The Lazer Strada KinetiCore is an affordably priced road cycling helmet that was developed for everything from leisurely weekend rides or high-intensity club rides. It’s part of Lazer’s new lineup of KinetiCore equipped helmets which is Lazer’s new built-in rotational protection impact system. The Strada KinetiCore is priced at $109.99 which makes it the most affordable road cycling KinetiCore helmet Lazer currently offers. Despite the affordable price point, the Strada KinetiCore has Lazer’s latest ScrollSys Belt head retention system and a 21 vent design to funnel air through the helmet. Instead of a ubiquitous MIPS liner, the Strada KinetiCore uses Lazer’s new KinetiCore rotational impact protection technology which uses controlled crumple zone blocks of EPS built directly into the helmet. While we can’t confirm the new design is better than MIPS, the helmet has achieved an impressive 5-star Virginia Tech rating.

The Lazer Strada KinetiCore is an affordable and well ventilated road cycling helmet with Lazer’s innovative KinetiCore technology.

Rating 8.8/10
Retail Price$109.99
Measured weight (in g) 290 (medium size)
Likes+ Affordable price
+ Variety of graphic and solid color schemes
+ KinetiCore rotational impact system reduces plastic and doesn’t block airflow
Dislikes– Understated design
– Plastic buckle requires a fair amount of force
Where to Buy (US)Lazer


The Lazer Strada KinetiCore comes in an eco-friendly helmet box with simple branding printed directly onto it. Inside the box you’ll find:

  • Strada KinetiCore helmet
  • Safety pamphlet
  • KinetiCore tags

Note, the helmet does not include a fabric storage bag which is more common at higher price points.


The Lazer Strada KinetiCore uses Lazer’s swoopy road cycling helmet design language which consists of elongated stripes from the front of the helmet to the rear. While the design is not as exaggerated as other Lazer helmets such as the Lazer Sphere MIPS it’s easy to identify the helmet as a Lazer. A distinctive U-shaped front vent and larger U-shaped surround structure is the main visual element of the helmet. Lazer offers the helmet in 7 different color variations from solid black to dual color schemes. We have the Light Blue Sunset variation for this review which combines a light blue background with light red fade graphics to mimic the colors you see at sunset. The color scheme also mimics color-shifting designs and gives the Strada a distinctive appearance.

Lazer Strada KinetiCore Cycling Helmet Review - Side Profile
The Strada KinetiCore has a two piece design with the highly vented upper portion and a contrasting outer ring.

There are 21 exterior vents to help funnel air through and out of the helmet. Most of the strategically placedvents are small and rectangular in shape. While the styling is restrained, particularly compared to Italian helmets like the Kask Protone Icon, there are a number of clever details such as integrated pads on the outer front vents for sunglass storage. The color matched pads help sunglasses stay in place which is useful for slow high-intensity climbs. In terms of construction, the Strada has a two piece design with a main shell on top and a second bottom shell. Despite the affordable price point, the helmet has a fully finished shell as the bottom piece wraps around the rim of the helmet for a premium and more durable design. Unlike aero helmets such as the POC Ventral SPIN which have extended rear side profiles, the Strada has a tapered rear profile. For those looking for better aerodynamics or protection from rain, Lazer also offers an optional one-piece clip-on aeroshell that covers most of the vents.

Lazer Strada KinetiCore Cycling Helmet Review - Rear Profile
The helmet has a unique tear-drop shape with the top mounted ScrollSys belt which makes it easy to adjust the head retention system.

Looking from the top down the helmet has an ellipse-like profile and a narrow shape from the rear. Speaking of the rear, the Strada’s most distinctive angle is the rear profile which combines the top mounted ScrollSys belt and the subtle taillight attachment point. Instead of a traditional rear mounted dial, the Strada has a top mounted ScrollSys belt adjustment system. It’s a textured belt that looks similar to a grocery store checkout aisle. By moving the adjustment to the top of the helmet the rear cradle is open and airy which should benefit those with longer hair or pony tails. A black plastic shield shape surrounded with two vents frames the belt which is about 2.25” tall and 0.75” wide. Directly below the belt is a smaller rectangular cutout that can be used with their universal LED taillight. It’s a subtle design that looks good even if you don’t have the taillight installed.

One of the main features of the helmet is the new KinetiCore technology. Instead of using a secondary liner like MIPS, KinetiCore uses unique EPS foam blocks which are referred to as “controlled crumbled zones.” The raised blocks are strategically placed throughout the interior of the helmet and reduce the amount of plastic and EPS foam required for the helmet. Unlike Smith’s Koroyd technology, the KinetiCore blocks are only visible on the inside of the helmet. It’s a clever integrated approach that doesn’t limit any airflow through the helmet or add any additional materials. Given the 5-star Virginia Tech crash test rating it’s not surprising that Lazer offers KinetiCore helmets throughout their current helmet lineup.


As with other Lazer helmets we’ve worn, the Strada is comfortable and easy to adjust. The medium size we wore in this review is consistent in sizing with previous Lazer helmet sizing and other brands. We found the updated ScrollSys belt adjustment system to be a major improvement over the top-mounted dial design of the Lazer Sphere MIPS and a lot easier to adjust while riding thanks to the larger size and textured belt. It’s an easy helmet to dial in and can be quickly adjusted to accommodate buffs, cycling caps or colder weather gear. The helmet also has great ventilation and can be comfortably worn on slow climbs or hot days. It’s not the most ventilated helmet we’ve worn with though, the Smith Trace helmet feels cooler to us, as the vent sizes are generally smaller.

Lazer Strada KinetiCore Cycling Helmet Review - Inside Helmet
One of the main features of the helmet is the KinetiCore rotational protection system which consists of unique EPS foam controlled crumple zones inside of the helmet.


Overall, we found the Lazer Strada KinetiCore to be an affordable and well designed helmet. It’s always great to see cycling companies push the boundaries of safety and explore alternative designs. The KinetiCore’s integrated EPS design eliminates the need for secondary liners and does not interfere with airflow or vent placement. While the Strada may have an understated design, Lazer offers a variety of attractive color schemes and even optional aeroshell covers and LED taillight. We were impressed with the budget-friendly price of the Strada and inclusion of premium features such as the top-mounted ScrollSys belt adjustment system and the fully finished shell. If you’re looking for an affordable and highly rated helmet, the Strada KinetiCore is an excellent option.

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