It’s commonly known that the ideal number of bicycles to own is ‘n+1’ where ‘n’ is the current number of bikes you own. If you have a dedicated commuter bike, you may be shopping for a road bike for long rides. If you have a light-weight road bike, you may be shopping for an Aero bike. As you collect bicycles, you’ll quickly realize (or your significant other will start nagging you) you need a better way to store them than leaning them against the wall. There are a variety of options when it comes to bike storage, from more permanent options like wall stands to portable racks. If you want to avoid holes in your walls or ceilings, portable stands let you have a bicycle storage solution wherever you need it. These options vary from double bicycle vertical stands to minimalist display stands. Today, we’ll be looking at fold-able floor bicycle stands (also referred to as display stands). With folding swing arm designs, folding stands are compact enough to store and are compatible with various bicycles. In this review, we’ll be looking at the folding Maxxhaul 80717 bicycle floor stand. At the time of this review, the floor stand is listed as an Amazon choice with an average four star review. With a low retail price and all aluminium floor stand the Maxxhaul floor stand is an affordable alternative. We’ll do a thorough review to see if this is an affordable bicycle floor stand you should buy or stay away from.

CategoryBicycle Stand
Retail Price$22.99
Likes+ Affordable price
+ Compact folding swing arm
+ Great stability
Dislikes– Knob is difficult to use
– Non-foldable Bottom stabilizers
– Single color finish
Where to Buy (US) Amazon

Portable and easy to use folding floor stand. The sturdy folding arm design offers great stability and accommodates a variety of bicycle sizes. Although the legs do not fold, resulting in a larger size when folded, the Maxxhaul stand is a great budget-friendly option.


The Maxxhaul floor stand comes shipped in a square box and fully assembled saving you some time. The stand is well packaged with the following contents in the box:

  • Floor stand
  • Instruction booklet
Maxxhaul 80717 Bicycle Stand Open position
Open position


Despite the low price, the floor stand is built with aluminium tubing and has a silver powder coat finish. To prevent the stand from sliding, non-slip rubber pads are placed on each of the four stabilizer arms. The folded dimensions for the stand are 18” x 16” x 3.5” which is small enough to easily store and carry. One sign of cost-cutting, is the fact that the stabilizer feet do not fold in as they do in the higher priced Topeak Lineup. This means when folded the Maxxhaul stand is compact vertically it’s too wide to put in a backpack. Although this is likely not a normal use case, we can easily ride with the Topeak our content photography.

Maxxhaul 80717 Bicycle Stand Top Down View
Top Down View

Another indication of cost-cutting is the use of a pull knob to retract or open the folding swing arm. Compared to the Topeak’s top mounted button, the knob is less user friendly and we’ve found it requires two hands to use. Although the rubber feet on the Maxxhaul also feel a little cheap (visible molding lines, and the fact they can be pulled off) they seem to grip the floor better. This means we’re able to attach the bicycle to the stand without having to hold the stand down with our feet.

We also came across some Amazon reviews that the hardware used in the Maxxhaul stand is flimsy or loose when they received it. At least in the product we received, the hardware and finish are high quality. Even though there are more exposed bolts and washers than the Topeak, overall the Maxxhaul stand feels well built.

Maxxhaul 80717 Bicycle Stand Closeup of Wheel Holder
Close-up of Wheel Holder


Overall, the folding swing arm design is well proven and versatile. With a simple spring to provide tension, the swing arm holds the bicycle in place firmly and securely. Various wheel sizes from BMX to mountain bikes (claims to handle 20” to 29” wheels) can easily be used without worrying about crank compatibility or any manual adjustments. Especially compared to cheaper eBay stands, it takes a lot of force to tilt the Maxxhaul stand. One thing we did notice was while the bicycle is firmly in place there is some side-to-side play with our road bikes. We believe this play is due to the front plate (where the wheel sits in) not having a large enough contact area.

Maxxhaul 80717 Bicycle Stand Spring
Close-up of Spring
Maxxhaul 80717 Bicycle Stand Front Wheel Cutout
Front Wheel Cutout


Overall, the Maxxhaul floor stand is impressive for the low retail cost. There are some compromises compared to more expensive stands such as the non-folding feet and powder coated finish but they don’t affect the functionality or performance. The folding swing arm design accommodates a wide variety of wheel sizes bicycle designs and provides excellent stability.  The stand is intuitive to use, lightweight and compact for easy portability.

Disclaimer: The product for this review was provided by Maxxhaul. The views expressed on this website are solely those of the authors and are here to help people make an informed choice before a purchase. The authors or the blog itself does not get any monetary compensation from the product manufacturer or third-party websites/vendor links that are posted here.

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