If there is one clothing piece of clothing that nearly everyone owns it’s a hoodie. Depending on the material and style, hoodies can be worn around the office, house or on hikes and provide warmth and versatility.  In this review we’ll be specifically looking at Outdoor Research’s Baritone Full-Zip hoodie which is a mid-weight upper that’s part of their Baritone collection. The collection currently consists of this full-zip hoodie as well as a quarter zip variation. Constructed of blend of polyester and spandex with a soft brushed interior, the hoodie also features Outdoor Research’s Active Temp technology. Active Temp is described as thermo-regulating polymer which ensures the fabric is fast-wicking when wet and insulating when warm. With a retail price of $110 and three available colors, the Baritone Hoodie on paper seems like the perfect choice for lounging, hiking or layering up on colder days.

The Outdoor Research Baritone Full Zip Hoodie is a comfortable and versatile hoodie that can be used as a midlayer or one its own.

Retail Price$110.00
RatingDesign: A
Sizing: A
Warmth: A
Likes+ Classic hoody
+ Warm and comfortable with brushed interior
+ Large well placed front pockets
Dislikes– Limited color scheme options
– Lacks an elastic hoodie string
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With the Baritone hoodie Outdoor Research hasn’t strayed far from the classic hoodie formula of full length zipper, large pockets and comfort. The full length YKK zipper is smooth with a soft rubber grip that’s easy to adjust to either stay warm or allow some airflow. To prevent discomfort, the top few inches of the zipper have a rear lining with soft material that also helps keep some wind out. The hoodie itself is constructed of a blend of polyester and spandex which provides a nice balance of lightweight and stretchability. The interior of the hoodie has a soft brushed texture that is smooth to the touch and against the skin.

Outdoor Research Baritone Full Zip Hoodie - Front
The Baritone hoodie has a simple solid color scheme, minimal branding and a paneled design.

Design wise it’s pretty restrained with only a few solid color offerings and a small Outdoor Research logo on the front chest. To break things up, there is a multi-panel design that cuts across the front chest as well as a three-piece hoodie. Thanks to the Active Temp technology, the Baritone hoodie is surprisingly thin and lightweight for how warm it feels which makes it perfect for outdoor use. It’s something we often would reach for when biking around town or going for a drive rather than thicker jackets. On colder days it also works well as a mid-layer for additional insulation against the elements. Although the large front pockets are useful, we would have liked to see an additional zippered pocket as well like the Ridge Merino Convict Hoodie.


The medium sized Baritone hoodie fit well on our a 6’ 1” 165lb tester. We’d describe the fit and “active” as it’s not form-fitting but not as loose fitting as other hoodies. You also have great range of motion with the hoodie on which means it’s also comfortable while riding a bike and doesn’t flap in the wind as you gain speed. Even after multiple wash cycles, the fabric has retained its soft feel, elasticity and overall fit. With its three-panel construction the hoodie also fits well despite the lack of an elastic cord to tighten or loosen it. The front zipper is also long enough that with the hoodie up you have protection about to the chin level from the wind and cold weather.

Outdoor Research Baritone Full Zip Hoodie - Rear
We found the medium sized Baritone full zip hoodie has a comfortable but active fit.


Overall we found the Outdoor Research Baritone Full Zip hoodie to be a comfortable and well designed.  The full length front zipper and three-paneled hoodie provide enough flexibility to use around the house, hiking or even in the office. Although we wish Outdoor Research offered more color options, the available solid designs have minimal branding and a simple paneled design. The medium sized version we wore fit well and had comfortable yet active fit that worked well even on the bike. Despite the lightweight and thin fabric, Outdoor Research’s Active Temp technology means the Baritone hoodie has great insulation in colder temps yet regulates temperature when it’s warmer. Whether you’re looking for a flexible midlayer or just a comfortable hoodie to add to your collection, the Baritone Full Zip is one to put on your list.

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