While the proverb “you can’t have your cake and eat it too” typically holds true, thanks to technological improvements sometimes there are new products that break the rules. Case in point, we have the new Lazer Vento KinetiCore helmet in this review which is Lazer’s flagship road cycling helmet with KinetiCore rotational impact protection. According to Lazer, it’s 29% lighter, 2.3% more aerodynamic, and provides 5.4% better cooling and ventilation than its predecessor the Lazer Bullet 2.0. The $299.99 Vento KinetiCore has achieved an impressive 5 star Virginia Tech Rating thanks to the KinetiCore rotational impact protection system. It’s a new proprietary safety design from Lazer that utilizes controlled crumple zones of EPS foam and is directly integrated into the shell of the helmet. Other notable features of the Vento is the top mounted ScrollSys belt adjustment system and compatibility with Lazer’s Universal LED taillight.

The Lazer Vento KinetiCore is an affordable and well ventilated road cycling helmet with Lazer’s innovative KinetiCore technology.

Rating 9.0 / 10
Retail Price$299.99
Measured weight (in g) 282 (medium size)
Likes+ Top mounted ScrollSys belt is convenient and easy to use
+ Great ventilation despite the aerodynamic design
+ KinetiCore rotational protection system reduces plastic and doesn’t block airflow
Dislikes– Premium price
– Plastic buckle requires extra force to open
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The Lazer Vento KinetiCore comes in an eco-friendly helmet box with simple branding printed directly onto it. We appreciated the thoughtful details such as a KinetiCore logo cutout and green inner liner. Inside the box you’ll find:

  • Vento KinetiCore helmet
  • Safety pamphlet
  • KinetiCore tags
  • Extra Velcro pads
  • Fabric storage bag

The included fabric storage bag has Lazer logo printed onto it and is a great way to store or travel with the helmet to avoid damage or dust.


If the Lazer Vento KinetiCore helmet looks familiar to you, it’s likely because you’ve seen it on Zwift where it replaced the Lazer Bullet helmet. The distinctive rear ScrollSys belt design and tapered rear profile makes the helmet instantly recognizable. Lazer offers the Vento KinetiCore in four color schemes, we have the white color scheme but there is also a black/green, black, and a matte gray option. Although the Vento has understated color scheme options, especially compared to helmets like the Smith Trace, it’s an attractive design. The helmet has a multi-piece shell design that is optimized for aerodynamics and reducing weight. There is a main upper piece that extends from the front to the rear and contains the large U shaped front vents. Side panels on the helmet have the Lazer branding and the large inset side vents.

Lazer Vento KinetiCore Road Cycling Helmet Review - Side Profile
The Vento KinetiCore blends the line between aero road helmets and ventilated road helmets by using strategically placed inset vents.

Contrasting colors on the inset side vents as well as dimpled edging give the helmet a distinctive appearance and funnel air through two concealed vents in the rear. There is a final piece that extends around the rim of the shell and has a black contrasting color for our white helmet. The Vento has 13 vents in total with most of those concentrated on the rear. Lazer has also listened to customer feedback from previous helmets and integrated eyewear storage into the side vents along with black silicone pads to help keep them in place. The vent placement of the helmet is similar to other aero helmets like the POC Ventral Spin or Bolle Furo MIPS. Compared to other KinetiCore helmets like the Lazer Strada KinetiCore, we think the Vento is sleeker and more unique in appearance.

Lazer Vento KinetiCore Road Cycling Helmet Review - Rear
One of the unique features of the helmet is the top mounted ScrollSys belt which is a clever design and easy to use.

One of the more distinctive features of the helmet is the ScrollSys belt system which replaces traditional rear dial systems with a textured top-mounted belt. It’s a big improvement over the previous RollSys top-mounted dial as the contact area is much larger. It’s easy to quickly make adjustments to the helmet even while riding and it also simplifies the rear cradle. Underneath the belt you’ll find what looks like a USB-C port which is Lazer’s universal LED taillight mount. It’s a clever and compact mount and can be found across the KinetiCore helmet lineup allowing you to easily swap the taillight across helmets. The other feature is the KinetiCore rotational protection system which consists of controlled crumple zones of EPS carved directly into the interior of the helmet. It’s a simple design that eliminates the need for secondary plastic MIPS liners or additional materials such as Koroyd or Wavecell.


Thanks to KinetiCore and the top mounted ScrollSys dial, the Vento KinetiCore has an open an airy interior. We found it to be quite comfortable with well placed padding and an easy to adjust fitment system. The helmet fits similarly to other Lazer helmets and has an oval shape that sits high on your head. What impressed us most about the helmet was the ventilation, the helmet has excellent cooling despite the lack of large open vents. Even on hot slow climbs, we felt comfortable and could easily make minor adjustments to the rear belt. The integrated eyewear storage slot is also quite functional and keeps sunglasses securely in place when you don’t need them. Using the optional universal rear LED also allowed use to do some commuting and night time riding with the helmet without the need for secondary mounts as it simply slides into the integrated slot.

Lazer Vento KinetiCore Road Cycling Helmet Review - Inside
Instead of a MIPS liner, the Vento KinetiCore features Lazer’s new KinetiCore technology which consists of controlled crumple zones of EPS built directly into the helmet.


Overall, we found the Lazer Vento KinetiCore to be a sleek and well ventilated aero helmet. The helmet has a distinctive tapered design that combines matte and gloss colors with accent color. While we can’t validate any of the aerodynamic claims, the helmet certainly looks the part with concealed side vents and dimples on the inset vent. Lazer’s KinetiCore is also a welcome innovation in the cycling helmet field that utilizes simple EPS crumple zones cut directly into the helmet shell instead of secondary MIPS liners. The helmet also has an easy to use top mounted ScrollSys belt that simplifies the cradle and is easy to adjust on the fly. Aside from the premium price and the plastic buckling requiring a fair amount of force, note this is something we’ve found on most Lazer helmets there isn’t much to dislike about it. If you’re in the market for a road cycling helmet with ventilation and a sleeker aero design the Lazer KinetiCore is a strong contender.

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