Oakley’s new ARO5 Race helmet combines the sleek aerodynamically optimized shape of the previous ARO5 helmet with a lightweight construction and improved ventilation. Introduced as a part of Oakley’s 2023 cycling collection this is their current top-tier road cycling helmet. The helmet retails for $205 for the standard version we have in this review and $240 Ice Black Reflective version which has an integrated twICEme NFC chip. Oakley markets the ARO5 Race as being designed for peak performance and breathability thanks to its aerodynamic shape and 19 vents. The helmet features MIPS Air for additional safety as well as a BOA 360 fit system for easy adjustments. Our favorite feature of the helmet is the unique Iridium coated rear badge which mimics the mirrored finish on Oakley’s sunglasses.

The Oakley ARO5 Race cycling helmet combines an aerodynamic design with improved ventilation as well as a distinct Iridium coated badge.

Retail Price$205
Rating9.5 / 10
Measured weight (in g)304 (medium)
Likes+ Unique Iridium rear badge
+ Attractive solid and graphic color options
+ Highly ventilated design with MIPS Air integration
Dislikes– n/a
Where to Buy (US)Oakley


The Oakley ARO5 Race comes in a black cardboard helmet box with a large Oakley logo and basic specs printed onto it. Inside the box you’ll find:

  • ARO5 Race helmet
  • Mesh travel bag
  • Replacement front pad
  • Basic safety pamphlet 

We’re happy to see that Oakley includes a mesh storage bag with the helmet as it’s a very useful way to store the helmet or travel with it.


The Oakley ARO5 Race uses an all-new shell design and vent positioning to reduce the weight of the helmet while improving airflow through it compared to the previous ARO5 helmet. It’s an attractive design that combines front air slits with styled air vents that give the helmet a modern and sporty appearance. This has a three piece shell design that’s divided along the vents to create a top panel, middle panel and side panel. Oakley offers the ARO5 Race in six colors currently from all white or black to two-tone variations such as gray / lilac and Franktel / Retina Burn. We have the creatively named Dark Gray / Light Curry color scheme here which features a matte dark gray color on the upper and bottom pieces along with a dark yellow fade for the centerpiece. Oakley branding is ghosted on the sides along with ARO5 on the rear.

Oakley ARO5 Race Aero Cycling Helmet MIPS Review - Front Vents
The ARO5 Race has a modern sporty design with sharp corners and extensive ventilation throughout the helmet.

There is a surprising amount of exposed foam on the helmet along the edges of the vents which blends in with the dark color schemes. In terms of profile, the ARO5 has a classic road or aero road helmet profile that’s very shallow with curved front. Although it’s marketed as an aero helmet, the ARO5 Race doesn’t have the elongated rear profile aero helmets like the Smith Ignite or a blunt rear like the POC Ventral Spin. Instead, the helmet has a more gentle curved rear design with plenty of vents cut into it. Oakley has also dialed back the highly curved organic shapes of the previous generation ARO5 and ARO3 helmets in favor of sharp creases that are more reminiscent of the Kask Protone or other Italian helmets.

Oakley ARO5 Race Aero Cycling Helmet MIPS Review - Side Profile
The Dark Gray / Curry color combination has a creative front to rear fade with line overlays to give the helmet a unique appearance.

One of the unique design features of the helmet is the Iridium coated rear badge. The badge is designed to celebrate Oakley’s eyewear heritage and uses a mirrored finish that changes color depending on the lighting. The color coating of the badge depends on which helmet color scheme you choose. With this curry colored helmet there is a gold badge that complements the helmet colors well and pairs with their 24K lens equipped sunglasses like the Oakley Encoder Strike Vented. The product page photos don’t do the badge justice as the reflective finish and color shifting behavior is eye catching in the sun. While this badge is just a styling element I personally really like it and does a good job of visually linking the helmets with the sunglasses.

The Oakley ARO5 uses a fully adjustable BOA 360 fit system with a BOA branded rear dial. Rotating the dial in either direction tightens or loosens a cable that wraps around the cradle and front of the helmet to adjust the fit. You can also move the rear cradle upward or downward by pulling it out of the tabs and pushing into a different position. The helmet uses a MIPS Air system which connects the Ionic+ padding with flexible MIPS nodes rather than a traditional large yellow liner to allow for rotational impact protection. This integrated design leaves all the vents and air channels unobstructed for optimal ventilation. There is also an interesting thick rubber strip along the forehead which provides additional padding and has grooves to divert sweat away from your eyes. Oakley includes a traditional foam front pad that can be swapped in its place.


We found the medium sized ARO5 helmet fit our 58cm test rider’s head similarly to our other medium Smith and Lazer helmets. At only 300 grams, the helmet is light and comfortable to wear on short or all-day rides. The shallow road cycling profile means the helmet sits higher on your head leaving plenty of space for oversized cycling sunglasses to fit underneath it. It’s also an attractive helmet with a thin shell and elongated design that avoids the “mushroom” appearance. We’re also fans of the Iridium coated badge which has a reflective and color-shifting finish that shines in sunlight. The 19 vents in the helmet also do an excellent job funneling air through the helmet which keep you cool while doing long climbs on warm days.

Oakley ARO5 Race Aero Cycling Helmet MIPS Review - Iridium Badge
The Iridium coated badge on the rear not only looks cool but also ties into Oakley’s Prizm sunglasses.


Overall, we found the Oakley ARO5 Race to be a sleek and comfortable aero road cycling helmet. The updated styling and design of the helmet result in a modern appearance with large vents throughout the helmet. We were impressed by the amount of graphic and color scheme Oakley offers for the helmet as well as the unique reflective Iridium rear badge. The helmet itself has all the features you’d expect with a high-end helmet: adjustable BOA rear dial, MIPS Air integration and fully finished shell. There aren’t really any downsides with the helmet, even the retail price is competitive with other helmets on the market. That said, if you’re looking for an attractive and sleek helmet the Oakley ARO5 Race is a great option.

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