As a cyclist, it’s important to carry extra parts and gear on rides to prevent getting stranded on the side of the road. If your saddlebag and jersey pocket are already full or you’re looking for a minimalist option, then the Lizard Skins Tube Strap is a great option. As the name implies, the Lizard Skins Tube Strap is a velcro strap that is designed to attach on seat tubes, saddles, downtubes, top tubes, or pretty much anywhere you need it. It features an elastic inner strap to hold on to tubes or other items securely while non-slip silicone strips keep the tube from moving. Retail price is only $14.99 and Lizard Skins also offers a $24.99 variation of it called the Utility Strap which has additional pockets on the inner strap. The minimalist design and lightweight construction make the Lizard Skins Tube Strap a great option for carrying a few extra items on short or longer rides.

The Lizard Skin Tube Strap to be a minimalist and well constructed on-bike storage solution for carrying tubes or other smaller items.

Retail Price$14.99
Rating9.5 / 10
Measured weight (in g)38
Likes+ Flexible mounting
+ Minimalist on-bike storage solution
+ Inner strap holds items securely
Dislikes– Only available in black
Where to Buy (US)Lizard Skins


Packaging is simple as Lizard Skin attaches the strap to a cardboard backing with instructions printed on it. There isn’t anything else included with the strap which isn’t surprising.


Despite the simple design, the Lizard Skins Tube Strap is well constructed with premium materials. The black outer strap feels thick and has three non-slip silicone strips running along it to keep the tube strap securely in place. It’s a simple velcro design but is long enough to accommodate mounting on thicker downtubes, seat posts, saddles or top tubes without an issue. We are also impressed with some of the premium details such as the black metal loop and reflective Lizard Skinss logo. While it would have been nice to see more color choices the all black design works well with most bike color schemes.

Lizard Skins Tube Strap - Inside
The tube strap features an inner sleeve to securely hold tubes or other objects.

There is also a secondary inner strap that uses a simple folding design with velcro to hold the tube or other objects in place independently from the outer strap. This dual-strap design makes it easy to pack items and mount it on your bike without things moving around. Even though it’s marketed as a tube strap, it’s easy to put other objects in the inner strap such as snacks, tool pouches, or other objects. Note that Lizard Skins also offers a utility strap variation which includes multiple pockets within the inner strap that makes it easier to carry small items such as CO2 inflators or multi-tools.

Lizard Skins Tube Strap - On The Bike
The tube strap can be mounted on the top tube, seat tube or even on a saddle.


In terms of mounting on the bike, the long velcro outer strap provides a lot of flexibility. It’s long enough to wrap around narrow seat posts or thick downtubes without an issue. The non-slip silicone strips on the strap work well to hold the tube strap in place even when riding on rough terrain. The elastic inner strap also provides some compression to keep whatever you’re carrying from sliding around inside the straps. We found the Lizard Skins Tube Strap to be perfect for longer rides where a spare tube provides peace of mind or to carry additional snacks. The lightweight design means you can also remove it from the bike and throw it in your jersey pocket if it isn’t needed.

Lizard Skins Tube Strap - Banana
The dual velcro design makes the tube strap perfect for carrying more than just tubes.


Overall, we found the Lizard Skins Tube Strap to be a minimalist and well constructed on-bike storage solution. The dual strap design mounts securely on the bike while the elastic inner strap compresses the tube or whatever item you’re carrying. Despite the simple design, Lizard Skins has incorporated premium details such as thick fabric, a metal loop, and reflective detailing. The long velcro strap also provides a flexible mounting option allowing the tube strap to be mounted on a downtube, seat tube, or even the saddle. It’s not a replacement for traditional saddlebags or bike bags, but the flexible and lightweight design of the tube strap makes it versatile. Whether you’re doing a long ride and need extra storage or are just a weight weenie who doesn’t want to carry a traditional saddlebag, the Lizard Skins Tube Strap is a lightweight and flexible solution.

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