Companies usually choose between integrating smart features or improving visibility to make a bike taillight stand out in a crowded marketplace. With the NiteRider Bullet 200, it’s clear that NiteRider chose to invest in visibility. To set it apart from other taillights, the Bullet 200 has a unique elongated profile with oversized lens that provides an impressive 360° visibility. Dual LED lighting elements allow for six output modes and a 200 lumen output that is more than bright enough for daytime use. The integrated Lithium Polymer battery provides a runtime range from 10 to over 29 hours and has a simple micro USB recharging design. Although it lacks many of the smart features and integrated sensors that have become so common these days, the $39.99 retail price and bright output make it a compelling option.

If you’re looking for an affordable and simple taillight with bright output, the NiteRider Bullet 200 is an excellent choice.

Rating 9.3/10
Retail Price$39.99
Measured Weight (in g) 60 (taillight) / 12 (standard seatpost strap) / 6 (aero seatpost strap)
Likes+ Unique form factor
+ Daytime visible 200 lumen output
+ Compatible with both aero and standard seatposts
Dislikes– Large size
– Battery status could be more intuitive
– Lacks smart features and connectivity options
Where to Buy (US)NiteRider


In terms of packaging, the Bullet 200 is zip tied to a simple cardboard backing with the instruction manual and other parts wedged inside. Inside the box you’ll find:

  • Bullet 200 Taillight
  • Aero seatpost + round seatpost rubber strap
  • Micro USB to USB charging cable
  • Instruction manual

The aero seatpost rubber strap is longer than the standard round seatpost strap to fit the longer circumference of aero seatposts.


The NiteRider Bullet 200 uses a simple rubber strap style seatpost mount. NiteRider provides two different straps, a short round seatpost strap and a longer aero seatpost strap. Both straps feel well made and are quite thick. The plastic mounting hooks are directly molded into the base of the Bullet 200 taillight and provide a large contact surface for the straps. We would have preferred a two piece mounting design such as the Magicshine Seemee 180 taillight as recharging the Bullet 200 requires removing the rubber strap. Otherwise, the mount is well designed and feels secure even over rough terrain. Similar to Magicshine, the rubber pad has a clever center groove to accommodate aero seatposts as well as round seat posts. The rubber pad also can be easily removed from the light which means NiteRider will likely offer optional clip or seatpost mounting options although no optional mounts were available at the time of this review.

NiteRider Bullet 200 - Mount
The Bullet 200 uses a simple rubber strap and can be mounted on road or aero seat posts.


The Bullet 200 has an elongated and unique form factor that visually sets it apart from other taillights. While the resemblance to a bullet might be a bit of a stretch in our eyes, we can see why the marketing department would choose it over calling it the Mushroom 200 or the Peg 200 (which we think better describe the shape). That said, with its protruding round lens, the taillight is visible from all directions. There are three main LED components, a round ring on the face of the LED, a second ring on the rear and an illuminated center power button. Combined, the taillight generates a uniform glow that illuminates everything around it. The Bullet 200 uses a simple plastic construction with the mount directly molded into the base of the taillight.

NiteRider Bullet 200 - Side
The Bullet 200 has a unique elongated profile and multiple lighting elements for 360 degree visibility.

There is a moderate amount of branding on the Bullet 200, with the model number and NiteRider printed on the black housing. The red transparent lens also extends on the bottom of the taillight to provide additional visibility from side angles and conceal the integrated battery. The taillight has an IP64 rating (6 indicates dust resistance while the 4 is water resistance rating) which is a surprisingly IPx resistance rating for a taillight. Similar to other taillights, a thick rubber gasket for the bottom mounted micro-USB port prevents water intrusion and allows the taillight to be charged while on the bike. There is also a three-level battery status indicator as the power button illuminates a solid color or flashes. It’s not as intuitive a multi-led display or indicator but better than only having a simple low-battery warning.


Using the Bullet 200 is easy as there is only a single transparent rubber button on the center of the lens face. Holding the button turns the light on or off with a built-in memory mode that remembers the last mode the taillight was set to. A single press of the button cycles through the six available output modes. Each mode is distinct with different output intensities or flashing patterns that are easy to tell apart. It’s a straight forward interface as there aren’t any smart features or configuration options with the Bullet 200. While other taillights such as the Lupine Rotlicht or Shanren Raz Pro offer more customization options, most riders will likely be happy with the standard settings of the Bullet 200.


The Bullet 200 has a total of six output options: two constant and four flash modes. The two steady modes are a brighter high mode and a dimmer low mode with 11:45 and 29:15 hr runtimes respectively. Surprisingly, the low steady mode achieves the highest runtime and with over 29 hours of runtime which is impressive given the size of the tailight. Thanks to the multi element LED design, NiteRider was also able to incorporate some creative flash modes. There is a standard fast flash (16hr runtime) and a pulsing flash mode (10hr runtime) which operate all the LEDs together. Two additional eye catching flash modes operate the front/rear LEDs independently: steady w/ fast flash (14:30hr runtime) and alternating flash (16hr). We found the alternative flash mode was our favorite for daytime riding as it looks the most unique while steady low mode is ideal for group rides.

NiteRider Bullet 200 - Rear
With LEDs on the front and rear, the Bullet 200 is even visible from the rear.

With a 200 lumen maximum output, the Bullet 200 is a very bright taillight. It’s so bright that we recommend avoiding the flash modes if you do group rides as it can be quite distracting for riders behind you. The wrap around LED design also does a great job of illuminating the ground as well. It’s similar to the Magicshine Seemee 200 and creates a red glow below the taillight at night for extra illumination. The Bullet 200 also has what NiteRider calls ‘Daytime Visible Flash’ which ensures you remain visible during the day. It’s certainly visible during the day but the less focused lens design means the Bullet 200 isn’t as visible from long distances as other taillights such as the Light & Motion Vya Switch.


Overall, we found the NiteRider Bullet 200 to be a well designed taillight with unparalleled visibility. With its elongated form factor and bulging lens design, the Bullet 200 ensures you are visible from a full 360°. It’s not the most visually attractive taillight we’ve reviewed, but with it’s dual LED design and 200 lumen output, it’s perfect for daytime or nighttime riding. The Bullet 200 is also compatible with round or aero seatposts right out of the box using a simple channeled rubber pad and an included longer rubber strap. Although the Bullet 200 lacks the smart features and bluetooth connectivity of newer lights, it offers high runtimes and excellent visibility. If you’re looking for an affordable and simple taillight with bright output, the Bullet 200 is an excellent choice.

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