Developed in collaboration with BOA, the La Sportiva Cyklon shoes combine the latest BOA Fit System with a high performance trail running shoe. Although we’re accustomed to seeing BOA dials in cycling shoes, it’s exciting to see them incorporated into a highly technical trail running shoe. The Cyklon shoes retail for $160 and are optimized for racing or medium distance trail runs with major elevation changes. That means La Sportiva has incorporated an alphabet soup of features into the shoes from the Spyral Tongue EVO, FiXion XF 2.0 outsole, to a dual-density Memlex EVA midsole to achieve a lightweight yet stable shoe. La Sportiva offers the Cyklon in both men’s and women’s versions and comes in only one color scheme. The men’s version discussed in this review has La Sportiva’s distinctive black and yellow color scheme while the women’s version is a gray/blue color scheme.

The La Sportiva Cyklon is a stiff yet comfortable trail running shoe that utilizes an advanced BOA Fit system for a precise fit.

RatingDesign:   B+
Comfort:  A
Value:  A
Measured Weight (in g)650 (EUR 43.5)
Retail Price$160.00
Likes+ Custom-like fit
+ Advanced BOA fit system for secure fit
+ Confidence inspiring traction even on loose trials
Dislikes– Premium price
– Currently only offered in a single color scheme
BOA dial only has micro-tightening adjustment
Where to Buy (US)La Sportiva


The shoes come in a bright black and orange cardboard shoe box with minimal branding on it. Aside from the actual shoes, there is only some paper wrapping paper and a simple La Sportiva informational tag on the shoes.


With the men’s bright yellow and black color scheme, the La Sportiva shoes are anything but subtle. There are large yellow La Sportiva logos on the outsides of the shoes and bright yellow highlights around the sole edge. La Sportiva has done a good job balancing durability and performance with the shoes by incorporating a lightweight impact absorbing sole, mesh upper material with a lugged sole for traction. Trail running specific features like shockproof TPU toe cap and elastic ankle surround provide structure and protection from the elements. Although the 650g weight of our EUR 43.5 shoes aren’t the lightest shoes on the market, they are still nimble and feel quick on the trail.

La Sportiva Cyklon Trail Running Shoes - Front
With the black and yellow color scheme and red accents, the Cyklon shoes are far from subtle visually.


The BOA fit system and dynamic cage construction sets the Cyklon apart from other trail running shoes on the market. It uses a multi component design with a single L6 BOA dial near the ankle. The L6 dial is a single direction BOA dial that tightens in small increments when rotated in one direction and has to be pulled outward to fully release the tension. Compared to a traditional tongue and lace closure, the BOA setup provides a more uniform distribution of tension and precise single handed adjustments on the trail. While the single dial works well, we would have preferred a dual-direction BOA dial which could do micro release adjustments.

La Sportiva Cyklon Trail Running Shoes - Sole
You don’t have to worry about the terrain as the FriXion XF 2.0 outsole and 7mm lugs provide confidence and traction.

The Cyklon shoes use TX4 laces that are routed through FormTX guides on the wrap-around dynamic cage to distribute tension and provide a custom-like fit. You also never have to worry about tripping on loose laces allowing you to focus on running. The only downside of this setup is that the wrap around design is more difficult to put on and take off as the shoes do not open as wide as traditional tongue style shoes. It’s a minor inconvenience somewhat overcome by the small fabric tab to help pull the shoes on. The dynamic cage system also helps absorb some impact when you’re running as the low friction design can flex as the shoes bend.


We found the sizing of the shoes to be consistent with the sizing chart with a somewhat narrow toe box. To offset our wider feet, we sized up from our normal US 10 wide to a US 10.5 that’s shown in this review.  The shoes are quite comfortable off the road and have a very flexible toe section which makes climbing or descending steep trails easy. Unlike traditional running shoes which have pressure points where the material folds, the Cyklon’s thin upper material smoothly flexes to accommodate steep gradients. The shoes are also well ventilated which meant we felt comfortable even when running in warmer weather and direct sun. We would also describe the shoes as a low to medium cushioning as you can feel gravel or debris through the sole. It’s something we prefer over heavily cushioned “running on air” type shoes as it feels more natural and gives you better feedback.

La Sportiva Cyklon Trail Running Shoes - Rear
Trail running specific features like the elastic ankle guard and shockproof TPU toe cap provide protection from the elements.


Overall we found the La Sportiva Cyklon trail running shoes to have excellent traction and a comfortable yet wrap-around fit. The combination of the BOA dial equipped dynamic cage closure system and the durable mid level cushioning makes it easy to explore challenging trails and eat up the miles. There are no worries about stray shoe laces with the BOA dial system as adjustments can be done quickly. We found the overall fit to be precise yet roomy enough to allow our feet to expand on longer runs. Also the medium cushioning and rebound help absorb impact while still providing a natural feeling. The shoe is not perfect as we wished the BOA dial offered dual direction adjustments instead of only tensioning and that La Sportiva offered more color options. That said, the Cyklon shoes are a premium trail running shoe that are perfect for challenging trails where speed and precision are critical.

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