Handlebar grips are one of the main contact points between you and your bike which is why it’s a great upgrade. Lizard Skins offers a variety of handlebar grips to choose from whether you do mountain biking or urban riding. In this review we’re going to be looking at a few of the grips Lizard Skins offers. Specifically, we’ll be looking at four single clamp variations: the Oury V2, Charger EVO, Machine and the Strata. All of the handlebar grips retail for $33.99 and can be personalized with ring engraving and graphics for an additional $4.99. Lizard Skins also offers multiple ring colors as well as optional colored plugs for $2.99 to match nearly any bike. The grips are also made in the U.S.A. and have anti-vibration designs.

Lizard Skins handlebar grips combine intricate anti-slip rubber patterns with affordable customization options to upgrade or personalize your bike.

Retail Price$33.99
Rating9.7 / 10
Measured weight (in g)102 (Charger EVO), 120 (Oury V2), 100 (Machine), 116 (Strata)
Likes+ Intricate patterns
+ Anti-slip and high quality soft rubber that’s made in the U.S.A.
+ Variety of grip patterns for any riding style or preference
Where to Buy (US)Lizard Skins


The Lizard Skins handlebar grips each come in a transparent plastic holder with little cutouts to allow you to feel the grips. Inside the box you’ll find:

  • Handlebar grips
  • Small informational card

With these single clamp variations you’ll need your own allen key to install the grips onto your bike. Installation of the grips is simple and easy as you just have to remove your previous grips and slide these on, then tighten down the bolt to secure it in place.


Each of the handlebar grips use high quality rubber with different textures and designs to achieve different results. With the single clamp design we chose there are metal rings on the inside of the handle and rubber plugs on the outside of the handlebars. Each of the plugs have small graphics on them which makes it easier to orient the grips when installing them. The Oury V2 uses soft rubber with anti-vibration, large pad designs with Oury engraved into the rubber itself. It’s a nice non-slip design with a grid of large raised rectangles that is designed to reduce numbness and slipping. Lizard Skins describes the Charger Evo as their “most technical grip ever produced.” It’s a beautiful design that consists of a grid of small squares at seemingly random angles with a smoother grip area for your finger tips. The design gives the handlebar grips a squishy texture with excellent anti-slip properties.

Lizard Skins Handlebar Bike Grips Oury Charger Machine Strata Review - Comparison
Lizard Skin offers a variety of handlebar grip patterns from the large blocky Oury to the 3d textured Charger to match any personal preference.

The Machine grips have a classic waffle pattern with small raised squared all at the same height for the finger holds. On the palm you’ll find a similar smooth rectangular design as found on the Charger Evo. The soft rubber design feels great to the touch and is an upgrade over lower-cost stock grips (i.e. the stock grips on our E11even Fitness Bike) with similar waffle patterns. Finally, the Strata grips are Lizard Skins medium-to-large diameter grip that balances comfort and control. The grips use a ribbed pattern in a checker-board like design with each block oriented 90 degrees from the neighbors for additional grip. It’s slightly less grippy than the Oury or Charger Evo but feels soft and comfortable to the touch.

Lizard Skins Handlebar Bike Grips Oury Charger Machine Strata Review - Closeup
The Charger handlbar grip has one of the more interesting designs we’ve seen with a 3-d square pattern at offset angles.


Overall, we found the Lizard Skins handlebars grips to be well designed and intricately detailed. Regardless of which model you choose, all the grips have soft rubber and precise patterns. Lizard Skins also offers each grip in different rubber colors, ring colors as well as optional personalized engravings and custom end caps. That means you can customize the grips to match your bike and improve the feel. Compared to low cost standard handlebar grips that come with bikes, the Lizard Skins grips feel softer and are more comfortable to ride with. It’s a great upgrade for any bike as it’s a main contact point between you and the bike. That said, if you’re looking to add a splash of color to your bike or just want more comfortable handlebar grips then you should check out Lizard Skins handlebar grips.

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