Whether you spend more time on pavement or off-road, gloves should be an essential part of everyone’s cycling kit. A good pair of cycling gloves not only provides protection against the sun and debris but also improves your dexterity and grip. In this review we’ll be looking at the current Lizard Skins long sleeve Monitor glove range which includes the Ops, Ignite and Traverse variations. Lizard Skins has applied their expertise in handlebar grips to create these three variations to satisfy a wide range of cyclists. These are well priced gloves with both the Ops and Ignite sharing a retail price of $27.99 while the Traverse is $29.99. Lizard Skins offers each glove in three color variations and size ranges from XS to XXL. To help differentiate the gloves from each other, each model has a few distinct features: the Ops has knuckle padding, the Ignite has Cool Max mesh back and the Traverse has a gel-padded palm. Let’s break down each model and then give you our thoughts on how to choose between them.

Lizard Skins Monitor Ops, Ignite and Traverse gloves are form-fitting cycling gloves with distinct features to optimize comfort, weight and grip.

Retail Price$27.99 (Ops / Ignite), $29.99 (Traverse)
Rating9.5/ 10
Measured weight (in g)40 (large Ops), 28 (large Ignite), 38 (medium Traverse)
Likes+ Affordable price
+ Suede palms on Ops/Traverse are soft and luxurious
+ Form fitting design with articulated fingers
Dislikes– Subdued color selection
– Touch screen compatibility is hit or miss
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The Lizard Skins Monitor Ops are perhaps one of the most luxurious variations of the Monitor lineup. With a one-piece AX suede palm and flexible mesh back the gloves feel soft and look premium at any angle. Lizard Skins currently offers the gloves in three color schemes: jet black, graphite gray and the crimson red we have in this review. It’s an attractive design with the wrist, back of the gloves sharing the accent color while the palm is black suede. Branding is limited to Lizard Skins printed in a shiny gel-like finish above the knuckles. We would describe the gloves as mid-weight as the suede adds some thickness and a bit of insulation.

Lizard Skins Monitor Ignite / Traverse / Ops Gloves Review - Ops Closeup
The Monitor Ops gloves are the most luxurious gloves in the lineup with a suede palm and padded knuckles.

One of the highlights of the Ops gloves are the strategically placed knuckle pads. This is a small sewn-on gel padding region that extends from the knuckles of the pinky and ring finger to the proximal joints. The placement makes it ideal for mountain bikers or even commuters to protect against any impacts. For improved grip the index and middle finger tips also have silicone strips. The gloves also have a neoprene wrist cuff along with a Velcro strap to adjust to different wrist sizes. The combination of padding and the Velcro provide a nice secure fit that helps keep out dirt or cold air from getting through.


The Lizard Skins Monitor Ignite are optimized for lightweight and breathability. These are designed to simply slip on and provide additional grip without any bulk. Lizard Skins currently offers the gloves in three color schemes: jet black, crimson red and the olive green we have in this review. It’s an attractive color that extends from the fingertips to the wrist and contrasts against the otherwise black accent color. Branding is limited to Lizard Skins printed in a shiny gel-like finish along the sides of the glove. Compared to the Ops, the Ignite gloves are lighter weight with thinner material on the plan and a Cool Max padding. For additional weight savings, the wrist cuff uses an elastic neoprene design with a slip-on pull tab design.

Lizard Skins Monitor Ignite / Traverse / Ops Gloves Review - Ignite Closeup
The Monitor Ignite gloves are optimized for lightweight with mesh on the palm and backing for ventilation and lightweight.


The Lizard Skins Monitor Traverse gloves are optimized for comfort. These gloves combine the soft suede palm of the Ops gloves with gel padding on the palm for additional dampening. Lizard Skins currently offers the gloves in three color schemes: titanium gray, crimson red and the jet black we have in this review. Branding is limited to Lizard Skins printed in a shiny gel-like finish above the knuckles. The back of the glove is constructed of the same Cool Max material for a close fit and ventilation. With the addition of the padding, the Traverse gloves help absorb vibrations from rough roads or even gravel riding or mountain biking. The gloves are also slightly warmer than the other Monitor gloves as the gel material adds a bit of insulation and warmth.

Lizard Skins Monitor Ignite / Traverse / Ops Gloves Review - Traverse Closeup
The Monitor Traverse gloves combine the soft suede with gel padding for additional comfort on the bike.


Overall, we found the Lizard Skins Monitor glove lineup to offer an excellent value and build quality. All the glove are priced under $30 and offer a wide range of sizes and multiple color options. We were particularly impressed with the softness of the Monitor Ops gloves which could easily double as driving gloves when you’re not on the bike. Regardless of which one you choose, the gloves all fit well and offer excellent articulation which allows you to easily shift gears or use brake levers. Although we can’t comment on the long term durability of the gloves just yet, the build quality feels well made and designed. The only things we’d improve on the glove range would be brighter color options and adding touch screen compatibility to operate GPS computers or cell phones. That said, if you’re in the market for long-fingered cycling gloves we’d highly recommend trying out Lizard Skin’s Monitor lineup.

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