Cool weather cycling gloves usually sacrifice dexterity for warmth as insulating materials can be bulky or heavy. PEARL iZUMi’s AmFIB Lite gloves are a midweight glove that claims to have no trade off as it utilizes high-tech materials that don’t affect handlebar feel. With a retail price of $55 the AmFIB Lite gloves take many of the high-tech materials and construction details of the warmer AmFIB gloves but are designed for 40-60 degree Fahrenheit temperature range. One of the key features of the gloves is the use of PrimaLoft Gold insulation which provides warmth without bulk. PEARL iZUMi has also incorporated their BioViz reflective elements as stripes along the front of the glove which help with low light visibility.

The PEARL iZUMi AmFIB Lite gloves combine high tech materials and insulation into a light midweight glove to cool weather cycling.

Retail Price$55
Rating9.2 / 10
Likes+ Soft and flexible
+ PrimaLoft insulation provides warmth without bulk
+ Excellent grip and durable construction
Dislikes– Touch screen use can be hit or miss
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The AmFIB Lite gloves take PEARL iZUMi’s winter AmFIB gloves and slim them down for cool weather conditions for fall and early spring riding. These gloves share many of the high-tech materials but are optimized for a 40-60 Fahrenheit weather range. PEARL iZUMi offers the gloves in two color schemes: the all black version we have in this review and a brighter black / dark tan option. With these black versions the only color is the red fabric hoops on the middle fingers and the BioViz reflective stripes along the knuckles. These gloves are constructed from a combination of polyester, nylon and polyurethane to provide warmth and weather protection. One of the key technologies in these gloves is the 60g PrimaLoft Gold insulation which provides maximum warmth with minimal bulk.

PEARL iZUMi AmFIB Lite Cycling Gloves Cool Weather Review - On Bike
On the road, the AmFIB Lite gloves provide an excellent combination of warmth and dexterity.

For the wrist, PEARL iZUMi has used a slip-on elastic wrist to minimize bulk and provide a wide range of motion with a Velcro strap. The gloves have an extended cuff design which lets you tuck them under a jersey with a simple Velcro strap to adjust the fit. There is also a soft inner liner on the knuckle side which helps block wind chill and improve comfort. A majority of the glove is constructed from AX Suede Laredo synthetic leather which is found on the palm and along the knuckles. This is a highly durable material that is also non-slip to provide a good grip against the handlebar. There are also nice details like the soft microfiber thumb to allow you wipe sweat away. The microfiber material is also touch screen compatible and can be found on the index finger along with a power icon. This lets you interact with touch screen GPS computers or your phone without taking the gloves off.

PEARL iZUMi AmFIB Lite Cycling Gloves Cool Weather Review - Top Bottom
PEARL iZUMi has included several premium features in the gloves including BioViz reflective elements and an easy to adjust wrist cuff.


With a majority of our riding done on the coast the AmFIB gloves were a perfect fit to handle chilly mornings, cool breezes and sunny afternoons. The thin PrimaLoft insulation provides nice warmth to keep colder temps out while still keeping the material thin so you can feel the handlebars and operate levers easily. We also liked the BioViz reflective stripe which even works during the day to provide a bit of color on the otherwise all black gloves. Compared to our winter Velocio Alpha gloves, the AmFIB Lite were less warm but provided more dexterity. The gloves are closer to the Lizard Skins 3 SZN gloves in terms of the thickness but provide better wind protection and more warmth.

PEARL iZUMi AmFIB Lite Cycling Gloves Cool Weather Review - Closeup Texture
Constructed with a combination of materials, the gloves are flexible in the right areas yet durable in others.


Overall, we found the PEARL iZUMi AmFIB Lite gloves to offer a great mix of warmth and dexterity. Thanks to their lightweight insulation, the gloves provide enough warmth to keep cold weather or wind chill out during cooler seasons or early morning while still being thin lightweight. We found the gloves offered premium construction and dexterity for gripping handlebars or shifting gears. The gloves also offer excellent road feel which lets you feel the vibrations and maintain a strong grip your bar tape. Our only negative about the gloves is that the touch screen material was hit or miss on our devices which made it difficult to do more complex phone interactions. That said, if you’re looking for a lightweight yet warm glove to keep your hands comfortable then the PEARL iZUMi AmFIB gloves are an excellent choice.

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