The Lazer CityZen is Lazer’s first urban cycling helmet that features the KinetiCore rotational protection system. It’s an affordable helmet that was developed to allow you to commute with confidence. The helmet retails for only $59.99 and features Lazer’s integrated KinetiCore built directly into the EPS foam liner. Lazer utilizes a standard TurnSys rear dial system and adjustable side strap design for a comfortable and easy to adjust fit. The helmet also carries an impressive 4-Star Virginia Tech crash rating which provides confidence for urban riding. Venting is limited to four vents which allows the CityZen to be used in adverse weather conditions. There is also a universal LED attachment point on the rear of the helmet that can be used with Lazer’s universal taillight LED.

The Lazer CityZen KinetiCore is an sleek and budget friendly urban cycling helmet with Lazer’s innovative KinetiCore technology.

Rating 9.0 / 10
Retail Price$59.99
Measured weight (in g) 430 (medium size)
Likes+ Budget price
+ Innovative KinetiCore rotational impact protection system
+ Simple but minimalist styling
Dislikes– No fabric bill
– Plastic buckle requires extra force to open
Where to Buy (US)Lazer


The Lazer CityZen KinetiCore comes in an eco-friendly helmet box with simple branding printed directly onto it. Inside the box you’ll find:

  • CityZen KinetiCore helmet
  • Safety pamphlet
  • KinetiCore tags

Note, the helmet does not include a fabric storage bag which is more common at higher price points.


The CityZen helmet not only has a clever name, it’s also a surprisingly affordable urban helmet. Visually the helmet has the classic dome-like commuter helmet profile with extended rear for additional protection in lower speed impacts. Lazer currently offers the helmet in 5 color matte color variations from white, black, navy, gray to the laurel green we have here. The laurel green is an attractive color that deviates from standard colors. In fact, it’s nearly a match to our POC Ventral Spin helmet and a color we’d associate with POC which is known for their unique color schemes. The helmet uses a one piece shell with sharp creases and minimal vents. There are only four vents on the helmet, a large U shaped front vent and three small rear vents to help hot air exit the helmet. Curiously, there are two side cutouts on the shell that expose the EPS foam. We’re not sure if these were intended to originally be actual vents or just there to break up the sides of the helmet.

Lazer CityZen KinetiCore Urban Helmet Review - Front Angle
The front of the helmet is dominated by the U shaped air inlet along with false vents on the sides.

As the 430 gram weight on our medium size helmet indicates, the CityZen uses thick EPS foam which is visible along the unfinished inner rim. Inside the helmet it’s hard to miss the bright green KinetiCore branded padding. Rather than a MIPS liner or secondary material inserts such as Koroyd or Wavecell, KinetiCore uses controlled crumple zones of EPS foam cut directly into the helmet shell. The raised square blocks create an interesting visual effect and don’t require any additional materials or block airflow through vents. While we can’t verify if KinetiCore is better than MIPS or other designs, the 4 star Virginia rating is proof that the setup works well in this helmet.

Lazer CityZen KinetiCore Urban Helmet Review - Rear Angle
The CityZen helmet has a single piece shell with sharp creases with an integrated Lazer universal LED rectangular attachment.

One feature that we were surprised to not see included with the CityZen is some sort of sun visor or fabric bill. Other more expensive commuter helmets such as the Bolle Eco React and Bern Hudson feature removable fabric bills which are useful features. Otherwise the helmet offers an easy to adjust rear dial system and adjustable side straps to quickly dial in the helmet fit. It’s a comfortable setup with well placed padding at all the contact points. The rear of the helmet also features a shield shape vent that looks nearly identical to the Lazer Urbanize’s LED taillight but only acts as a vent here. Instead, there is a rectangular slot below the vent that is designed to work with Lazer’s optional universal LED taillight which is easy to mistake for a USB-C port.


Despite the budget price of the CityZen, the helmet uses a standard wrap-around retention system and adjustable side straps for a comfortable and adjustable fit. We found the medium sized helmet fit comfortably and was easy to wear with beanies or buffs on colder days with a simple adjustment to the rear dial. In terms of ventilation we’d rate the CityZen as medium or average and better suited for shorter or cooler climates. It’s a comfortable helmet but can become warm on longer rides or higher effort rides. The upside of the vent placement is that the CityZen can also be used in light rain or drizzly days without becoming instantly soaked through.

Lazer CityZen KinetiCore Urban Helmet Review - Interior
KinetiCore is a clever rotational impact protection system that uses controlled crumple zones of EPS foam integrated into the shell.


Overall, we found the Lazer CityZen KinetiCore to be a well priced and comfortable urban helmet. The combination of the simple foam like styling and subtle styling make the CityZen at home in urban settings. We were impressed with the laurel green color which gives the helmet a unique and stylish appearance. Most importantly, the helmet has a retail price of only $60 despite being Lazer’s first urban helmet to include the innovative KinetiCore rotational protection system. The controlled crumple EPS foam zones on the inside of the helmet are well integrated and don’t interfere with the helmet fit or airflow through the helmet. While the helmet may lack some urban features such as a fabric bill or higher speed NTA-8776 certification, it’s a well designed and highly accessible urban helmet. If you’re looking for an affordable urban helmet with smooth styling, the CityZen is a helmet to consider.

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