Building on their popular and successful AP pants, Mountain Hardwear recently released a new variation – the AP-5 Pant. As the name hints at, the AP-5 pants are a five pocket variation of the iconic AP pants and share the same sanded nylon cotton canvas construction which is both durable as well as has a little stretch for comfort. Developed as a do-it-all style pants, the Mountain Hardwear AP-5 are meant to be comfortable and stylish whether you are cycling, hiking or at the office. The UPF-50 rating and cinch cords on the leg cuffs also make the pants more functional than your typical pair of pants.

Regardless of what you’re doing, the Mountain Hardwear AP-5 are a durable and highly functional pair of pants that can keep up with you.

CategoryClothing > Pants
RatingDesign: A-
Sizing: A
Warmth: A
Retail Price$90
Likes + Plenty of pockets for gear and snacks
+ High-quality sanded canvas construction
+ Gusseted seat is perfect for cycling
Dislikes– Lacks reflective elements
– Not water repellent
– Lacks ventilation for hotter days
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Mountain Hardwear packages the AP-5 pants in a sealed plastic bag with minimal tagging on the pants itself.


You may be wondering, what makes these pants different from what you’ll find on your department store shelves. The answer to that is the details. Mountain Hardwear has built on their expertise with hiking, climbing, and outdoor activities gear to ensure the features, materials, and construction of the AP-5 pants are comfortable and durable. Starting with the material, the AP-5 pants are constructed from what is described as sanded nylon cotton canvas which has a fine texture to it, yet still is stretchable. Although the pants aren’t water resistance or even water repellent, they feel well suited for outdoor use.

Mountain Hardwear AP-5 Pants - stretch

As the name implies, the AP-5 also provides ample storage with five pockets. Aside from the standard waist pockets, there are two pockets on the rear and a unique thigh pocket. The thigh pocket and the rear right pocket are also zippered for extra security. We really like the thigh pocket as it provides quick access to gear or snacks whether you’re on the bike or climbing. We also like the small coin/key pocket inside the right waistband pocket which is easy to access and use. For improved ventilation, the waistband and rear pockets are constructed with a mesh material.

Mountain Hardwear AP-5 Pants - pocket
The thigh pocket provides convenient storage for snacks or smaller items.

A couple of additional details that improve the usability and give it a more premium feel is the waistband button has been modeled after the bolt in the Mountain Hardwear logo. The cinch cords on each of the leg cuffs also make it easy to ensure bugs/wind don’t get into the pants, not to mention preventing the pants getting caught in a bicycle chain. While the AP-5 pants are marketed towards bicycle commuting, particularly with the gusseted seat that prevents chafing or discomfort on the saddle, cycling specific features like reflective elements are missing from the pants.


The AP-5 pants are listed as ‘standard fit’ and we found that to be consistent. The pants have a slight taper to achieve a not too tight yet not too baggy overall fit. The slightly looser fit means the pants feel equally comfortable around the office or on the bike as they don’t restrict your motion. We also found the as-tested 32-32 size pants were similar to the same sized pants in other brands.


Having worn the AP-5 pants hiking, biking, and even running errands around town we found the combination of the cotton canvas construction and loose fit to be quite comfortable. The construction of the pants doesn’t restrict motion while the clean visual design which means they work well as a do-it-all pair of pants. Despite the ventilated pockets, the relatively thick material of the pants does make them warm. Particularly on warmer days, the AP-5 pants were warmer than other hiking-specific pants we’ve worn. On the bike saddle, we appreciated the gusseted seat design.


Overall, we found the Mountain Hardwear AP-5 to be a great all-around pants that can be used hiking, biking, or around the office. The clean design and wide variety of colors make the pants easy to match with any attire, while the five pockets and canvas material make it robust for outdoor activities. While the AP-5 pants lack reflective elements, little touches like the cinch cords on the leg cuffs, the thigh pocket, and gusseted seat give the pants a lot of utility. If you’re looking for a set of pants equally comfortable outdoors as they are indoors, look no further than the Mountain Hardwear AP-5.

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