As a cyclist, your hands are one of the most exposed parts of your body. Not only are they directly in the wind but they have the important task of braking and gear changes. The Lizard Skins Monitor 3 SZN gloves are designed to keep your hands warm and maintain your dexterity even during shoulder season or colder weather. At $39.99 the Monitor 3 SZN gloves offer an affordable way to stay comfortable in non-ideal weather. As with Lizard Skins grips, the 3 SZN gloves have excellent grip with a one-piece palm and non-slip dot pattern. The gloves feature a number of cycling specific features such as a microfiber nose wipe and an elastic slip-on wrist cuff. For additional warmth the 3 SZN gloves have a flexible fleece lined back material.

Lizard Skins Monitor 3 SZN gloves combine a grippy one-piece palm with fleece lining to keep your hands warm in cold weather.

Retail Price$39.99
Rating9.6 / 10
Measured weight (in g)76 (size large)
Likes+ Affordable price
+ One piece palm is comfortable and grippy
+ Reflective logos for nighttime visibility
Dislikes– Only offered in black
– Not touch screen compatible
Where to Buy (US)Lizard Skins


The Lizard Skins Monitor 3 SZN gloves are a midweight glove that provide warmth and comfort when riding in colder weather. Compared to Lizard Skins other Monitor gloves, the 3 SZN have a thicker construction and better wind and water resistance. Lizard Skins only offers the Monitor 3 SZN gloves in a single black color option. It’s a simple design with a matte fabric finish and glossy textured palm. There are reflective Lizard Skins logos along the sides of the gloves which provide some night time visibility. As with Lizard Skins handlebar grips, the Monitor 3 SZN gloves have a textured non-slip palm. The combination of the grippy material and embossed dot pattern mean the gloves work in both dry and wet conditions. These are non-padded gloves which offer a direct connection between you and the bike.

Lizard Skins Monitor 3 SZN Cycling Gloves Review - Cuff
The 3 SZN gloves features an elastic cuff to make it easy to put the gloves on and take them off.
Lizard Skins Monitor 3 SZN Cycling Gloves Review - Side
The Monitor 3 SZN gloves feature reflective Lizard Skin logos along the sides for extra nighttime visibility.

In terms of fit, we found the large size fit was consistent with the size chart and other brands such as POC or Velocio. The mid-weight design and thin insulation make the 3 SZN gloves comfortable and offer excellent dexterity. The combination of the one piece palm and flexible fabric allows for excellent range of motion for each of the fingers. Also, the elastic slip-on wrist cuff is a clever design detail that makes the gloves easy to put on compared to Velcro tabs which can often come loose mid-ride. Note, unlike running gloves which often have buckles, there is no easy way to attach gloves to each other to keep them together when being stored.


We found the glove to be a perfect in-between glove for riding in cooler weather. There is no published temperature range, each rider’s cold weather tolerance can vary drastically, but for our cold hands we found the 40-60 Fahrenheit range worked well. While the Monitor 3 SZN gloves are neither waterproof nor insulated enough for winter riding, the fleece lining makes them too warm for a true summer glove. Instead, the 3 SZN gloves offer an excellent balance between performance and warmth for cold mornings or shoulder season riding. The one-piece palm and articulated fingers mean the gloves are exceptionally comfortable and have excellent grip. We also appreciated the elastic wrist cuff which makes putting the gloves on or taking them off quick and easy.

Lizard Skins Monitor 3 SZN Cycling Gloves Review - Palm
One of our favorite features of the gloves is the one piece palm which has a non-slip dot matrix that are comfortable and grippy.


Overall, we found the Lizard Skins Monitor 3 SZN gloves to be comfortable and well designed. Lizard Skins expertise in grips means the gloves have excellent tactile feel and grip. The embossed dot pattern works both in dry and wet conditions to give you confidence and dexterity when riding. While Lizard Skins may call the Monitor 3 SZN a three season glove, it’s probably more accurate to call this a shoulder season glove. It’s a midweight glove which offers a balance of wind and insulation without the bulk of a true winter glove or rain glove. We found it to be perfect for cold mornings and California winter riding to keep our hands comfortable. The main downsides of the gloves is that they are only offered in black and are not touch screen compatible which could be an issue for some bike GPS computers. That said, if you’re looking for a comfortable yet warm glove to wear in cold to cooler weather the Lizard Skins Monitor 3 SZN gloves are an excellent option.

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