless frame design which means you only have a top brow portion with a connector that attaches to the nose pad. The nose piece has an interesting three pront attachment design to the lens rather than a traditional wrap around piece.

KOO Alibi Semi-Frameless Oversized Cycling Sunglasses Review - Side Profile
The KOO strikes a balance between classic and modern design cues with beveled edges and an attractive mirror lens.

As with other premium sunglasses, the Alibi uses a Grilamid construction which is both lightweight and quite strong. You can flex the sunglasses or drop them without worrying about damaging or breaking it. The sunglasses are also relatively small which means they hug your face but fit as well as other KOO sunglasses like the Demos we’ve previously reviewed. One of the main features of the Alibi are the rounded temple arms which create a secure fit. The temple arms bend inward which ensures they stay in place regardless of the type of terrain you are riding. Unlike other sunglasses which have some sort of rubber ear sock, the Alibi arms just have a textured finish at the ends. The temple arms also have a locking design which requires a bit of extra force to open or close beyond the 45 degree angle.

KOO Alibi Semi-Frameless Oversized Cycling Sunglasses Review - Front Profile
KOO has incorporated two vents on the top of the lens to help reduce fogging.

For this review, we have the more expensive Fuchsia photochromic lenses which can adjust between 12-75% VLT for a Cat 1-3 filter range. The lenses automatically to the environment which lets you use the same lens in nearly any riding condition. Note, the KOO Alibi uses an interchangeable lens design which means you can purchase spare lenses and swap them in. Removing the lenses is as simple as pulling on the corners and pulling the lens out of the grooves in the frame. Unlike magnetic lens attachment systems like the Julbo Density or Shimano S-PHYRE, it’s hard to not get fingerprints on the lens during the swapping process.


From the first time you put the sunglasses on, you can feel the slightly smaller design. The KOO Alibi are a bit more narrow than standard cycling sunglasses and wrap around your face. While we’d still describe them as full coverage oversized sunglasses, the feel is similar to the Smith Wildcat sunglasses which are designed for smaller faces. However, thanks to the flexible temple arms and frame the Alibi are quite comfortable with a wide field of view that makes you forget you’re wearing them. We were impressed with the photochromic lens which quickly adjusted to the environment and had excellent anti-fogging characteristics. The semi-frameless design also means there is no frame at the edge of your vision which is perfect for road cycling in different positions.

KOO Alibi Semi-Frameless Oversized Cycling Sunglasses Review - Lens Shape
With it’s oversized lens and semi-frameless design, the Alibi offers a wide field of view.


Overall, we found the KOO Alibi to be attractive and well designed sunglasses. The restrained styling and semi-frameless design of the sunglasses gives them a sporty yet classic appearance that looks good on or off the bike. We were also impressed with the clarity of the lenses which are distortion free and can quickly adjust with the photochromic version to the environment around you. KOO’s wide range of frame and lens combinations also means you can find the right colorway to match your bike or cycling kit. Aside from a premium price, we were a bit surprised that KOO doesn’t include a hard case with the sunglasses. That said, if you’re looking for lightweight semi-frameless sunglasses with modern optics yet classic looks the KOO Alibi are an excellent choice.

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