Oakley’s Encoder sunglasses combine the unique curved lens design of the Oakley Kato but with less polarizing styling. The new Oakley Encoder Strike Vented sunglasses we have here are the latest addition to the Encoder product line and add vents along the top for improved ventilation to avoid fogging. These sunglasses are part of Oakley’s 2023 cycling collection and retail for $255. Aside from the six narrow vents on the top of the lens, the Encoder Strike Vented have similar specs with a frameless construction and Prizm Lens Technology.  The large sculpted lens features Oakley’s PhysioMorphic geometry to contour around your face. The sunglasses are constructed of O-Matter, the durable temples are highly flexible and have unobtainium earsocks and nosepads for all-day comfort while riding.

The Oakley Encoder Strike sunglasses combine a unique sculpted frameless design with additional venting to keep the glasses from fogging up.

Retail Price$255
RatingDesign: A
Optics: A
Comfort: A
Value: A-
Measured weight (in g)31
Likes+ Restrained styling compared to the Kato
+ Prizm lenses have excellent clarity
+ Flexible temples and nosepads provide custom fit
Dislikes– Premium price
Where to Buy (US)Oakley


The Oakley Encoder Strike Vented sunglasses are shipped in a black cardboard box with Oakley branding printed on it. Inside the box you’ll find:

  • Zippered hard case
  • Encoder Strike Vented sunglasses
  • Large nose pad
  • Fabric carrying bag
  • Lens pamplet

The combination of the Oakley branded hard case and fabric carrying case make it easy to safely travel or commute with the sunglasses.


Visually, it’s clear that the Oakley Encoder Strike Vented shares DNA with the more radical Oakley Kato sunglasses. Both use what Oakley calls a PhysioMorphic Geometry to contour the lens around your face. With the Encoder Strike the styling is more restrained with a bulging nose cutout instead of the beak-like full nose cover found on the Kato. Oakley offers the sunglasses in seven lens and frame combinations for nearly any type of use. The flashier combinations are the Prizm Sapphire with black frame, Prizm Jade with green frame and Prizm Road with a black frame. We have the Prizm 24k lens with matte carbon frame which combines a gold mirrored lens with a matte frame. In our opinion it’s one of the best looking combinations and looks great on or off the bike as the gold color extends to the Oakley logos. There is also a full customization program that lets you choose the lens and every color detail to create a one-of-one combination.

Oakley Encoder Strike Vented Sunglasses Review - Front View
The Oakley Encoder Strike Vented have a single lens design that curves around the nose and top brow.

As with other Oakley sunglasses, the Encoder’s use Oakley’s Prizm lens technology for clear and bright optics. The Prizm 24K lens shown in this review is a Cat 3 lens with 11% VLT and a bronze base color. It’s perfect for sunny conditions and increases the color contrast so you can see potholes or other imperfections while riding. There are three narrow vents on each side of the lens which help prevent the lenses from fogging up. Note, the frameless design of the Encoder sunglasses means the lenses are not interchangeable so you’ll need to make sure you order the correct lens for your riding style.

Oakley Encoder Strike Vented Sunglasses Review - Side Profile
With the 24K gold lens and matching gold Oakley logo the Encoder sunglasses have a sleek timeless look.

The temple arms and nose pad use Oakley’s unobtanium rubber material which is soft and slightly textured to prevent it from sliding. Each of the temple arms use a simple friction hinge and not an auto-locking style which would snap open or close. While the temple arms also lack the rake adjustment you have on the Kato, they are thin and highly flexible. Oakley includes two nose pads with the sunglasses which are attached to the lens using their familiar hook design. You simply pull down on each side to release the hook and then swap in the other nose pad by sliding the hooks through the slots.


Oakley describes the Encoder Strike Vented as a wide fit with large coverage which is consistent with the oversized lens size. We found the sunglasses fit well with no pressure points even on long rides. The combination of the curved lens and oversized design provides a wide field of view with no frame to block your vision. Unlike the Oakley Sutro Lite Sweep Vented which have large circular vents that are visible while you’re riding, the thin vents on the Encoder Strike Vented are nearly out of view. The vents help the sunglasses from fogging up even on slow high intensity climbs. Not surprisingly, the Prizm lenses also have excellent optics and clarity which help you see any debris or imperfections on the road.

Oakley Encoder Strike Vented Sunglasses Review - Interior View
The Encoder sunglasses have a frameless design and flexible temple arms that are comfortable for all day rides.


Overall, we found the Oakley Encoder Strike Vented sunglasses to be attractive and well designed. With their more restrained curved PhysioMorphic geometry lenses, the Encoders look good on or off the bike while still being unique enough to be easily identifiable as an Oakley. We found the large one piece lens and light weight design to be perfect for long rides. The flexible temples and swappable nose pads provide a customizable fit. With the 24K mirrored lens and matching gold Oakley logos the sunglasses look and feel premium. The main downsides of the Encoder Strike Vented is the premium price and lack of interchangeable lenses. That said, if you’re looking for unique sunglasses with excellent optics then the Oakley Encoder Strike Vented are a great option.

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