Let’s face it, cyclists are an opinionated group. Whether it is debating over waxing a chain vs lube, the advantages of Dura-ace over Ultegra or what is the proper method of cleaning a bike after a rainy ride, every cyclist seems to have an opinion. When it comes to bicycle lights, one of the main things people argue over is how many lumens of output you really need. Well, Magicshine has determined that 8000 lumens is what everyone needs with the MJ-908 light.

The 8000 lumen is a theoretical number that comes from the fact that the MJ-908 packs 8 Cree XM-L2 LEDs, each capable of a little over 1000 lumens each. Even though the actual lumen output is likely less than the 8000 lumens, even on the medium setting it’s brighter than anything we’ve personally ridden. Is this overkill? Absolutely! This is a beast of a light with more output than anyone should ever need.

CategoryBicycle Head Light
Retail Price$239.99
Likes+ LCD display
+ Extreme lumen output
+ Excellent beam pattern
Dislikes– Large form factor
– Blinding for oncoming traffic
– Actual output not published
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An absurdly powerful bicycle light with more lumens and LED than anyone should need. It may only theoretically put out 8000 lumens, but it’s literally one of the brightest lights on the market. The intuitive LCD display and long runtime also make this a great all-around light.


The MJ-908 is one of the higher end Magicshine offerings, and as such comes with an excellent high-end carrying case. Under the embossed Magicshine logo on the carrying case cover, the light comes with:

  • MJ-908 light head
  • Standard 7800 mAh battery pack – note this is the 4-plug orange connector
  • 15 lumen wired rear brake light
  • Wall charger with status indicator light
  • Multiple rubber mounting straps
  • Wireless remote
  • Y-Splitter cable
MJ 908 Unboxing
What’s in the box?

Overall the light feels very well built with large aluminium fins for cooling. The 4-plug connectors are also an upgrade from the previous round plugs, and feel more secure when connected.


Despite the larger size of the MJ-908, the standard rubber straps are used to mount the light itself. It may seem insufficient in photos, but the rubber strap is thick enough to handle the weight. There is minimal chattering when riding with the light over potholes, as the straps allow for a little flex. Having used the light over a year, the rubber band strap has held up well.

Magicshine MJ 908 front view
Front View Mounted On Bike


With the higher price and size of the MJ-908, Magicshine was able to fit an LCD display on top of the light. The display show the current output mode, and alternates between the battery remaining percent and estimated time remaining. This ensures you no longer have to guess how much battery you have left by interpreting what the back light colors mean or what output setting you’re on. Although the screen is back-lit and does not turn off while the light is on, it doesn’t become distracting.

MJ 908 Display Screen
Display Screen

There is still only a single button interface though. A long press will turn the light on or off, while a quick click will run through the different modes. Speaking of modes, there are only 5 modes (compare that to the 15 settings the Magicshine Eagle F3 has): low, medium, medium high, high and a flash mode. One downside of the single button interface is that you’ll have to go through the flash mode to get to different settings, which can be unfortunate when riding.

MJ 908 Side View
Side View Mounted On Bike


It’s not a surprise that with 8 Cree LEDs, the MJ-908 has some impressive output. Configured in a square pattern, this results in a very bright and wide beam pattern. The beam pattern is a great combination of flood and spot, and can light up a long distance down the road. The five modes have a claimed battery life of: 1.2 hours (high, 100%), 1.6 hours (medium high, 75%), 2.4 hours (medium, 50%), 6.2 hours (low, 20%) and 7.2 hours (flash, 50%).

Magicshine MJ 908 Light Comparison
Light Output Comparison

With the beam output side by side, you can see that even on a low setting the output is well distributed with an even distribution vertically and horizontally. Riding with the light, even the low setting is more than sufficient. Only on the darkest roads or trails, will you need to go beyond the medium setting. As is typical, the higher settings are very much overkill, and with less than 2 hours run time at those settings should be reserved for short bursts. Despite the amount of LEDs, we haven’t noticed any overheating issues, which indicates the cooling fin design was well tested.


Overall, the MJ-908 is an impressive bicycle light with an absurd amount of lumens and great features. Some of the top features of the light are the LCD screen with run-time and mode indicator, high lumen output and wide beam pattern. Of course, the light isn’t perfect though. It has a large form factor and bulky external battery pack. However, if you’re willing to live with the size you’ll be more than pleased with the amount of light it produces.

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