Building on the success of the premium Genesis helmet, Lazer has introduced the new Lazer Sphere. The helmet combines Lazer’s unique top mounted dial (Advanced Rollsys System) with optimized airflow design. Although the Lazer Sphere isn’t Lazer’s lightest helmet, the sub 300g low profile design offers high performance at a competitive price point. While we’ll be looking at the $159.99 Lazer Sphere MIPS helmet in this review, Lazer also offers a non-MIPS option for $139.99. The MIPS variation is currently available in five color schemes everything from matte black, white, blue, red, and the sleek matte stripe version we have in this review. Additionally, Lazer offers their patented Aeroshell for $22.99 in either black or flash green for improved aerodynamics or weather protection.

The Lazer Sphere MIPS road cycling helmet combines premium features with sleek looks at a competitive price.

Rating 9.0/10
Retail Price$159.99
Measured weight (in g) 312 (medium) / 50 (aeroshell)
Likes+ Competitively priced
+ Optimized airflow from 18 vents
+ Five star Virginia Tech helmet rating
Dislikes– Lacks reflective elements
– Helmet storage bag is not included
– Exposed EPS foam on inner helmet rim
Where to Buy (US)Lazer Sports


The Sphere MIPS helmet is shipped in a simple cardboard helmet box with Lazer branding. Aside from the protective plastic bag, and an instruction manual the helmet doesn’t include any other extras.


Visually the Lazer Sphere MIPS echoes Lazer’s distinctive helmet design language which highlights continuous lines from the front of the helmet to the rear. It has a sleek visual design with the swoopy profile enhanced by a two tone color scheme. The helmet looks like it’s in motion even when standing still. Although the Matte Stripes color scheme is oddly named in our opinion, we found the combination of the contrasting matte black and the pink/purple gradient accent color attractive and unique. The stripes have different thicknesses and colors to not only create a gradient effect but also follow the curves of the helmet. We found the gradient effect similar to a heat map color scheme adding to the illusion of speed. 

Lazer Sphere MIPS - Rear
Little details like the top mounted dial and striped overlay pattern give the Sphere MIPS a distinctive look.

The helmet shares the low profile shape of Lazer’s higher end helmets and helps reduce the weight of the helmet. Even though the 312 grams our Medium sized CSPC certified helmet weighed isn’t as light as some of the 200 gram POC helmets we’ve had, it’s on par with other high-end helmets. That said, 300 grams is still light enough to forget you’re wearing the helmet. Even with the optional aeroshell installed, the helmet is comfortable and looks good on the road. We were a bit surprised to see the exposed EPS foam on the front portion of the helmet. Concealing the EPS makes the helmet look sleeker and more finished and can be seen on similarly priced helmets such as the Bontrager Specter. The rear portion of the shell does wrap around which gives the rear of the helmet a sleek look, particularly in the Matte Stripes color option.

Lazer Sphere MIPS - Rear
The Sphere MIPS has a clean and swoopy design that especially looks good in the Matte Stripes color scheme shown here.


Lazer’s patented Aeroshells are an interesting optional accessory that blocks the air vents on the front and side of the helmet. The single piece polycarbonate cover is paper thin but snaps into place securely over the helmet. It’s meant to be used either as an aerodynamic advantage turning the Lazer Sphere MIPS into an aero helmet, or, as a weather cap to protect from rain. Although the snap on model-specific design is far sleeker than generic rain caps, it does mean it can only be used with the Sphere helmet and makes it a non-portable design especially compared to the removable vent design of the Bolle Furo MIPS helmet. That said, the Aeroshell works very well on both cold days or wet days, as it helps you stay warm and protected from the elements.


Although most helmets offer a dial fit system, the Lazer Sphere MIPS has Lazer’s Advanced Rollsys System which uses a top mounted dial. With this design, the rear cradle of the fit system only consists of two hoops leaving the center section entirely open. That makes the Sphere MIPS perfect for riders with pony tails as there is no dial in the way. Unless you’ve ridden with Lazer helmets before, you’ll need to have to remind yourself the dial is on top. Once you get used to that, the system is easy to adjust and dial in. We found that the combination of the soft padding and adjustability makes the helmet comfortable on short or multi-hour rides. Ventilation felt similar to the POC Octal even though there are less interior air channels.

Lazer Sphere MIPS - Inside
The MIPS liner is well integrated into the helmet to allow for plenty of ventilation.


Overall we found the Lazer Sphere MIPS to be a sleek and competitively priced helmet. While it may not be as light as Lazer’s top helmet offerings, the distinct styling and top mounted dial adjustment system make it comfortable and great to look at. The helmet has a low profile design that’s ideal for cool down rides or all day rides with 18 ventilation holes providing excellent airflow. The helmet even includes well placed vents for sunglass storage and soft adjustable nylon straps. We were also pleasantly surprised with the optional Aeroshell which snaps into place to cover the air vents on cold/wet days or for an aerodynamic advantage. It also is great to see the integrated MIPS liner and five star Virginia Tech safety rating. If you’re in the market for a sleek yet affordable road cycling helmet the Lazer Sphere MIPS has a lot to offer.

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