MAAP’s Alt_Road collection is a high performance apparel lineup that is designed to keep you comfortable and protected while exploring new routes. In this review, we’ll specifically be looking at the MAAP Alt_Road LS Tee which leverages Polartec Power Dry fabric. With a retail price of $95 the Alt_Road boasts 50% recycled PET fiber content. It’s a lightweight and highly breathable jersey that MAAP has designed for country roads or around town. Polartec Power Dry is described as a next-to-skin moisture management fabric that’s quick drying and offers lightweight. MAAP has developed the LS Tee for warm weather riding with a recommended temperature range between 55-70 Fahrenheit.

The MAAP Alt_Road LS Tee combines a casual fitting long sleeve with Polartec Power Dry fabric for warm weather riding on or off paved roads.

Retail Price$95
RatingDesign: B
Sizing: A
Comfort: A
Value: A
Likes+ Lightweight fabric
+ Long sleeve design keeps you protected from sun
+ Casual fit looks good on or off the bike
Dislikes– No pockets or storage options
– Polarizing rear flag graphics and reflective stripe
Where to Buy (US)MAAP


As a part of MAAP’s Alt_Road collection, the LS Tee has a casual fit and appearance that’s designed to look good on or off the bike. MAAP offers the Alt_Road LS Tee in two color schemes currently, the olive green shown in this review as well as black. The front side of the LS Tee is a simple solid color scheme with a reflective MAAP logo on the side and on the sleeves. There are premium functional details such as a low collar and flat printed on tag. The green looks even better in person and pairs well with a variety of cycling kits. The rear of the LS Tee is a bit more polarizing with a large flag-like graphic and additional text such as Polartec and MAAP’s “merging aesthetics and performance” slogan. There is an additional blue vertical reflective strip which frankly looks like an afterthought. We would have preferred a more minimalist jersey design like those in Velocio or Ale cycling kits.

MAAP Alt_Road LS Tee Polartec Cycling Jersey Review - Fit
The Alt_Road LS Tee has a casual fit that looks good on the bike and off the bike.

The Alt_Road LS Tee has no rear pockets or side pockets so you’ll need to use saddlebags or alternative storage options. Interestly, MAAP does offer a Alt_Road LS Tee 2.0 variation which drops the polarizing rear graphics and adds side stash pockets for small items. There are some nice details to found on the LS Tee though that help improve the fit on the bike such as the side hem splits. MAAP has also incorporated a slightly extended rear tail which is important when cycling in more aggressive positions. The real star of the Alt_Road LS Tee is the Polartec Power Dry fabric which is a lightweight knit. It’s a highly breathable design that pulls sweat away from you which makes it great for warm weather riding while keeping the harsh sun off you.

MAAP Alt_Road LS Tee Polartec Cycling Jersey Review - Fabric Closeup
What’s unique about the jersey is the Polartec fabric which combines a lightweight knit construction with moisture wicking capabilities.


For our 6’1” 165lb test rider, the medium size Alt_Road LS Tee was a good fit. It’s a casual design that sits loosely around the waist and arms. While the overall sizing was consistent with other brands with proper length and sleeve length, we would have preferred a Raglan style sleeve to improve the arm range of motion. On the road, the Alt_Road LS Tee works well as either a baselayer / mid-layer on colder days or as a jersey on warmer days. We were particularly impressed with the moisture wicking of the LS Tee which keeps you dry even in warm weather or if you overdress. Unlike many synthetic jerseys which can get stinky after multi-hour rides, the Alt_Road LS Tee’s anti-odor treatment keeps it looking and smelling fresh.

MAAP Alt_Road LS Tee Polartec Cycling Jersey Review - Rear
While a majority of the Alt_Road LS Tee has a understated single color design, the rear has a flag graphic with a blue reflective stripe.


Overall, we found the MAAP Alt_Road LS Tee to be a comfortable and casual cycling jersey. The long sleeve design and lightweight fabric make the Alt_Road LS Tee ideal for warm weather riding or even colder weather as a mid-layer. We found Polartec Power Dry fabric to offer impressive breathability and moisture control. The lightweight fabric keeps you cool even as you sweat while still offering long sleeve protection from the sun or elements. As far as what we’d change it would primarily be the adding pockets for storage and removing the busy rear graphics.That said, if you’re looking for a long sleeve cycling jersey with a casual fit that looks good on or off the bike then the MAAP Alt_Road LS Tee is one to consider.

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