If you spend more time off the road than on it, then it’s important to ride with the right helmet.The new Lazer Jackal MIPS claims to be just that and is described as “the new go-to helmet for mountain bikers.” The Jackal MIPS is the most expensive mountain biking helmet Lazer currently offers with a retail price of $199.99 (note a non-MIPS version is available outside of North America). Rest assured though, with the premium price comes premium features such as Lazer’s dual-direction Advanced Turnfit System dial fit system and a magnetic Fidlock buckle. Trail riders will also appreciate the three position adjustable visor and non-slip textured surfaces on the rear of the helmet which are designed to accommodate goggles. The helmet is well ventilated with 19 strategically vents to keep riders cool and comfortable. Virginia tech has also given their top 5-star rating to the helmet which means the Jackal MIPS helmet should fill all the safety and features mountain or trail riders need.

The Lazer Jackal MIPS is a competitive mountain biking helmet with premium features and detailing that new and experienced riders will equally appreciate.

Rating 8.8/10
Retail Price$199.99
Measured weight (in g) 396 (medium)
Likes+ Comfortable fit
+ Adjustable visor offers protection and flexibility
+ Glove friendly magnetic buckle and rear dial
Dislikes– Premium price
– Limited matte color selection
– Lacks reflective elements or graphics
Where to Buy (US)Lazer


The Jackal comes in a simple black and red Lazer branded cardboard helmet box. Inside the box you’ll find the Jackal carefully wrapped as well as:

  • Jackal MIPS helmet
  • Instruction manual
  • Extra adhesive pads
  • Fabric storage bag
  • Helmet GoPro mount

The included GoPro mount is a nice feature that is molded to fit the center ventilation hole and is perfect for mounting cameras or headlamps.


Developed for mountain or trail riders, the Jackal MIPS features an extended profile for additional side and rear protection. Compared to the low profile road cycling helmets like the Lazer Sphere MIPS, the Jackal MIPS provides much more protection against the perils of off-road riding. The front profile is dominated by the large plastic visor which extends about 2 inches in front of the helmet. It can be adjusted between three positions from nearly parallel to the helmet lip for optimal sun protection all the way to angled upward to stow goggles. Speaking of goggles, the helmet also has textured non-slip pads on the back of the helmet to help keep them in place – both features that make the Jackal MIPS popular for downhill or XC riders.

Lazer Jackal MIPS Helmet- Side
The helmet features an extended rear and side profile for more safety off road as well as a large adjustable visor.

The Jackal MIPS helmet also features some nice detailing that help set it apart from other helmets on the market. For example, the side strap connectors are color matched to the helmet’s primary color for a sleek look. The other detail we were happy to see is the wrap-around shell which fully covers the inner lip of the helmet for a more polished appearance (e.g. something the Sweet Protection Dissenter MIPS lacks) which is a subtle detail but helps with the helmet’s aesthetics and comfort. There is also minimal branding on the helmet with Lazer embossed on the sides of the visor, a small black graphic on the front and a red logo on the right strap. While the helmet doesn’t have the designer look of POC helmets, the Jackal’s dual color matte scheme flows well with the lines of the helmet.

Lazer Jackal MIPS Helmet - Rear
Lazer has incorporated non-slip pads to accommodate goggles.


Lazer has integrated their Advanced Turnfit System cradle system into the Jackal helmet. The system uses a rear mounted dial that allows for micro adjustments to loosen or tighten the helmet. The rear portion of the cradle also features an adjustable head basket that allows vertical adjustments to improve the fit. Overall the cradle system provides a secure feeling and we appreciate the large grippy rear dial that works well even with thick gloves. Lazer has also done a good job integrating the MIPS liner which is tightly cut around the air vents. On top of the MIPS liner are well placed plush pads along the forehead and centerline of the helmet which are attached with velcro so they can be washed when they get dirty.

Lazer Jackal MIPS Helmet - Inside
Features like the full wrap around shell, MIPS liner, plush padding and magnetic buckle give the helmet a premium look and feel.


Overall we found the Lazer Jackal MIPS helmet to be a well designed mountain or trail riding helmet. The two-tone matte color scheme has a premium appearance that fully wraps around the bottom lip. Although it carries a premium price tag, Lazer has incorporated premium features such as the adjustable visor, non-slip pads to hold goggles, and a magnetic Fidlock buckle. Large vents and internal air channels work well to keep the helmet comfortable on warm days or steep climbs. We also found that the helmet feels safe with the adjustable cradle system, extended rear profile and 5-star Virginia Tech rating. That said, the Jackal MIPS is a competitive mountain biking helmet with premium features and details.

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