To celebrate the German cycling team BORA – hansgrohe’s return to the UCI World Tour, KOO has released a new signature edition lineup of sunglasses. In this review, we’ll specifically be looking at the BORA version of the Spectro sunglasses which get a new metallic green color scheme that matches the team colors. Retail price on the Spectro sunglasses ranges from $190 with standard lenses to $235 for the photochromic variation. As with other KOO sunglasses, the Spectro features Zeiss polycarbonate lenses with a variety of available options. To optimize the fit, the nose pad is reversible and there are anti-slip Megol inserts on both the nose pad and temple arms.

The KOO Spectro BORA sunglasses combine a aggressive styling with a beautiful metallic green finish and mirrored lens.

Retail Price$190 – $235 (photochromic)
Rating 9.2 / 10
Measured Weight (in g) 36
Likes+ Wide field of view
+ Unique and aggressive design that stands out in the market
+ Eye catching metallic green BORA color scheme and mirrored lens 
Dislikes– Hard case is not included with sunglasses
– Aggressive styling can look out of place off the bike
Where to Buy (US)KOO


The KOO Spectro is shipped in a standard cardboard box with a bright white and blue graphics scheme. On the outside of the box you’ll find the “Your eyes our vision” slogan printed on the top. Inside the box you’ll find:

  • KOO Spectro sunglasses
  • Fabric carrying bag
  • Larger nose pad
  • Instruction and safety pamphlets

As with other KOO sunglasses, there is no included zippered hard case with the sunglasses which is usually included at this price point.


Visually, the KOO Spectro is one of KOO’s most aggressive sunglass designs and features sharp and aggressive lines. It is a dramatic design with the bottom of the frame sharply angled upward that blends into triangular temple arm corners. These are oversized sunglasses which means they are quite large in every dimension. To hide some of the size, KOO has overlapped the lens over the frame on the bottom corners. Particularly with the mirrored lens options, that makes the bottom edge appear to float on the bottom. KOO offers the Spectro sunglasses in ten different lens and frame combinations including black, green and white frame color schemes. We have the special BORA edition which combines a metallic green frame with a matching green lens that matches the German cycling team’s colors. Yellow stripes on the top of the frame and temple arms add some contrast to the sunglasses.

KOO Spectro Bora Oversized Cycling Sunglasses Review - Front Profile
The Spectro are one of KOO’s most aggressive designs and features a sleek lens-over-frame overlap on the sides to conceal part of the frame.

KOO pairs the green frame color with the Green Mirror lenses in this BORA version. The lens is a Cat 2 filter level with a 23% VLT that makes it great for a variety of conditions. There is a slight gradation in the lens color from green to a dark blue that pairs well with the metallic green color scheme. These are a one piece lens design which means you have a very large lens for a wide field of view. You can also swap the lens out as the frame has an interchangeable design by simply pulling up on the frame to release the tabs. KOO doesn’t include a spare lens with the sunglasses so you’ll need to spend around $50-100 dollars for spare lenses depending on which version you choose.

KOO Spectro Bora Oversized Cycling Sunglasses Review - Full Frame Lens
With the oversized design, the Spectro have a wide field of view that ensures you see everything.

To optimize the fit, KOO has incorporated an adjustable two-position nosepiece design into the sunglasses. This utilizes a simple folding mechanism that lets you push the nosepiece closer together or further apart. There is also a spare nose pad which can be swapped in to dial in the fit for different face shapes. Swapping the nose pad is a bit scary as it feels like you are going to break something, but it simply pulls off and clicks back in place with a little force. The Spectro has straight temple arms with Megol inserts at the ends to help hold them in place. These are a locking hinge design as well which means the temple arms snap into place and snap outward.


Even if you’re just out doing a recovery ride, the oversized and aggressive styling of the Spectro make you look like a pro rider. The big size also pays dividends as you have a wide field of view that completely hides the frame from you vision. As with the KOO Demos and KOO Alibi sunglasses, the Spectro’s Zeiss lens offers distortion free and clear vision in nearly any condition. We found the Cat 2 mirrored green lenses were perfect for sunny rides as well as overcast days. The BORA’s metallic green frame finish is also quite unique and really shines in the light. Although it doesn’t quite of the paint depth of the Shimano S-PHYRE sunglasses, the metallic paint gives the sunglasses a more premium look and feel. The Spectro are also relatively light and comfortable to wear with their radiused temple arms and adjustable nose pads.

KOO Spectro Bora Oversized Cycling Sunglasses Review - Side Profile
The special BORA edition features metallic green finish along with lime colored stripes that match the team’s kit.


Overall, we found the KOO Spectro to be sleek and stylish oversized sunglasses. The special edition BORA edition adds a unique metallic green frame finish that’s paired with green mirrored lens that’s a perfect match for the team colors. Even if you’re not a fan of the team, the colors are unique and give the aggressive sunglasses a unique look. The oversized design also provides a wide field of view along with clear optics thanks to the Zeiss polycarbonate lens. We found the sunglasses to be quite comfortable as the nose pad and temple can easily be adjusted. The only downsides to the Spectro sunglasses is that KOO does not include a zippered hardcase with them and the fact that the aggressive styling can look awkward off the bike. That said, if you’re looking for stylish cycling sunglasses with unique finishes then the KOO Spectro are a great choice.

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